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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Its been  the year of change. There is a hint hope  as well as the challenge of unknown simultaneously.
Time to assess, analyze and move on to turn around hope into reality.
Its time to rise and make everything better around us.

Lets plan and succeed in 2015. Wish you happy new year 2015.

Team Cityblog

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Verbal Portraits

We have read a book named ‘Ganagot’ which were biographies of people whom PL met/were related in real life.  Being ardent fan of PL, i had this idea to pen down some characters in real life like PL. Hope I create that generic feel out of personal experiences as in the original book.

Every night after 9 PM few music channels on TV and few FM channels play old songs.  Whenever I hear the eternal songs from films like Anaadi,  Madhumati, Chori Chori, my mind rides upon  a time machine to  reach a house very close to the foothill of Parvati (Those outside Pune will not now that there is a small hill which is used for exercise purpose since ages named as Parvati. There are few good temples and views on the top of whole city.) Those were the early 80s. DD was just gaining popularity. Households were buying black and white TVs from companies like EC, Dyanora, Crown.  Every Saturday they used to play a Marathi movie and on Sunday a Hindi movie. Those Marathi movies were either old mythological movies or musical dramas which we used to hate then, or biographies of the saints of Maharashtra, family drama, movies based on local dance called tamasha, few great comedies. We also had few great programs lie Gajra : a collection of good literary pieces. But the star of the show was Sunday movie invariably an old one.  I as a child loved contemporary Amitabh or Mithun movies with customary fight sequences. Never as i child i realized that its impossible for single man (that too having lean physic of amitabh) can defeat 20 odd villains in a fight to win over a lady. Maybe thats why we really believed that to win a lady you need to hit 20 people at a time when you grow up. Old movies were boring and that too if you were asked to walk say about 4 kms from sadashiv peth to parvati , it was a tough ask.  But then it was an incentive to visit Sabnekaka’s home as we had separate room there where we could watch parvati, road  while elders saw movie in the hall. But then you got to get interested in movie plots if you had to see. I remember being perplexed by vyjayantimala double role in Madhumati while i enjoyed songs. I found Raj Kapoor funny.  I was impressed by Devanand in Guide and Jewel Theif  (never believed Ashok kumar to be villain an any point till it was exposed  in the plot But the darling was Kishore kumar with comical presence and voice. Road from sadashiv peth to parvati had another incentive of detour to sarasbaug to play and eat bhel. We were promised of a return journey by auto which depending on movie length was fulfilled when it was really late (late meant 9 30 then). But then we used to enjoy whole Sunday movie experience thanks to warm hospitality of sabne kaka and kaku with great food and comments. Sabne kaka is gentleman personified. He is professor in Maths and statistics. He had written many books. Very soft spoken quite contrary to image of maths as a subject and that too as a teacher. I really wish i attended his class at Garware college where he used to teach. Later when i grew up, i came to know the trustee role he played in helping us grow in modernized housing. I don’t want to elaborate but that itself was rare those days. As we gout our own TV , these sessions ended. Infact since mid 80s DD viewing was another experience as we all know. Sunday movies were shifted to Saturdays. Then in 90s private channels and satellite tv came. Rest as they say is history with explosion of entertainment and media. But still whenever i hear a song from madhumati or chalti ka naam i still remember those Sunday evenings.  Other day i had chance to meet Kaka. Kaku is no more. Sabne kaka is still the same as in those memories. Look forward to his blessings as always....

There is a beautiful song in Marathi sung by  Aasha Bhosale asking kids to ride a train to reach house of maternal uncle ie Mama.  We as kids looked forward to reach a quaint place called Dombivali next day the exams ended.  Train journey used to be an adventure if we had no reservation or great if we had one. High points were eating chikki at Lonavala, Diwadkar wada at Karjat or omelette cutlet  from pantry, counting tunnels and viewing terrain in ghat section. Imagine getting down at Karjat station and filling water bottles from local taps. Our kids are not allowed to have anything except bottled mineral water. Dombivali is another intriguing place. We had to get down at Kalyan and catch Mumbai local to cross distance of 10 kms.  The place is urban civil nightmare as we see today but then it used to be heaven. Reason chance to meet grandparents, aunts and meeting cousins and yes Manoharmama our only maternal uncle
Forget open gutters, humid climate, mosquitoes, many people cramped in a small house, these were collateral damages for much bigger gains. Gains chance to live life fully as it comes as exemplified by Mama then.  Dombivali and for that matter entire Mumbai and suburbs are great places to be for an ardent cricket fan like me. There was a small ground in front of house. During evenings there were many cricket matched played with full pitch bowling and in the evenings many groups sat in the open but humid air mainly discussing cricket. Maybe few discussed other things in life but i doubt. Mama is also ardent fan and he had great friends who claimed expertise in everything involved in cricket. Those were pre 83  and TV days when cricket was not as big as it now in hinterlands. But Mumbai being Mumbai then it was difference. That’s where we learnt nuances, history, and the passion about cricket.
Mama used to teach students at ITI. So also is technically qualified. He is connoisseur of music be it Hindi films old and new, Marathi and even English POP songs then. I still remember him introducing us to tracks like funkey town, ossibissa and Boney M. He got Dyanora TV which used to display much better pictures than what we saw in Pune maybe Mumbai had better transponder. We had one atop Sinhagad in Pune. And yes it used to be down for hrs as we used to wait watching ants on TV. Then we had rukavat or vyatay ie formal apology by Doordarshan to explain technical snag. He also is a tennis fan. He is foodie: Knew places around for good fast food as well genuine cuisine. He was the one who taught us famous pav bhaji recipe from Mumbai. And he insisted on Bad shah  masala and amul butter which was rarity then. He was the one who used to guide us to TV, cricket, films, music and eating out.  I am sure these things are the things which we define our mainstream entertainment and our life even today.
As we grew up, and he took on responsibilities of household, elders and daughters ably helped by our Mami. There was a change in address and town as well where he has to live away from family. He had a leg problem. But i heard he made his little heaven there as well.  And we also moved on in our own lives, careers. Visits got delayed. Outlooks changed but passion still is same.
Life has moved on for him. He is now retired happily and both daughters happily married and now he is a grandpa. I wish new generation also has same guidance from him to live life fully. That’s why his sisters call him Rasik which can be loosely translated as Connoisseur

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Friday, December 19, 2014


Dear Sirs,
It is learnt that RTA has approved PMPML BUS FARE HIKE & is being implemented with immediate effect.
PMP PRAVASI MANCH & 12 NGOs have strongly opposed fare hike and given detailed facts and figures ,how the proposal is based on false , incomplete, misguiding information, mainly to cover operational inefficiency & financial indiscipline.
We urgently,earnestly,strongly demand that;
2. THE PROPOSAL AND SANCTION should be reviewed by BOARD OF DIRECTORS before it is implemented.
3. The assurance be taken from administration for consistent increase in commuters per bus per day and SAFE, EFFICIENT,RELIABLE AND CHEAP BUS SERVICE, before attempting to increase bus fare.
4. The accurate, relevant, update information be obtained from administration regarding the points mentioned in the proposal.
URGENT POSITIVE RESPONSE IS AWAITED since the reproposal has not been reviewed by Board of Directors.
And there is no transparency and clear accountability spelled out in the proposal.
The fate of 60 lakhs citizens & 10 lakhs bus commuters is based on such important decisions before it becomes counterproductive.
jugal rathi          vivek velankar            prashant inamdar     sujit patwardhan     dhananjay shedbale     yatish devadiga 


rajendra sidhaye bhanu mule & others

SPTM                GREEN PAANCH

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

पीएमपीएमएल बस भाडेवाढ फेरप्रस्ताव फेटाळून पास दर कमी करणे व सर्वंकष वाहतूक आराखडा (सी एम पी ) सुसंगत संख्या वाढीचे नियोजन व कृती आराखडा सादर करण्याचे आदेश होणेबाबत !

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the opportunity given to express our views on Bus fare Hike proposal on 15th Nov 2014.

And also now on 16 th Dec 2014.

We hereby submit our views on the reproposal submitted by PMPML.

The letter in marathi along with the Stastical statement re earlier fare hike proposals since 2008 ar attached herewith.

We earnestly demand and request that,पीएमपीएमएल बस भाडेवाढ फेरप्रस्ताव फेटाळून पास दर कमी करणे सर्वंकष वाहतूक आराखडा (सी एम पी ) सुसंगत  संख्या वाढीचे नियोजन कृती आराखडा सादर करण्याचे आदेश होणेबाबत !

 We will further present our say in the meeting on 16th Dec 2014 in person.
  Update                                 Sept 14     Oct 14
Commuters per bus.      872         761
Per day
Total commuters.         11.69      9.71
Per day. Lakhs
Pass commuters             2.40      1.32
Per day. Lakhs
Total revenue.              130.52   113.24
Per day. Lakhs
Buses off road.                  725       756
Buses on road                 1340      1276

Thanking you,

jugal rathi                         vivek velankar                               & supporting NGOs

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

जकात रद्द झाल्यामुळे उपलब्ध झालेल्या महापालिकेच्या जागा पीएमपीएमएल ला तातडीने ताब्यात द्याव्यात !

Hon Mayor, Hon Commissioner,Hon Dy Mayor,Hon Standing Committee Chairman, & all Party Leaders,

Dear Sirs,

जकात रद्द झाल्यामुळे उपलब्ध झालेल्या महापालिकेच्या जागा पीएमपीएमएल ला तातडीने ताब्यात द्याव्यात  !

The letter in Marathi is attached.
Your urgent positive response is requested.
Thanking you,

jugal rathi     vivek velankar


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time to Rise

Each time a visit to so called first world country evokes same feeling of comparing systems, conditions, and almost everything under the sun. There is feeling of helplessness, frustration you get as you are in awe of life, systems, discipline, public awareness, initiative, functioning government and local bodies, efficient public transport, integrity, professional ethics. These are the attributes which make difference between where we are and where we want to be. Lots have been written, discussed by those qualified to speak on these issues and as well as in the kitty parties denouncing everything that is ‘desi’. I have heard it all and read it all. But this time there is hope and real chance for India to take leap. Now we at least have functioning government. Western Economies are facing sever challenges to sustain welfare policies which differentiate. They don’t have numbers that India or china has.  Skill development is hampered. In the interconnected environs they are visibly threatened by emerging economies.  So its the real time to rise and take a leap. As a child i had a dream to make India on par with foreign countries (though only exposure to that were Hollywood films and TV). As i traveled the world was closer but still we lagged. But now is the real chance. Thus I felt like writing and discussing on such well documented and discussed (to death) topic comparing west to India.
Having said that there is a functioning government, there are still road blocks. Petty politics still can emerge as we saw in Maharashtra. Vested interests can still survive like old foxes that eat flesh of pound every time. We still have miles to go. But then there is hope. Being strong Modi supporter, i still am hopeful as i haven’t seen Modi letting his guard down even with absolute majority.  But then anti-nationals can always rise thanks to strange politics.
But the real change will happen only when we change ourselves as citizens. Yes we need performing government but what we need to do is to inculcate the basic discipline, patriotism, ethic, professionalism, skill development. Only then we can dream about stepping into the realm of first world. How often we break traffic rules, pay bribes to get our work done. Or how clean we keep our surroundings?  Do we really do our job with professional ethics and substance?
And finally we need to manipulate world economical situation to our advantage. In the modern history of world, the countries which did that have qualified be it industrial revolution, colonialism, slavery, great wars, technology, services, manufacturing and so on. For that we need to have diplomatic and economic vision. Next 5 to 10 years or so are going to be defining years in the history of independent India. Is current govt under Modi adept enough? Only the time will tell. But i am hopeful. Let us rise and waste this opportunity.
On personal front been travelling to some great cities and parts of world. I express sincere apologies for being irregular on this page.  I cannot wait for December festivities as usual and the change of calendar as we head towards another year end. Wasn't it just few months back we welcomed 14. Time flies, but this time it’s definitely time to rise.
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Friday, November 14, 2014


Dear Sirs/Madams,

पीएमपीएल बस भाडेवाढ विरोधी 13 सेवाभावी संस्थांचे आरटीए ला निवेदन

The letter in marathi submitted to RTO, Secretary RTA signed jointly by 13 Ngos is attached.
Your support is requested for the one of the most important issue affecting 60 lakhs citizens of PMC & PCMC and 11 lakhs daily commuters.
The efficient,cheap,safe & reliable Bus service is The Sole Solution to most of cvic issues of twin metros of PUNE & PIMPRI CHINCHWAD.
Awaiting you positive prompt response.
jugal rathi vivek velankar
& 11 other ngos

Thursday, November 6, 2014

अकार्यक्षम ,नियोजनश्युन्य व भ्रष्ट कारभारावर पांघरूण घालण्यासाठीचा, बस भाडेवाढीचा, प्रशासनाचा प्रस्ताव फेटाळून लावा व प्रवासी संख्येत मोठी वाढ होण्यासाठी बस प्रवासाच्या सर्व प्रकारच्या पासचे दर ५०% कमी करा !

Dear Sirs,Madams,

अकार्यक्षम ,नियोजनश्युन्य भ्रष्ट कारभारावर पांघरूण घालण्यासाठीचा, बस भाडेवाढीचा, प्रशासनाचा प्रस्ताव फेटाळून लावा प्रवासी संख्येत मोठी वाढ होण्यासाठी बस प्रवासाच्या सर्व प्रकारच्या पासचे दर ५०% कमी करा !

PMPML is the only public transport for Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad's 60 lakhs citizens. It is far from satisfactory. This is the main reason for draconian growth of private auto vehicles in twin metros.
The bus service is inefficient, unsafe, unreliable and one of the costliest. In most of the city trips the 2/3/4 wheeler vehicle travel cost comes much cheaper than the bus fare, even by auto rikshaw also it becomes cheaper than bus fare.e.g., even for half to one km travel per head bus fare is Rs 10. By 2 wheelers it comes to Rs.1 ( 2 for 2 persons) for a km, Rs 6 for Auto(Rs 17/3),  by car Rs 4 to Rs 5 per km ( Rs 80/ 20 or Rs 80/16).
Whenever diesel rares increase PMPML Admin is very prompt to increase bus fare; now that diesel rates reduced by more than Rs 7 recently and further likely to reduce, not only bus fare not being reduced but
On top of it PMPML Admin is proposing to hike bus fare.Which is unwarranted, unfair, unjust and self defeating.
There are many ways of increasing revenue and cutting costs; without any attempt in this regard, PMPML Admin's proposal to hike fare is just to cover its inefficiency,lack of planning and corruption. Its bound to prove self defeating and suicidal by further reducing commuters, in turn reducing revenue, add more vehicles on already heavily congested roads and add more pollution,accidents etc.

As such you are requested and urged strongly to OUTRIGHT REJECT Bus Fare Hike Proposal and sanction reduction in All types Bus passes rates by 50 %.
The letter in marathi with all reasoning of our demand is attached herewith.
Awaiting positive response.

Monday, November 3, 2014

"पीएमपी मिशन १०० @१००" पीएमपी बस सेवा सुधारण्यासाठी बस प्रवाश्यांचा सहभाग !

पीएमपी मिशन १०० @१००"  
पीएमपी बस सेवा सुधारण्यासाठी बस प्रवाश्यांचा सहभाग !
Press Note attached.
jugal rathi


Monday, October 20, 2014

ई स्क्वेअर पीएमपी बस थांबा रद्द केल्याने हजारो विद्यार्थी ज्येष्टांचे हाल ; मोटारींच्या सोयीसाठी सामान्यांना वेठीस धरू नका !

