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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why we need Team Anna

Today’s most maligned word is Team Anna. And it’s not public opinion but systematic maligning done very cunningly by govt and opposition using popular media. Right from start of fast in july, main papers and channels started describing how the movement is flop and how the Team Anna is so irrelevant. It was the same media which glorified Anna after world cup 2011. Public which is gullible as usual started supporting Anna as the movement caught imagination and public felt something new about being patriotic. Even then there were armchair critics and elitist which labelled this patriotism to be fashionable and targeted the middle class who have no political messiah. Same middle class was again ridiculed by now Finance minister PC when he said that Middle class can afford 20 Rs mineral water and ice cream, and oppose 1 Rs rise in rice price. But that time media was behind Anna movement. Was it for TRP reasons or was Anna movement an investment in 2011 which they encashed from government for getting paid to crush the movement. All channels except to some extent Times Now are pro establishment. The stalwarts like Barkha dutt, rajdeep, vir sanghvi have fallen and exposed in Radia tapes. The main papers except Hindustan Times and to some extent DNA are pro establishment. The entire media has been managed.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


As reported following arrangements are made,some are regular,some are for Olympics:
1.Appeal to citizens Avoid Peak-time travel , if possible.

2.Off peak travel tickets are cheaper.

3.Saturday & Sunday are considered as off peak time,since its Office holidays.

4.The efforts were on for several months to ensure that No inconvenience is caused to Olympic Tourists & Londoners. Mock drills conducted so that stampede can be avoided.

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