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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ganapti Bappa Morya

Cityblog wishes everyone Happy Ganesh Festival. May the lord give you peace within yourselves, health and happiness. May he remove pain, obstacles and suffering as he is Vighnaharta. May all our ruling class learn from him and strive towards collective benefits. May each one of us individually follow all rules and avoid short cuts to make our lives better. May we all be socially consicoius and awakened. May we use upcoming PMC elections to choose better candidates. May we support equality, peace and amity between communities. Let us be attentive to ward of terorrism. May we all strive towards better city, state and country. May the economy stabilize, May the inflation deflate, May we have better lives. Big wishlist to a big deity. And we are sure he obliges to all our wishes......

Monday, August 29, 2011

Film editing: Then and Now

Films have always attracted every individual. Be it the people from past or today’s generations, everyone like films. But the one we enjoy is the hard of many people who are behind the making of these films. Experts say, “Films are made two tables; one is writer’s table and second in Editing table”. Writer has to run his brain through various situations to make story. But the same film can be turned upside down at the Editor’s table. The editing has always been difficult.

Editing has always been a crucial part of film making. Editing can make a bad script into a good film and vise a versa. With the technological advancement, editing might have become easy but it still holds that crucial part. In older days, it was job of pain and hard work. During old days, editing was carried by cutting and fixing the original reel of the film.

Monsoon Make-up

Make up is something which every lady can’t miss. They need to look good beautiful always. A woman can never compromise with their dress and fashion. These are something which they can’t live without. But during Monsoon, they face quite difficult to maintain their look. They want to enjoy the rain but the same time doesn’t want to get their make wash away in water. Here are some tips that they can take care of this monsoon which might help them to maintain their looks.

Use of water proof products: Understanding the need of the women, many companies have launched their water proof make up products which are available in market. From eye lashes to lipsticks, everything is available in market. These products can be used like normal products and the main thing is it is going to be there for longer time. These products are not harmful to the skins so no one has to worry about it.

Selecting the right stream...

It’s been said, ‘Selecting the right stream at 11th will actually help you decide your future’. Students are more nervous than their results when it comes to selecting the right stream and college while entering into 11th standard. A child, after appearing for 10th board, should be clear enough about what s/he wants to do and where he wants to go. Selecting a stream is equally important that selecting a school for it. They not only select the school, but they also select the faculty, the kind of lab they have, they kind of facility they provide and what all subject they teach which will help them in shaping their future. For this year, 11th admissions in most of the colleges and schools are done, but for the upcoming year, we have asked few colleges we asked what they have to say about the 11th admissions, best five and their cut of marks. Principal of these colleges gives some tips and share their views on the current education situations.


1.  Collier
1. A coal miner.
2. A ship for carrying coal. 
ETYMOLOGY: From Old English col (coal). Earliest documented use: before 1375. 
USAGE: "Gunar turned to find a grimy-faced man, black as a collier."

“We understand our responsibility…”

Mr Vinayak (4th from left) and Mrs. Meghna (3rd from Right) with the residents .

How many of us actually understand our responsibility towards society and environment? How many of us actually follow the rules and regulations that would make our living easy? How many of us actually do something which is right, but difficult to follow? How many of us actually leave the comfort zone and take the initiative that is for the goodness of human beings?
There is one group of people, who belong to a building which is in a society, who are thinking about the environment. They live in a society, which is not yet formed, but that is not affecting them from carrying out their responsibility towards Nature. They are carrying out simple activity, which every individual are aware of and every school going children are taught. But their small act is very helpful towards nature. They are simply carrying out what we call as ‘Garbage Recycle’.

Independent… Are we?

Recently, we celebrate 64th Independence Day. Unlike any other National Holiday, it was also celebrated with great proud and respect. Everyone was talking about the current movement and things that are going on. Many did publish the journey till now. Are we really Independent? Constitution has laid down some Fundamental Rights that is the right of every citizen who are living in the Nation.