Dear Sirs,

स्क्वेअर पीएमपी बस थांबा रद्द केल्याने हजारो विद्यार्थी ज्येष्टांचे हाल ; मोटारींच्या सोयीसाठी सामान्यांना वेठीस धरू नका !
Further to our mail in this regard pl find enclosed representations from Chatushringi Nagrik kriti samiti & Javahar nagar coop socy with endorsement signatures of 60 students ,sr ctzns, residents.
Pl restore the bus stop urgently.
The citizens are willing to start an agitation in this regard.
Awaiting prompt,positive response,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


We fully support the contents of Parisar"s mail as under and request you restart the ESQURE PMP BUS STOP IMMEDIATELY.
There are many important colleges , schools offices and residential locations around the ESQUARE PMP BUS STOP.
As it is with Car Convenience Flyover the life of Pedestrians,Cyclists & Bus Commuters had been made miserable and unsafe. The high handed sudden cancellation of bus stop has further added to thei agony.
Thousands of commuters use this bus stop daily for their commuting.
The decision is apparently to facilitate the car users going Esqure Cinema & Big wigs Malls Multiplex owners, Builders etc.
In Fact every Flyover is justified that thru traffic will not inconvenience the Public Transport & NMT Users.
This decision is a blatant violation of the promises/justification.
REQUEST & DEMAND RESTORATION OF PMP BUS STOP. All the PMP Buses must be routed thru Esqure Bus Stop. Any of the Pmp Bus should not skip this stop.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Dear Sirs,
The condition of pedestrians is very miserable & unsafe:
1..Either there are no footpaths or
2.FP are narrow & inconvenient or
3.FPs are damaged/no connectivity, not maintained or
4.FPs are encroached by traders/institutions etc or
5.Encroached/used for parking vehicles by
  a.PMC Garbage vehicles(photo attached)
  b.Govt  Vehicle (Forest Deptt S.B.Rd-photo attchd)
  c. Water Water Tanker(Bhandarkar rd Construction House-photo attchd)
  d. Citizens Bhandarkar-BMCC cross rd photo attchd
Please take action
 PMC to take action on concerned deptts & strict instructions to all to abide its own discipline and rules.
Traffic Police to use MV Act and take action.
 RTO to take action on the vehicles from Regn numbers.

If Deptts cant reach every where , take cognisance of complaints/media reports and take action.Periodical drives also will help.
Awaiting prompt positive response.
Yours sincerely,
jugal s rathi

Sajag Nagrik Manch & Pedestrians First

Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/11 moment again

Thirteen is unlucky number. 13 years have gone by. I distinctly remember that Tuesday and time around quarter to 6 PM IST.  I was interviewing few candidates in a locality of Hyderabad. I had to catch my train back to Pune by 7. Interview was delayed and i rushed out of the ISBN office and reached station just to find that train was 45 mins late. So roamed in those lanes around station dominated by Kebab thelas, mosques, old houses. Majority of people were in their skull caps. And suddenly there was a black out due to electricity failure. There was some strange aerie feeling though i never knew what had transpired miles apart in New York at the same time. As I boarded train, no one had an idea. By nine after dinner, i took my berth and slept like a log to get up at Daund.  The paperwallahs were shouting “USA attacked”. Bought Sakal and Times to know what had happened. Coincidentally in the age of digital media, i got aware of 26/11 also on print media after reading papers delivered at home.  I had retired early after Indian victory over England in ODI on 26th say by 10ish, as last night on 25th Nov  I  had a night out due to work. That event on 9th morning changed the world. Lots have been written about it. But for me only thing to add was world started taking Indian suffering seriously. Terrorism for India was local freedom fight hyphenated with Pak till then.  There were debates and most of the west dominated by liberalism questioned India while ignoring evil existing across Indian borders and within in some anti national quarters. I remember how US froze for almost fortnight. I travelled to Malaysia then on 1st Oct and flight was empty. Security was beefed up everywhere. US now suffered pain which was meant till then for third world countries like India.  It was defining moment for humanity and personally as well as my daughter was born few months after....

