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Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/11 moment again

Thirteen is unlucky number. 13 years have gone by. I distinctly remember that Tuesday and time around quarter to 6 PM IST.  I was interviewing few candidates in a locality of Hyderabad. I had to catch my train back to Pune by 7. Interview was delayed and i rushed out of the ISBN office and reached station just to find that train was 45 mins late. So roamed in those lanes around station dominated by Kebab thelas, mosques, old houses. Majority of people were in their skull caps. And suddenly there was a black out due to electricity failure. There was some strange aerie feeling though i never knew what had transpired miles apart in New York at the same time. As I boarded train, no one had an idea. By nine after dinner, i took my berth and slept like a log to get up at Daund.  The paperwallahs were shouting “USA attacked”. Bought Sakal and Times to know what had happened. Coincidentally in the age of digital media, i got aware of 26/11 also on print media after reading papers delivered at home.  I had retired early after Indian victory over England in ODI on 26th say by 10ish, as last night on 25th Nov  I  had a night out due to work. That event on 9th morning changed the world. Lots have been written about it. But for me only thing to add was world started taking Indian suffering seriously. Terrorism for India was local freedom fight hyphenated with Pak till then.  There were debates and most of the west dominated by liberalism questioned India while ignoring evil existing across Indian borders and within in some anti national quarters. I remember how US froze for almost fortnight. I travelled to Malaysia then on 1st Oct and flight was empty. Security was beefed up everywhere. US now suffered pain which was meant till then for third world countries like India.  It was defining moment for humanity and personally as well as my daughter was born few months after....

Iraq and Syrian problem is another such moment we now face after 13 years. USA has been silent till now and now only showing intent after being provoked by killing of journalists. USA chose to remain watchfully patient as situational dynamics in those countries are tricky. Helping Syrian govt vs ISIS funded by its own allies is the dilemma.  USA has been conveniently choosy in having allies and only parameter is self interest. But things seem to be poised at a level where if uncontrolled cancer will spread and world will be a different place.   Support amongst section of Indian youths is also alarming. So we are again facing 9/11 moment. Another point is would like to criticize is double standard by liberals, secular media (fiberals as per definition by a friend), while denouncing Gaza attacks they chose to remain silent on genocide and atrocities in Iraq and Syria. Also is it not ironical that those who wanted to drown Indian Army in Kashmir have army as their only saviour to avoid being drowned. It’s high time some vested interests should answer mango people as they are the only ones who suffer and never the leaders or armchair philosophers.
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