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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why we need Team Anna

Today’s most maligned word is Team Anna. And it’s not public opinion but systematic maligning done very cunningly by govt and opposition using popular media. Right from start of fast in july, main papers and channels started describing how the movement is flop and how the Team Anna is so irrelevant. It was the same media which glorified Anna after world cup 2011. Public which is gullible as usual started supporting Anna as the movement caught imagination and public felt something new about being patriotic. Even then there were armchair critics and elitist which labelled this patriotism to be fashionable and targeted the middle class who have no political messiah. Same middle class was again ridiculed by now Finance minister PC when he said that Middle class can afford 20 Rs mineral water and ice cream, and oppose 1 Rs rise in rice price. But that time media was behind Anna movement. Was it for TRP reasons or was Anna movement an investment in 2011 which they encashed from government for getting paid to crush the movement. All channels except to some extent Times Now are pro establishment. The stalwarts like Barkha dutt, rajdeep, vir sanghvi have fallen and exposed in Radia tapes. The main papers except Hindustan Times and to some extent DNA are pro establishment. The entire media has been managed.

But these media moguls will learn their lessons are slowly they are becoming irrelevant. Social media is the key. Of course opinions can be managed here as well but its about masses. Much maligned middle class had this as tool to express. This much maligned middle class who is not supported by any political party (the BJP dream has died with no show for last 9 years). Modi is distant champion but he won’t be allowed in mainstream politics by so called secular political system. And also Modi is untested at national level and where coalition is key he won’t have many supporters sadly. His development plank will be drowned by loud noises for social justice, secularism and tirade for 2002 riots. While those who killed Sikhs in 84 are going scot free, terrorists who have killed people are eating biryanis and enjoying govt hospitality. The charge sheeted politicians like A Raja, Kalmadi, Lalu, are being treated like heroes. The ones who are clever not to be charge sheeted but have taints (PC in 2 G scam, Pawar in Lavasa/other , Shinde in Adarsh are enjoying highest posts) and of course Ceaser(and his wife) is beyond doubt with clean Manmohan as a face. Incidentally Manmohan singh was once champion of middle class. But that was under a great prime minister in P V Narsinharao who again is vilified.

Coming back to Team Anna, now they have declared to join the system. Media again has criticised this for no reason. Anyone has right to join politics constitutionally. If there can an alternative then it will work towards public interest. Earlier same politicians vilified Anna for undermining constitution. They were called anarchist. Now they have decided to join system, they are called opportunist.

Public remains inactive as usual. Public is always struggling for life. Their life is also not sure as we have seen bombs blasting in Pune and thankfully no casualties by grace of almighty. They are burdened by price rise, water cuts, bad road, bad public transport, corruption (getting passport is difficult nowadays than getting an Olympic medal as pointed by a friend). And when they decide to enjoy icecream with families or chose mineral water of health safety, or decide to eat out as a weekly enjoyment they are ridiculed by politicians who enjoy high flying life thanks to public money or arm chair elitist who write their articles while sitting on balcony of a French riveria , or flat overlooking Thames or in a highrise on 45th street of New York.. This is time for Public to do something for its own good. Create a system which can be responsive to their needs and whoever can help them they should jump the bandwagon. These current politicians have plundered us for 65 years. It’s time to find an alternative. If Team Anna can deliver why not support it?

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