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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Edition 26: Rs 100 Crore Question

Will the hands of the clock turned backwards? This is the question to be discussed by the corporators as proposal to divide PMPML crops up. With the proposal comes a surprise that the civic transport body had defaulted on Rs 100 Crore as passenger tax and other charges.

Devidas Deshpande

Dilip Band, divisional commissioner of Pune and chairman of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) said on Friday that the fare hike in PMPML buses is imminent and the company is unable to bear the expenses it currently accrues. While this may be true for most part, but the corporators in Pune Municipal Corporation have just put their fingers on this point. That the company has not performed up to the mark.

Edition 26; The Monsoon Troubleshooting

Puneites can have a special relation with the rain gods. On the one hand, it is the only time they can see the two rivers flowing from the middle of the city full of water. The rains normally do not lashes out at the city. It only adds a certain wet beauty to the old and new roads, structures as well as lanes.

However, the same rain gives them a goose bump as any Puneite familiar with the city know what exactly four months of water filled days and nights mean. It means potholes large enough to gulp down a walking man, it means tarred roads with oil on it making it a slippery ground for vehicles…it means getting late to office because of constant jams, it means regular power failure and what not…

Edition 26: Indian Animation Characters, Tablet PCs and Heart Risks


Several comics from Liquid Comics library based on Indian characters by Indian creators are now available in digital formats for purchase and download to audiences worldwide through the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP).

'Digital publishing is the future and Liquid Comics' mission is to be at the forefront of taking our comic books beyond print into numerous digital platforms,' said Sharad Devarajan, CEO and co-founder of Liquid Comics, one of the world's largest Indian comic book libraries.

Edition 26: Football’s Ground On Cellphone, Medal after 65 yrs, Matchfixing

Ben Klayman/Reuters

The billions of fans of soccer World Cup, globally the premiere sporting event, will increasingly turn to mobile phones to track the action, according to a Nielsen survey released on Thursday.
More than half of the 27,000 people surveyed in 55 countries plan to follow the popular soccer tournament, which is played every four years and begins in South Africa on June 11, Nielsen said in a survey provided to Reuters. Twenty-one percent said they would get information about the tournament on their mobile device and 9 percent would download an application to track the action.

Edition 26: The Curious History Of Shimla House , Dalit Enterprise and Green City

The building housing the Indian Metreorological Department in Pune is famous as the Shimla House of Simla House. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city standing in the main part of the city. The structure has a curious tale to tell.

The IMD was founded in 1875 by Henry Blanford having its headquarters in Calcutta. It had a branch office in Shimla (originally Simla), which was later made its headquarters in 1905. However, when the weather office in Shimla failed to cater to growing demand of weather forecast, the British rulers decided to set it up in plain in the south.

Edition 26: Bollywood…For the sake of posterity!

The gun-totting Shashi Kapoor with his hooked nose, macho Dharmendra sporting a double chin, Amitabh Bachchan as the angry young man, and a svelte Nargis with her exaggerated pout.

These superstars might not have been flattered by their yesteryear posters but what was once considered cheap publicity for films in India is now coveted art in cities like Paris, Toronto, London and Berlin.
In romantic Paris, ambassador cars emblazoned with colourful posters of Bollywood flicks whizz past attracting curious onlookers, while London, Tokyo and Berlin all have stores which sell such posters.

Edition 26: Bhopal facts and Italian Mafia

A court on Monday found the Indian unit of U.S. chemicals firm Union Carbide guilty of negligence and sentenced seven Indian former employees to two years in jail over one of the world's worst industrial accidents that killed thousands in 1984. Here is all that you want to know in a nutshell:


In the early hours of Dec. 3, 1984, a pesticide factory owned by Union Carbide accidentally released about 40 metric tonnes of deadly methyl isocyanate gas into the atmosphere in the central Indian city of Bhopal.

The wind carried the gas to surrounding areas -- mainly densely populated slums -- exposing around half a million people. People woke up coughing and vomiting and many reported a severe burning sensation in their eyes and chest.