Iraq and Syrian problem is another such moment we now face after 13 years. USA has been silent till now and now only showing intent after being provoked by killing of journalists. USA chose to remain watchfully patient as situational dynamics in those countries are tricky. Helping Syrian govt vs ISIS funded by its own allies is the dilemma.  USA has been conveniently choosy in having allies and only parameter is self interest. But things seem to be poised at a level where if uncontrolled cancer will spread and world will be a different place.   Support amongst section of Indian youths is also alarming. So we are again facing 9/11 moment. Another point is would like to criticize is double standard by liberals, secular media (fiberals as per definition by a friend), while denouncing Gaza attacks they chose to remain silent on genocide and atrocities in Iraq and Syria. Also is it not ironical that those who wanted to drown Indian Army in Kashmir have army as their only saviour to avoid being drowned. It’s high time some vested interests should answer mango people as they are the only ones who suffer and never the leaders or armchair philosophers.
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Monday, September 1, 2014

मा. ना. नितीनजी गडकरी :"रस्त्याची गुणवत्ता, दर्जा चांगला नसल्यास ठेकेदाराला त्याच रस्त्याखाली गाडू " धाडशी विधानाबद्दल अभिनंदन ; पीएमपी बस सेवा ,दर्जा , गुणवत्तेसंबधी प्रशासन-ठेकेदाराबद्दलही मार्गदर्शन करावे …. !

Hon.Prithvirajji Chavan; Hon. Nitinji Gadkari, Hon. Venkayyaji Naidu,
Dear Sirs,
Please find attached representation letter re PMPML the only public Transport for 60 lakhs citizens of in twin metros of Pune&Pimpri-Chinchwad. Going thru a miserable condition of frequent fatal accidents, inefficient, unreliable ,costliest bus services.
Please look into it and we seek your guidance
jugal rathi     vivek velankar


Friday, August 29, 2014

Someone, Somewhere, Somehow Always....

My story is about that day in late 90s since when I met someone in remotest jungle.  
Late nineties were some interesting times. We had seen liberalization for half a decade. Sachin the wonder boy had added multimillion coffers to BCCI and himself.  IT industry was booming thanks to Y2k bugbear created by one of the masterminds in IT space. Things were promising. I had bagged the best paid job in IIT campus then.  With my first job in pocket felt like a king. I was a yuppie all set to conquer the world. I stayed at company provided quarters in city like Mumbai. I used to be chauffeured in a company provided car to commute from office to Home. My first pay cheque had created ripples in my house. My company sent me to Bangalore by newly launched Jet Air. I stayed at a five star hotel in Bangalore. Every weekend we partied in south Bombay on Friday night. And i use to visit my home in Pune on Saturday morning. I used to have another party on Saturday night in Pune and travel back to Mumbai Sunday evening.  Life was a big party. My whole family was excited and whole world seemed to be at feet.


Citizen author's experience with divinity on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi

Today is the eve before arrival of Ganesha. This blog completes now 6 years of its existence in terms of Indian calendar. Lord of wisdom is about to visit us today as we bring idols home. Next 10 days will be filled with fun and celebration. Everything around you seems auspicious.  Festive air is all around and we hope to celebrate this festival correctly, peacefully and without any obstacles.
That makes me wonder sometimes at the transformation i have seen in myself from being atheist to agnostic and now a conformist. When you are young, you have some false sense of romanticism, incorrect sense of know it all arrogance, some immature ideas and false self belief. Nothing teaches you like life. Life has been a roller coaster ride and I assume it’s the same for all only gradients and routes vary. Having seen highs and lows, one gets a very serene outlook to take it all phlegmatically.
Nowadays there is an unnecessary controversy over divinity of Shri Saibaba. Reading the news around this issue and the advent of Ganeshostav, have led me to pen few thoughts about my own journey towards piety. I was never a religious kind. In fact in my house we had overdose of god, rituals, and traditions with only my father being sort of neutral to all. He used to debate the norms but also was not anti. My young blood drew me to be a believer in self than destiny or God. I was further enamored by objectivism by Ayn Rand. Stay in the hostel at Kharagpur also added to the bravado.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Make Lands occupied by Abandoned Octroi system of PMC, available to Pmpml for Bus Depos,Workshops,Stands,stops,Pass Centres etc

