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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Three More Die on Mount Everest During Crowded Climbing Season

KATHMANDU, Nepal — Three more people died Thursday on Mount Everest, as crowds of climbers added to the dangers of attempting to scale the world’s highest peak.
The three died just days after a widely circulated photo showed a long line of climbers extending along a narrow ridge, waiting to reach the 29,029-foot summit and its expansive view of the Himalayas. Two others died on Mount Everest earlier this week.

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Top Tourist Attractions: HongKong

Hong Kong is impressive from many angles—beneath the towering skyscrapers, or from a ferry crossing Victoria Harbour—but you can see its finest side from the air. As your flight approaches the city, it feels like the mist parts and reveals a modern paradise, where hilly islands surround a concrete jungle. Best. Skyline. Ever.

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What’s red and shaped like a bucket?

A blue bucket painted red.

Celebrations of Modi Victory in Central London

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Drowning Help

Apollo Tyres Great Indian AD: AR Rehman filmed on Sachin

Friday, May 24, 2019

Nayakgiri: To all those who tried all dirty tricks...

Despite all analysis or otherwise, ONLY thing matters is now we have a clear democratically elected well meaning , corruption-free and proactive PM of India unless you take a dig at decision capability of Indian voter or blame EVM/EC like a typical 'elite' who know it all especially liberals , pseudo secular, and antinational , corrupt media (including international ) and politicians/intellectuals/actors and so on.

मराठी पत्रकारितेतील पुरोगामी ज्येष्ठ पत्रकार, संपादक, पुरोगामी कार्यकर्ते नेते ज्यांना महाराष्ट्रातील शेतकरी कष्टकरी आणि सामान्य नागरिकांच्या समस्यांचे आणि जनमानसाचे सर्व खरे मुद्दे कळतात अश्या सर्व काकांना साष्टांग दंडवत. . सरकार च्या चुकीच्या धोरणांमुळे जनता कष्टली आहे आहे , रांजली आहे हे आपले म्हणणे अतिशय योग्य आहे पण जनता आपल्या प्रमाणे सुब्बूद्ध नाही .

विडिओ चा  आवाज  बंद कर रे

More NayakGiri  at

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The Trade War Is Heating Up. Here’s How It Could Play Out.

The market was clearly taken by surprise when President Donald Trump made it clear that a trade deal might not come together. Now, strategists and economists are scrambling to revisit the possible fallout for the global economy and markets if talks break down and the situation escalates into a trade war.

Snake Xenzia


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Imagine if Americans switched from pounds to kilograms overnight.

Because there will be mass confusion


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Bad Drivers

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Emmanuel Macron’s Grand Ambitions Are at Stake in European Elections

For President Emmanuel Macron of France, it has been Europe or bust from the beginning.
Since his election two years ago, he has fashioned himself as the leader of Europe, laying out a grand vision of deeper integration. He has tried to stoke passion in a skeptical populace with an open letter in newspapers to “the citizens of Europe.” He has warned urgently of a “European civil war” that threatens the continent’s values.

Top Tourist Attractions: Florence Italy

Italy has no shortage of beautiful cities, but Florence remains unrivaled in history, art, and architecture. You'll find traces of Renaissance aesthetics all over town, like the striking Santa Maria del Fiore (The Duomo) and Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. Meanwhile, Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi remain essential photo backdrops.

HImalayan Achievement

Majestic lift-off of PSLVC46! Sucessful Mission

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What did the blanket say as it fell off the bed?

“Oh sheet!”


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Noida's Water Bodies

Floating Solar Panels

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Strange waves rippled around Earth. Now we may know why.

On May 10, 2018, the geologic beasts of the tiny island of Mayotte began to stir. Thousands of earthquakes rattled the French island, which is sandwiched between Africa and Madagascar. Most were minor shakes, but they included a magnitude 5.8 event that struck on May 15, the largest yet recorded in the region's history.
In the midst of this seismic swarm, a strange low-frequency rumble rippled around the world, ringing sensors nearly 11,000 miles away—and baffling scientists.

Nayakgiri: तो डोंगरांचा काटकोन व ती लांब रेघ

शनिवार आला आणि माझ्यातला आनंदयात्री जागा झाला. वातावरण अगदी मराठी मॉन्सून  सारखे चिंब. हवेत पुणेरी गुलाबी थंडी सारखा सुखद गारवा . नुकताच आलेला वसंत ऋतू नावाचा  पाहुणा ह्या वर्षचक्रात शिरल्याचा पुरावा म्हणून काही दिवसांपूर्वी निष्पर्ण असलेल्या  वृक्ष्यांनी पानांचे  हिरवे   किंवा वेगवेगळ्या  रंगांचे   शेले पांघरले होते.  नेहेमीप्रमाणे पर्यटनाची साद घालताच जिवलगांनी होकार दिला आणि  आमचा  रथ  घराच्या जवळ असलेल्या द्रुतगती  रस्त्यावर   मार्गक्रमण करू लागला. स्वछ गावे , सुंदर रस्ते,  घरे , आलिशान ईमारती , दुकाने, बागा , झाडी , चढउतार  सगळे होते . सारे काही सुंदर आणि रमणीय होते. जिवलग  तेच होते . नव्हता  फक्त डोंगरांचा एक काटकोन आणि एक लांब रेघ . 

घरी सुरेख कांदा भजी होते .  पिठले पण छान होते ,  भुट्टा करायला कणसे पण मिळतात . चहा पण मिळतो . ताक पण  जमते . सगळे काही असते पण नसतो तो  डोंगरांचा काटकोन आणि ती लांब रेघ 

*पशुपक्षांकडून मिळणारे पावसाचे पूर्वसंकेत* - मारुती चितमपल्ली

1. चातक पक्षी -*

पावसाळा जवळ आल्याचे संकेत आफ्रिकेतून आलेले चातक पक्षी सर्वप्रथम देतात. पाऊस अगदी वेळेवर येणार असेल तर चातक पक्ष्यांचे आगमन लवकर होते. जर त्यांचे आगमन लांबले तर पाऊसही लांबणार, ही काळ्या दगडावरची रेघ. त्यासाठी कोणत्याही भविष्यवेत्त्याची गरज नाही. चातक पक्षी ‘पिऊ.. पिऊ’ या त्यांच्या सांकेतिक आवाजात ओरडू लागले की पहिल्या पावसाचे दिवस जवळ आले हे हमखास समजावे.

*2. पावशा पक्षी -*

चातक पक्ष्याप्रमाणेच सृष्टीतील बदलांचे पूर्वसंकेत देणाऱ्या आश्चर्यकारक घटनांचा पावशा पक्षी हा आणखी एक महत्त्वाचा दूत! ‘पेर्ते व्हा’ असे सांगणारा पावशा ओरडू लागला की जुन्या काळी शेतकरी मशागतीची कामे सुरू करत.

*3. तित्तीर पक्षी -*

माळरानावर, शेतांवर काळ्या-पांढऱ्या, अंगावर ठिपके असलेल्या तित्तीर पक्ष्यांचे थवे ‘कोडय़ान केको.. कोडय़ान केको..’ अशा सांकेतिक स्वरात ओरडू लागले की आता लवकरच पाऊस येणार असे खुशाल समजावे. जंगलातील माळरानांत या पक्ष्यांचे अस्तित्व फारसे आढळून येत नाही. परंतु मानवी वस्त्यांशेजारच्या माळरानांवर तित्तीरांचा गडबडगुंडा सुरू झाला की ते हमखास पावसाचे लक्षण समजले जाते.

Top Tourist Attractions: Lisbon, Portugal

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My poor knowledge of Greek mythology has always been my Achilles’ elbow.


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ISRO Launch Live

Andre Agassi : From out of Top 100 to Top Rank

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Prison riot in Tajikistan leaves 32 dead

A riot at a prison in Tajikistan has left 32 people dead, including 24 members of the Islamic State militant group and three guards, authorities said Monday.
Five of the inmates and the three guards were killed by IS prisoners during the riot that erupted on Sunday evening, the justice ministry said in a statement.
The prison in Vakhdat, 17 kilometres (11 miles) east of the capital Dushanbe, holds 1,500 inmates.
It said the prisoners first stabbed to death three guards, and then five other inmates "in order to intimidate" the others.
They then took other prisoners hostage before opening fire on the jail's medical facilities.
"Following a reprisal operation, 24 members of this group were killed and 25 others arrested. The hostages were freed" and calm restored to the prison, the statement said.
Among the leaders of the riot, the Tajik authorities identified the 20-year-old son of the former head of Tajik special forces who became a member of the IS leadership in Syria, where he was killed in September 2017.

Top Tourist Attractions: Krakow Poland

It seems like every European city boasts a beautiful central square, but we'd argue that Krakow's Rynek Glówny ranks among the best. The square is defined by its 15th-century town hall tower (which you can, and should, climb), with the UNESCO-listed Wawel Castle just a short walk away. Oh, and the city's 40-plus parks certainly don't hurt the attractiveness score here.

Ashish Joshi's Wild Life Photography Sitana laticeps

Fitness Tips from Fitcon

Giridarshan's Harishchandragad trek on 25,26 May

'Harishchandragad' a trekers dream trek,
Once you experience the sunset from Konkankada, it will be with you for ever, you can think of this and close your eyes and you will be able to recollect the joy for lifetime
Harishchandreshwar temple, Ganesh caves, Kedareshwar cave with very cold water, Taramati peak are some of other memorable places besides Konkankada,
We are visiting Harishchandragad on 25, 26 May. We will start from Pune at 10 pm on 24th May by private bus from Law college road, and will reach Pachnayi village on early morning on 25th, start our trek early morning and reach the temple till 9.30 am, in the afternoon we will visit Taramati hill, Ganesh caves, Harish temple, Kedareshwar cave and will proceed for Konkankada for tent stay, enjoy sunset there and stay in tents, on 26th we will start early and will climbdown to Khireshwar village, have lunch and will be back to Pune till 6 pm.
You need to carry bedding, extra dress, torch, a plate, a bowl, a glass ( do not bring diaposables) Saturdays lunch and 2 waterbottles with you.
You should wear sports or treking shoes, suncap.
Trek fee Rs 1700/-
Booking till 23 May
Call 9850520058

Pj of the Day

Doctor: “I’m sorry but you suffer from a terminal illness and have only 10 to live.”
Patient: “What do you mean, 10? Ten what? Months? Weeks?!”
Doctor: “Nine.”

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