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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Full and Final

Musings on a world cup ad by citizen....

This is world cup time and Team India's fortunes have changed thankfully for diehard fans aka fools like yours truly, ad makers, channels, sponsors, liquor shops, all and sundry. But then as a preview done earlier this is not review which is promised on this space on 1st April which also is  a fool's day.  Idea is not just to discuss chances to reach final or otherwise or  lifting the cup. On eve of Gudipadwa which traditionally has been a time for a fresh start, why am i pondering on such gloomy thoughts. May be it is a midlife crisis or whatever. And stimulant is an idiotic mushy ad where in an old guy is having last day at office and a pregnant youngster  who makes it a big celebration thanks idiotically to a mobile service provider.
Memory flashes back to 1996 on my first job . It was my second week at new job. Life was good and i was at a plan control room of a petrochemical company which had hired me at one of the best packages those days. There was an old plan operator who was retiring that day. He had joined the plant when plant was inaugurated. The operators were relatively paid well and were well of in and around Mumbai those days. Must have done well in his life. He was emotional as he said good bye to oldies in room and shook hands with me. That day i had a smirk. This guy had spent whole life here. so unfashionable. How can one work whole life time in one setup. Nahi, No, Never.....
Cut to the present from the flashback, life is never dull. Every day is challenge but now whats the difference between that old plant operator and myself who might have faced different challenges than him . Maybe he had different circumstances  which made him do what i thought that day was cardinal crime to be not ambitious. What is ambition? To have good life? Didn't he have one. Now that the time has told lessons to me, I can take an unequivocal stance. Maybe there is someone sitting on a sold start-up at the age of 25 laughing at my choices  which i did in 90s to emulate Infosys's of world than googles.... But then life has been kind and unfair as well. But its been there and done that what was needed. 
At this age, i sometimes wonder what would be my feelings on same date where life (in my case it won't be a company letterhead)  gives you full and final settlement. Or already have i reached that stage. Or its time to take a new guard and hit sixes. and yes there is a confidence of that as well. Hope never dies. Have a great new year ahead. Take deep breath and  take a new start and may we dance on 29th.....(and yes 26th three days before)
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