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Friday, October 4, 2013


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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A.Bus bays at PMPML bus stops vital necessity - urgent steps for permanent arrangement needed


Shri Mahesh Pathak,Municipal Commissioner,PMC

Shri R N Joshi, C&MD,PMPML

Cc :Shri Gulabrao Pol,CP Pune, Shri Singhal,Jt CP.,ShriVishwas Pandhare, DCP(Traffic)

Dear Sirs,

Subject :A.Bus bays at PMPML bus stops vital necessity -  urgent steps for permanent arrangement needed
             B.PMPML Must Enforce Strict Discipline. Take help of Alert Citizens.

A).City bus service is of vital importance for the city. A major problem faced by PMPML bus drivers and bus commuters is that buses are unable to approach the bus stop and are forced to halt on the carriageway of road due to road side clutter and vehicle parking right up to the bus stop on both sides. This creates severe problems for all –

1) Buses halting on road block vehicle lane holding up traffic flow and adding to the existing congestion on road

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