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Saturday, February 25, 2023

World's Friendliest Countries No 10


Ease of settling in: 10

Feeling at home: 13

Finding friends: 7

A more traditional travelers’ destination, this Central American country borders Panama and Nicaragua. Costa Rica boasts the capital of San José and its many cultural destinations, but most people come here for the beauty of its scenery, which includes everything from volcanos to beaches to rainforests.

Costa Ricans are, generally, very welcoming to tourists and love sharing their stunning country’s treasures. It ranks No. 7 when it comes to making friends, and about three in five expats say that locals could not be any friendlier. Maybe these overall happiness is what makes Costa Rica one of the countries where people live the longest.

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Friday, February 24, 2023

World's Friendliest Countries No 10


Ease of settling in: 2

Feeling at home: 4

Finding friends: 5


This country is actually a series of more than 30 islands in the Arabian Gulf, making it a surprising mix of desert and water. It also boasts a very old culture, as it was the center of ancient trade routes.

Bahrain’s capital is Manama, where a national museum showcases its history through involving exhibits. While the majority of tourists who visit the country are from other Arab countries, American tourism is increasing, and the Bahraini people are welcoming to them and others. Survey respondents singled out Bahrain for being accessible to those who don’t know Arabic, the local language.

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Thursday, February 23, 2023

World's Friendliest Countries: No 11


Ease of settling in: 8

Feeling at home: 3

Finding friends: 19


Spain is especially popular among expats, ranking first in leisure options, fourth in personal happiness and comes in at second in quality of life. An expat summed the country up this way: “Casual, relaxed and delicious!”

All of the praise from expats is no surprise to travelers who are familiar with Spain’s charms, from a relaxed way of life to an astounding cuisine. Where to focus your visit to Spain may be the hardest decision you’ll have to make while there; you could stay in Madrid, Barcelona or along the coast for an equally interesting and relaxing trip.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

World;s Friendliest Countries No 12


Ease of settling in: 9

Feeling at home: 5

Finding friends: 3


Ecuador is located on the West Coast of South America. Many travelers will associate Ecuador with the Galapagos Islands, often a bucket list destination. The Andes Mountains and the Amazon River are two other spectacular destinations in the nation. As you might expect for a country with so many alluring locations for tourists, the people here are as friendly as can be, ranking a remarkable third on the list in ease of making friends.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

World's Friendliest Countries No 13


Ease of settling in: 28

Feeling at home: 33

Finding friends: 18


This North African country borders both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its location, it has Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. The popular city of Marrakesh also invites travelers in with its many souks (or marketplaces) selling ceramics, jewelry and lanterns.

Plus, expats find the local population to be especially friendly and report personal happiness. The downside? They tend to be dissatisfied with digital life and the country's economy.


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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Worlds Friendliest Countries No 14


Ease of settling in: 27

Feeling at home: 31

Finding friends: 38


You can expect to have a quality pint of beer in one of Ireland's hundreds of pubs. And you'll find equally quality locals to enjoy it with. Dublin, the capital city, is easy to navigate, and helpful locals will go out of their way to aid travelers.

Ireland ranks only 43rd out of 64 for overall expat satisfaction. Leisure options, cost of living and personal happiness all rank fairly low in the survey.

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