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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Let's Reject Pune's Development Plan we need a Better Quality of Life

Hi there All,
Our tomorrows are being endangered…. And we say this with all seriousness.
The Draft DP for Pune has been submitted. If implemented, it will ruin Pune as we know it.
What do we need for a decent quality of life – gardens, parks, playgrounds for sports and for children, schools, hospitals, hawker zones, housing for economically weaker sections of society, etc. etc. Also necessities like parking areas, cremation and burial grounds, rehabilitation institutions for disabled people. Spaces for all these had been reserved - about 900 such reservations existed in the earlier Draft.
Now, with one stroke of the pen, 381 such reserved spaces totaling 450 + hectares, have been deleted.  And some of these are:
  • Gardens: 19; Parks: 15; River Development areas: 4; Nullah Gardens: 25.
  • Play ground for Children: 40; Play ground for sports etc: 44; Stadiums: 2; Lake for water sports: 1.
  • Primary Schools: 11; Hospitals/ Dispensaries: 18; Ota Market/ Hawkers Zones : 37.
  • Cultural Centres: 7; Youth Guidance Centres: 5; Rehabilitation Centre for Spastics: 1.
  • Parking: 46.
  • Crematoriums/ Burial grounds: 4.
Shocks you, doesn’t it?
Who could possibly benefit from this inhumane act? Yes, you got it right!
Oh yes, the DC rules have also been changed e.g. the Amenity space a builder had to give to the PMC to construct amenities, will now be for the builder to construct as he wishes. Do we need to say who will benefit?
Green Pune Movement is launching a campaign to collect signatures opposing this cruel change. We have to act quickly. We are writing to the Chief Minister asking him to reject this Development Plan. All your signatures will be appended to this letter. The more the signatures the more effect it will have. And we are very confident that Punekars will not just support but fight for a Development Plan which will improve the Quality of our lives.
We are attaching to this email a form for collecting signatures. You can download and print as many copies of the form for signatures.
We would like you to give us the first lot of signatures by the 2nd February 2016. (The 2nd lot by 8th February ’16 and the 3rd lot by 15th February ’16.) To make it easy for you to give us the collected signatures we have appointed collection points throughout the city. The list of collection centres is also attached.
So now let’s get going and collect lots and lots of signatures.  We know you can do it.
For a Green Pune, for a Pune which gives us a Great Quality of Life, for our Children and Grandchildren’s Future.
Green Pune Movement
Aneeta Gokhale Benninger     Satish Khot      
Sujit Patwardhan      Vivek Velankar
Green Pune Movement

Tel: 020- 26608855; Email: