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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Disney Unveils Star Wars Experience With Overnight Stays

The entertainment giant unveiled plans for the “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser,” a multiday experience at Walt Disney World that will let guests feel like they’re staying inside a spaceship.

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Chinese Double Standards

Moms will be Moms: Michaelangelo

*मायकलअँजेलोची आई* : इतर पोरांसारखा भिंतीवर रेघोट्या मार रे. ते छतावरचे राडे साफ करायला कंबरडं मोडतंय की माझं!

Michaelangelo's Mom: Why don't you make your drawings on the walls like other children. It really hurts my back after cleaning the ceilings. 

PJ of the Day

What did the judge say to the dentist? 
Do you swear to pull the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth?

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Friday, August 23, 2019

Amazon Rainforest Fires Threaten Climate Change Efforts — What's at Stake for the Planet

As fires continue to burn the Amazon rainforest at a record level, many are warning about the devastating effects the blazes can have on the environment, and humans around the globe.
The Amazon, known as “the planet’s lungs,” produces 20 percent of Earth’s oxygen and is a key factor in combating climate change, according to CNN.

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Man Vs Nature

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Moms Will be Moms: Columbus

कोलंबसची आई*: कुठे ही जा, कितीही फिर, पण घरी एक चार ओळींचं पत्र खरडायला बिघडतं काय म्हणते मी?!

Columbus' Mom: Go Wherever you want to but at least send a letter of few sentences.

PJ of the Day

Why did the boy tiptoe past the medicine cabinet? 
He didn’t want to wake the sleeping pills!

Dhol Pathak in USA

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Who remembers Crystal Maze?

National Anthem by Comedians

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Mystery of the Himalayas’ Skeleton Lake Just Got Weirder

Nestled in the Indian Himalayas, some 16,500 feet above sea level, sits Roopkund Lake. One hundred and thirty feet wide, it is frozen for much of the year, a frosty pond in a lonely, snowbound valley. But on warmer days, it delivers a macabre performance, as hundreds of human skeletons, some with flesh still attached, emerge from what has become known as Skeleton Lake.
Who were these individuals, and what befell them? One leading idea was that they died simultaneously in a catastrophic event more than 1,000 years ago. An unpublished anthropological survey from several years ago studied five skeletons and estimated they were 1,200 years old.
But a new genetic analysis carried out by scientists in India, America and Germany has upended that theory. The study, which examined DNA from 38 remains, indicates that there wasn’t just one mass dumping of the dead, but several, spread over a millennium.



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Moms will be Moms: Galileo

मेल्या! तुझ्या त्या टेलेस्कोपचा उपयोगच काय, जर त्यातून माझं मिलानोमधलं माहेर दिसत नसेल तर??

Galileo's Mom: What's use of your stupid Telescope if I cannot see my mom's house in Milan.

Pj of the Day

Why did the teacher jump into the lake? 
Because she wanted to test the waters!

New Cricket Game in Dubai: Face top bowlers

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Wrong BBC coverage

How Ladakh was Saved?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Russia and China Say New U.S. Missile Test Is Just the Kind of 'Arms Race' They're Trying to Avoid

Russia and China have criticized the United States' testing of a missile banned for over three decades until the recent collapse of a Cold War-era treaty, with both countries calling it an attempt to draw them into an expensive and dangerous rush for new weapons.
Two weeks after leaving the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty banning land-based weapons ranging from 310 to 3,420 miles, the Pentagon announced Monday it tested a cruise missile in California that would have been restricted under the agreement it has accused Russia of violating. In response, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov cited President Vladimir Putin as saying Tuesday "such tests only proved that from the very start, the Americans were determined to derail the INF Treaty and were making preparations for it."

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Giridarshan's Kataldhar waterfall trek on 22 Aug

Starts at 6 am by private bus from law college road. We will have breakfast and will reach the starting point of the trek, start our trek and reach the base of waterfall after one and half hour, return to the starting point, have lunch and return to Pune till 8 pm, 
Bring lunch, extra dress and waterbottle with you
Trek Fee Rs 1000/-
Booking till 20 Aug
Call 9850520058

Dont Quit

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Moms will be Moms: Monalisa

*मोनालीसाची आई :* तुझ्या दातांच्या क्लिपांवर इतका खर्च करून शेवटी असं मोजकंच हसलीस होय!

Monalisa's Mom: We spent a fortune on your dental treatment. And you just gave them a curious smile?

PJ of the Day

Why did the belt go to jail?
Because it held up a pair of pants!


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Saving Crops

Everest Base Camp

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tribute to Khayyam

18 February 1927 – 19 August 2019

Indian music director Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi, popularly known as Khayyam, died in a Mumbai hospital on Monday, reports news agency PTI. He died at the age of 92. The legendry music composer, best known for his music in films such as Kabhi Kabhie and Umrao Jaan, died after suffering from a lung ailment at Sujay Hospital in Juhu. "He was admitted to the hospital a few days ago owing to breathing issues and other age-related illnesses. He died at Sujay Hospital at around 9.30 pm,"  Khayyam is survived by his singer wife Jagjit Kaur 
Khayyam, who started his musical career at the age of 17, was also a recipient of Sangeet Natak Akademi Award and Padma Bhushan. Not only this, he was also honoured with the National Award and Filmfare Award. Apart from Kabhi Kabhie and Umrao Jaan, his other notable works include films such as Trishul, Noorie and Shola Aur Shabnam. He had also composed music for actress Meena Kumari's album I Write, I Recite. His non-film songs such as Paaon Padun Tore Shyam, Ghazab Kiya Tere Vaade Pe Aitbaar Kiya and Brij Mein Laut Chalo are still famous among his fans.
Celebrities as well as politicians such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and singer Lata Mangeshkar mourned the demise of the legendary music director.

Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions: Basil Pesto – The Italian lifeline!

Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions

Basil Pesto – The Italian lifeline!

This year post monsoons I have a grand plan to create my own little kitchen garden, growing all those amazing cherry tomatoes and jalapenos and herbs shrubs!!!

I have always been fascinated with all the exotic herbs that can be experimented with in the kitchen.  The distinct flavour and aroma if they are added to the right dish in right proportion; it can take your preparation into a very unique inimitable culinary experience.

There’s Basil… my most loved and most used of the herbs…… what would my pasta and pizza sauces be like without it
Then there is Oregano…. My omelettes and dips would be incomplete without this one
Our very own favourite Mint…… Can’t imagine my chutneys without it… and sometimes adds zest to my salad dressing
Parsley…. Makes my carrot soup extra special…

Danish Prime Minister calls discussion of Greenland sale "absurd"

The Danish Prime Minister responded to President Donald Trump's interest in buying Greenland on Sunday, calling a sale of the island, which functions as an autonomous territory of Denmark, "absurd." 
According to Reuters, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told the Danish broadcaster DR on Sunday that discussion of a sale would be an "absurd discussion."
Frederiksen was also asked about Trump's comments by a local newspaper.  

Moms will be Moms: Alexander Graham Bell

ग्रॅहम बेलची आई :* ह्या डबड्याचा शोध लावलास ते ठीक. पण याद राख, पोरी बाळींनी रात्रीअपरात्री फोन केले तर मला चा    णा  नाही!

Alexander Graham Bell's Mom: You have invented this scrap box that's fine don't you ever call any girls late at night. I wont stand that.

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PJ of the Day

Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn?

Because he had a great fall.

Music by mouth

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Elephant Sliding