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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mauka Sabhiko Milta Hai

Author reviews WC15 and more
Cut to year 1998, There was a movie made by Ram Gopal  Varma named Satya. The film was dark based on the underworld of then Mumbai  and was engrossing . RGV used to make good movies those days. The dialogue which was made famous out of that movie  is title of this post. Reason the Mauka campaign of star during world cup. These ads were food and really entertaining. And yes ironically it was Pakistan who lost Mauka by dropping Watson off Wahab. Imagine the much maligned fielder taking the catch, Australia 5 down for 70  chasing  220s at that point. Pakistan then going on to win to meet India in semis. and maybe Dhoni lifting cup on 29th and we celebrating on streets again.... so it's not about having a Mauka it's about grabbing it. so as in cricket so in life. All of us are aware of our 'Mauka s': some dropped some taken. But if wishes were horses....