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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monsoon Effects or Rain Drain

Summer reminds us about the water scarcity but in next season that is monsoon we forget about it. The problem remains up to the water scarcity till it hits people and after getting adequate water we forgets about it and remembers it in next summer. To tackle this condition Rain water Harvesting is the simple way. Also monsoon highlights subjects like encroachments on nullah which also calms down after the monsoon. Improper rain water management drains the rain water and lack of political will drains public money. This is the way monsoon affects

Serial Boxer Rakesh Yadav

He started competing in Boxing in 1986 after couple downs his success graph is climbing high and high. In 1989 he won first boxing game and he never looked back. As ups and down comes in life he managed and went on playing. Rakesh Yadav is the elder brother in family and because of the father’s death he has to manage home as well. But in spite letting divert his attention he concentrated on game and one day the game gave him the job.

As national level player he had various jobs option but he chose police department in 1995 because of love on city and his family. In Police Traffic Department he started his journey as constable and now he is a police Havaldar. He brought up in Pimpri Chinchwad where there were no healthy environment for the good person but without diverting attention he joined boxing club formed by Gautam Chabukswar, he started practice with other friends and day by day interest developed. After two times defeat he practiced more and won first competition in 1989, in 1991 he played at national level and went up to the quarter final but in spite having break in carriers he participated in 1992 and went up to the final and won silver medal.

Speed Breakers or spine breakers

Recent three deaths have highlighted the bad condition of the speed breakers in the city. Absence of marking on speed breakers and sign boards prior to the speed breakers are the major problems. Also civic body and traffic department is not firm on steps of having footpaths on roads. These things not only have claimed lives but most of the citizens are suffering from serious spine and back injuries.

Eyecare for Summer

While taking care of the skin we usually forget about the eye care in summer or the eye gets less attention. Only wearing a goggle is not enough for your eyes there are other things need to be taken care. During summer UV rays are not only harmful for our skin but these invisible, high-energy rays of light that absorbed by your eyes, can cause or enhance several eye ailments. This happens because the UV light can cause a reaction in our eye tissue. And once it occurs, it cannot be reversed.

Health care for women between 30-50

These are the more important age for women. This is the age to build your body to stay fit for growing age. You not only have to invest for you health but you should proper management will help in future.
Taking care in 30s

The 30 is a milestone decade for many women, who hit their stride during their 30s career, family, children, even sex. It’s also an era when metabolism starts to decline. Having turned 30 myself earlier this year, I admit that it’s time to rethink some things.


Jimmy was a very fat boy. He always used to be sad because of his obesity. So, he decided to consult a doctor. He said to the doctor, "How can I reduce my weight? Everybody teases me at the school."

The doctor advised him to exercise daily. After few days, he again went to the doctor and complained that despite of exercising; he couldn't reduce his weight rather, putting on weight.

The doctor asked him what exercise he was doing. Jimmy replied, "I go for horse riding every day. The result is that I gained weight while the horse lostweight."

Treevolution Day and DSK Gappa

Treevolution Day Celebrated

With the theme: ‘Lighting Hope, Growing Green’ , Tree Public, in association with the Indo German Chamber of Commerce and I Built, celebrated Treevolution Day 2012 at the 600 seat Symbiosis Vishwa Bhavan, on Saturday, 28th April, with focused panel discussions by eminent experts and 2 scintillating environment theater performances. Treevolution Day is the beginning of an annual environmental celebration, organized by the Tree Public Foundation – commonly known as Tree Public, a completely not for profit and apolitical organization.

New stadium in Pune

Citizen Gautam Naik had a chance to visit Subrato Roy Sahara Stadium at Gahunje. He shares the experience

I had to chance to visit new stadium in Pune. It’s a lovely stadium. It has good ambience and facilities. It is bit away from city but at a manageable distance. Public transport is pathetic anyways in Pune so private vehicle is only possible mode (though PMPML initiated special buses).


Nestled among the Sahyadri Hills, Bhandardara has all the makings of a beautiful holiday resort. Sky-high mountains, roaring waterfalls and lush greenery throughout the year, attract tourists from all over.

To reach Bhandardara, detrain at Igatpuri. If you are traveling by road from Mumbai, you need to turn right just a few kilometers after Igatpuri and enter Ghoti. This small town leads to a long narrow road, which cuts across the lofty mountains and ascends to the marvelous retreat. Although it is just about an hour’s journey, the sights are spectacular. Fluorescent green paddy fields contrast with bright blue skies above and the murky brown streams that crisscross the whole land. When it rains, and clouds descend from the sky to blanket the earth, the sight is truly breathtaking!

Mini India

A small society it may seem, but embraces a whole India in it. RAAGDARI- as the name suggests a combination of different ragas namely, Basant Bahar, Megh Malhar,Madhuwanti and Baageshri , similarly it resides a lot of people following different religions, speaking different languages and belonging to diverse sections of the society. The best example of its unity and oneness can be seen in the way they celebrate all festivals from khoja-giri poornima,holi,ganesh chaturthi to Christmas and new year. The cultural celebrations at Raagdari are always looked upon with envy by members of other colonies. The fun-filled and masti atmosphere with giving preference to religious ways of celebration gives it a modern and an ethnic approach.


Agni-V is an intercontinental ballistic missile developed by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India. It is part of the Agni series of missiles, one of the missile systems under the original Integrated Guided Missile Development Program. According to DRDO chief, the exact range of Agni V is "classified” but afterwards he described Agni V as a missile with a range of 5,500-5,800 km.

It is all about movie, film and cinema..!!

A new venture with an excellent idea and a group of passionate faculties, that’s what gives ‘Living Bridge’ a good leap in the race. With the perfect combination of innovation, sincerity and hard work it bounds to go a long way. It is a place where talent meets opportunity to imbibe and pursue one’s dreams of making career in film making.

Living Bridge is an education hub started by Aziz Rajabali and Ruta Talwalkar under the active guidance of Prof. Prashant Desai, a Film Television Institute of India (FTII) graduate of the 1982 batch. Since then, he has worked in the industry in various fields such as Cinematography, Screenplay writing as well as Production and Direction. He was faculty at the pioneer Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai and SNDT Mumbai, for their Post Graduation Courses in Mass Communication since its inception in 1996. Till recently, he was working at MIT institute of design. He has rich experience of producing and directing many corporate films.

Hritik, Aish and Ranbir

Hrithik Altimate style icon.

Hrithik Roshan, bollywood star has been voted as the ultimate style icon in an online survey conducted by Yahoo! India. On the list of ultimate style icons cricketer MS Dhoni features at number two and superstar Shah Rukh Khan is third. Hrithik got 18 percent votes, while Dhoni bagged 16 and SRK 15 percent votes, said a Yahoo! India statement, while Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan were declared the most stylish celebrity couple.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Columbia Asia Hospital to be launched in Pune

Columbia Asia is an international company engaged in the delivery of modern healthcare services across Asia. The company currently has operations in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Columbia Asia combines technology, innovative healthcare management and global healthcare expertise with the human touch. The Columbia Asia “model hospitals” are the result of a 13-year development effort that combines ‘best care’ with ‘best technology’ practices, all under one roof. These models are rapidly being replicated throughout Asia. In India, the group currently operates six multi-specialty hospitals, one referral hospital and one clinic and has presence in Bangalore, Mysore, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Patiala. The group will shortly extend its footprint into Pune and Ahmedabad.