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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guy Next Door

Citizen Gautam Naik shares his fiction.

My Phone rang on a chilly January morning in office. And what happened next gave me the biggest of surprise in life. I learnt lessons which I cannot forget rest of my life.  The call was about Manish, my new neighbour who lived next door.
I met Manish first time on the same day he occupied house next door. It was a rainy night in June. I was trying to get hold of TV Remote which was in the firm grip my wife. I hate these soap operas. While my wife hates bombastic news anchors shouting at the top of their voices and making life of other panellist miserable. She feels how  that can entertain anyone after a long day in office? But then she doesn’t get my point. Who wants to cry over the fate of a newly married lady in palatial house as shown in these soaps? Anyways it’s an eternal dilemma across the families in India. Now both of us had a competition from my eight years old daughter. She always wanted to see one of those Japanese cartoons. But then time being you could scold her and ask her to do her homework. Once she would be a teenager, and then god only knows what would happen? Suddenly the bell rang.  I was wondering who it could be at that hour of the day. I opened the door.
I saw a tall guy with an athletic build, dressed in three fourth jeans and T shirt.  Did I know him?
He smiled and said “Hi, I am Manish, Manish Brar. I have rented the flat next to yours.”
I said “Hello, nice to meet you” and we shook hands.

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