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Friday, February 11, 2011

PMC to act toughly on unauthorized religious places

Pune : After the Court’s order, Pune Municipal Corporation’s anti-encroachment department officials came into act to remove road-side religious structures, which were proved the hurdles for smooth traffic. In a drastic drive, encroachment officials removed 52 such structures and cleared the footpaths and roads on Deccan, Karve Road area.

The state government recently instructed the civic body to remove illegal religious structures that were a hurdle on the roads. The state government referred to the directives of the Bombay high court ordering the removal of such structures.

Vilas Narnavar

To err is the human. We have to understand it. Every person has its own identity, its own characteristic features. He will act acordingly. We must eliminate evil attitudes, not individuals. I always apply this rule when I have to handle any culprit.

Vilas Narnavar
Police Inspector
Kothrud Police Station

Vilas Sadashiv Narnavar, a firebrand 91 MPSC Police Inspector, when took charge of the Kothrud Police station, he was just unaware of the tasks of this area. After few days he realized that the area has its own problem. General crimes are not the main concern of this area, but Information Technology, i.e. IT related problems are the most concern issues of Kothrud. Police file mentions these crimes as Cyber crimes.

A Gem of Peshwai :Vishrambaug Wada

The Vishram-baug wada is a historic Peshwa mansion, built in 1811 by Peshwa Baji Rao the second, for his relaxation and entertainment. This Wada has a large dancing hall, which still houses a large number of artifacts: paintings, chandeliers, vases and other knick-knacks belonging to the Peshwas.

Located amidst honking bustling traffic at the intersection of Bajirao Road and Laxmi Road in Sadashiv Peth, Pune, India, the trappings of modern civilization -- for instance, tall plain modern-day buildings like the Maharashtra Bank building opposite it do a disservice to the stately Vishram-baug wada.


Nanasaheb Phadanvis - one of the cleverest in Peshwai - his house is pride of Menavali. Menavali is just 3 Kms from Wai. Its a place worth to visit and see the famous old house of the genius.

But this is not the only place to see in Menavali. The house is situated on the banks of the river Krishna and the beautifully shaped ghat behind the house presents a pictursome scene. The view of the river, the jungle on the other bank and the hills surrounding are very pretty. There are few temples on the back side of the famous monument including the temple Menavaeshwar and Lord Vishnu. The Peshwai pictures on the walls of temple are admirable.

But the most interesting thing to watch in the temple premises is a huge bell. This bell was won by Peshwas in the war of Vasai in 1707 against British.

The wada-house of Nana Phadanvis was again in focus when shooting of film 'Mritudand' starring Madhuri Dixit took place some years back.

Strawberry Genes and Bees

Gene codes cracked for strawberries

LONDON: Teams of scientists have cracked the genetic codes of the wild strawberry and a certain type of cacao used to make fine chocolate, work that should help breeders develop better varieties of more mainstream crops. The wild strawberry is closely related to important food crops such as apples, peaches, pears and raspberries, as well as cultivated strawberries, so its gene map will help breeders of these plants to produce new varieties, the researchers said. "Because farmers have been cross-breeding and hybridizing food crops for

Property rates and registration revenues in Pune

Property rates go up 18-20% in ready reckoner

Pune: The government ready-reckoner rates — which spell out the minimum base rate for valuation of properties across the state — have been increased by 18 to 20 per cent.

The new ready-reckoner rates will be effective from Saturday, said the Pune-headquartered office of the Inspector-General of Registration and Controller of Stamps (IGR) in a statement.

The ready-reckoner is primarily used for valuation of a property so as to calculate the minimum stamp duty and registration charges while registering a sale/purchase deal. However, a 18 to 20% rise in ready-reckoner rate, ie the govt. valuation of property, does not directly affect property buyers. This is so because the market rate at which the property is sold/purchased is normally much higher than the government valuation. Registration charges are to be calculated on either the market rate or the ready-reckoner rate, whichever is higher. In majority of the cases, the market rate mentioned in the sale document is much higher than the government valuation. Hence, a 15 to 20% hike in government valuation does not affect the property buyer who has to pay the registration charges as per the market rate mentioned in the sale document, experts said.


Registration revenue crosses Rs 10 cr target

PUNE: There is clear indication that people are buying properties all over the state and a sizeable chunk is in the high-value bracket. The state inspector-general of registrations (IGR) office has recorded Rs 10,367.68 crore revenue collection from the sale of stamp papers and registration of properties in all its divisions till December 27. It surpassed the Rs 10,000-crore target set by the state government for the 2010-11 fiscal. There are eight divisions which include Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik, Amravati, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Latur.


Cityblog Olympics for differently abled children

Cityblog, ( city’s new web forum for raising civic and general issues recently organized a special sports event for differently able children at Jeevanjyot School on Karve Road.

Differently able and mentally handicapped children need special care, attention and support for the society. To highlight this point, Cityblog supported the interschool event conducted by Jeevanjyot School.

The occasion was World mentally handicapped day on 8th Dec. The school organizes various events like sports, dance, painting etc. Cityblog financially supported Jeevanjyot for this cause and also proposes to highlight the cause to support such schools. 14 different schools all around Pune participated on that day with around 400 such children and adults from vocational centers attending the sports competition.

Utkarsha Apartments

From common man to minister, everybody talk on woman empowerment. but, when it comes in our daily life, nobody bothers. UTKARSHA apartment set an ideal example of woman empowerment. All woman members are handed over the reins of total administration of this apartment. In fact, this could be an eye opener for so called social activisam.

A society or a human society is a group of people related to each other through persistent relations such as social status, roles and social networks. This is an ideal definition of a society. But going beyond these extremities, Utkarsha Apartment on Law College Road shows the signs of utmost unity by encouraging their woman brigade to rein in all apartment activities.

Javed Akthar ousted, Lara-Mahesh, Russian Prez in Bollywood

Javed Akhtar ousted by the film industry?

The way Hollywood works is that an actor works as a partner in a film project incurring losses and earning a percentage of the share of profits. It’s sensible, it’s fair and it’s a whole hearted indulgence in the creative process. Similar trend is now finding place in Bollywood, therefore when a certain Javed Akhtar stands up and lobbies in Parliament for the rights of writers and singers, eyebrows are raised.
No wonder then The Film Federation of India has “advised members of the film federation to not employ the services” of the iconic writer. The decision that was taken by its newly elected president, T.P. Agrawal, is based on the fact that it’s really the producer who takes the maximum risk in the movie business. Therefore if a certain writer wishes to be eligible to be a part of the royalties then they must also be party to the risk involved.
Mukesh Bhatt in the capacity of a Vice President of The Film & Television Producers Guild Of India has issued no official statement on this but did express the fact that the decision was one taken emotionally and not rationally. He blamed the way in which the government has handled the whole copyright issue which has created the divide in the film industry.