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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rampant burning of Garbage

To: Pune

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed a steady deterioration in the quality of air with significant increases in the pollutant levels of Pune city as a whole. This can be attributed to the rampant burning of garbage taking place all around you.

Due to irregular pickup of dry garbage by the PMC, several housing societies and others all over Pune, have resorted to burning solid waste which, at times, includes rubber and plastics.  Despite repeated complaints, the PMC authorities have failed to stop this practice of burning garbage etc.

PMC workers entrusted with sweeping and collecting of waste including garden waste are often seen setting fire to heaps of garbage. The open burning of waste by the PMC itself, is in violation of its own duties to prevent the deterioration of ambient air quality in the city

Such burning of biomass and solid waste is also punishable as a criminal offence under the  Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 which provides authority to State Governments to ban burning of any material if it is likely to cause air pollution and thus must be dealt with strictly.

This irresponsible & unscientific method of disposing garbage by burning can be quite hazardous. Gases and particles emitted can substantially affect not only human health but also affects climate change and the future of our children. Some of these pollutants have been linked to such significant health impacts as decreased lung function, neurological disorders, cancer, and heart attacks.   

We, the citizens of Pune, have a right to clean air. With this right in mind, we request you to kindly lodge a written complaint to the Municipal Commissioner at , with a copy to us at . NSCC will take up all these complaints with the PMC as well as with Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

Let’s clean our Pune in all ways. It’s for us now and for our tomorrows as well.

For National Societ for Clean Cities, Pune

Satish Khot    Maithili Manakwad

Satish Khot, 
President, National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
#364, Clover Water Gardens, Kalyani Nagar, PUNE 411 006.
Tel: 9371221142; email: