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Friday, February 12, 2016

Catching Up

Lot of people need to catch up with lot of this as we already reach mid feb of new year 2016 which is a leap year. Let's hope we are able to manage that leap.
Firstly Modi government will need to catch up the promised dream of 'acche din'. It should  create jobs by capitalizing on steady economical parameters and low oil bills.  IT should Strengthen and substantiate slogans like Make in India, Start up India, Swatch Bharat , Smart Cities , Digital India and turn them into reality. Time is running out for reforms as markets seems to have lost patience in everything. Of course markets  work differently in this  global interconnected world. But then its high time for taking bitter pill of reforms and cut on subsidies. Not worry about politics and votes. Also need better PR machinery as deployed in 14 to make people sense about performance and governance. Good work done by minsters like Goyal,  Parrikar, Swaraj needs to be highlighted. Past establishment , corrupts and antinational will nevertheless would like to strike back with vengeance but still there are three years and a state lost here will be a collateral damage though we know it can  create problems further in upper houses.  There will be petty politics around emotional issues but Modi government needs to catch up on matters which really matter. This budget is very important.
Same is with Maharashtra state government. It should first decide who is ally and who is opposition.  Maharashtra politics is strange and first time we have seen some paradigm change. so it will take time to be really effective. But priority is correct anomalies and corruption in water distribution.  Make farming more scientific and all weather. Ease of doing business also needs some fine tuning. Planned Urban development and land shark control is priority.
Both at centre and state education policy needs revamp with creation of independent autonomous bodies to control quality and finances.
Pune as city as it heads for elections and having been selected as second smart city, needs  string decision making at executive level. I will put my neck out and say that we should undermine role of elected representatives who have in past failed people.
Indian cricket team also needs to catch up on may thing things apart from actual catching. They need to plan and be innovative to be able to lay its hands on asia and world t20 cups. On tests we need bowling unit capable to take wickets. BCCI is also running out of time to clean itself on everything.
Indian Olympics  Organization needs to really create environment to create winners at olympics levels but with only few months to go for Rio it seems we are running out there as well  unless for some individual brilliance. Time is also running out for euro teams to make mark at euro soccer.
Indian business propelled by relatively stable economy on global scale needs to innovate and capitalize on young populace , skilled work force, vast markets and all other inherent strengths to make it to next level. IT industry needs to focus on SMAC and work on new models with stringent visa rules in election year in US.
Having just listed areas of priorities for India to catch up on issues that really matter. Advice to past establishment is to do away with negativity and be a sensible nationalist opposition moved away from dynasty and naxalism. They still have role to correct government.
On Bollywood , art and entertainment (national and vernacular), let me advice them to catch up on entertaining people or making interesting  and meaningful films/plays/art/literature and leave politics to politicians.  There is lot to catch up.

Same applies to main stream media to be balanced on opinion making else they will become more irrelevant than they already are. Time also for social media to be more relevant.

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