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Monday, November 18, 2013

Approve National Award Winner "Traff.I.Cop" for Pune, Pending for 4 years........!

Pune Police Traff.I.Cop Rs 53 lakhs approval Awaited for 4 years.

Dear Sirs,

One of the most acclaimed "National Award Winner" Science & Technology based Traffic Control, Discipline & Safety Project " Traff.I.Cop of Pune Police is suspended in Pune for want of State Approval & Funds Rs
53 Lakhs for almost 4 years.

We had written to you earlier in August 2012. We once again request you to approve the this Pune Police Proposal URGENTLY;

This project has wider importance as it has potential of unearthing the extremist/terrorist activities, who invariably use vehicles with fake RTO registration numbers.

As reported;
1.Trafficop gave police access to registration data of about 20 lakh vehicles & 12 lakh driving licences from Pune,and data for 10lakh stolen vehicles across India under the National Crime Records Bureau.
2.The Initiative registered thousands of  offences,suspended 2500 licences,identified over 1000 regular offenders, and traced 200 stolen vehicles in one year.
3.Trafficop also maintained a history of offenders.For the first violation,the penalty was a fine, but by the fourth violation, the licence was confiscated, to be restored after a cumbersome procedure.

Hon Ajit Dada, we once again request you to approve the proposal and let the Traff.i.Cop be operational within a fortnight.