Dear Hon Madams/Sirs,

Now that Escort system is completely closed ,concludes Finally the Octroi System of PMC wef 16th August '14.   As such as rightly decided more than year ago , to handover Octroi post/land to Pmpml for Bus Depos,Workshops, Stands,Stops,sheds,Pass Centres etc. Pmp is greatly handicapped in absence of critical infrastructure. Almost 40% buses app 700 remain off road/parked on public road causing thefts/damages etc. Same is the case for Bus Stands,sheds,pass centres etc.
It warrants urgent action to complete process and handover these Octroi properties/lands to Pmpml.
This will substantially improve crucial infrastructure of Pmpml & in turn better bus service to lakhs of citizens/commuters.
Urgent positive action requested.

Jugal rathi.    vivek velankar

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mind over Matter

Out of all people in the world, it had to be Robin Williams a comedian. Lot has been already written about depression being the silent killer. Lot of analysis has also been made as to how comedians are most susceptible to depression.  Correctly appearances can be deceptive. People have one face for the physical world; one for virtual and third is the real one.  Nowadays its very important to have balance of mind to deal the situations in life. Modern life with its complicated ways is at its best to as questions each and every minute. So just as we spend time to maintain body, its very imperative to keep mind trained to adapt to various situations of life. Its easy said than done.
Without sounding sermonizing or without a need to repeat clichés, i have a concrete plan. Let me know if it helps
1.       Define your horizon: List down top 10 ten things you want in next 12 months. You will find that the list will have at least 4-5 things which you may like to edit and delete. Assess the list in at least 3 different times and mood. Say when you are partying hard, when something happens which you don’t like and most importantly say  between 4  to 6 am in  the morning fresh after decent rest at some scenic location. The common points in the list will be final. Now don’t worry about moving targets. That’s very important. Else there won’t be contentment. Eg last week I was at Panchgani, at a friend’s house. There i had a temptation to add an item of owning similar place.  So let this list be tight no additions or deletions once you lock it.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Suggestions and Objections to the Elevated Metro Influence Zone

National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
Pune a Clean City - Clean in Every Which Way 
Hi there all,
The elevated Metro and particularly PMC’s proposal for allowing  construction with 4 FSI norm 500metres on both sides of the metro throughout the 31.5 km of its route, has been the talk of the town.
This increase to 4 FSI for a 31.5 km by 1km swath of skyscrapers through the most congested areas of Pune is going to be a nightmare and a life changing experience for not only the citizens staying in the neighbourhood of the Metro route but also for all Punekars. There is no planning for infrastructure, parks, and other amenities to cater to the increased population who will reside here.
The elevated Metro passing through the heavily crowded and busiest of Pune roads will reduce the road width making travel a horrendous experience.
Let us all object to object to this arbitrary, ill planned proposal and at least attempt to halt the ongoing destruction of our city.
I am enclosing below a draft of a brief letter objecting to the Elevated Metro & the 4 FSI plan. All you have to do is to send the letter to the City Engineer: 

Friday, July 25, 2014

पीएमपी बस सेवेला टोलमाफी व डीझेल,सीएनजी,सुटे भाग यावर (व्हेट) मूल्यवर्धित कर सवलत द्या व लाखो प्रवाश्यांना व पीएमपीला दिलासा द्या !

Hon Chief Minister & Hon Dy CM,
Maharashtra State, Mumbai
Dear Sirs,
Thanks for Toll Waiver to ST & considering VAT waiver.
Sirs, PMPML is the only Public Transport for more than 60 lakhs Citizens of Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad.
Its in absolute dolldrums & bad condition at the verge of Insolvency. 534 of 1267 bus are off road for want of maintainance causing misery & inconvenience to lakhs of commuters,students,office goers seniors women etc.
Sirs, we earnestly request you to पीएमपी बस सेवेला टोलमाफी डीझेल,सीएनजी,सुटे भाग यावर (व्हेट) मूल्यवर्धित कर सवलत द्या लाखो प्रवाश्यांना पीएमपीला दिलासा द्या !
A letter in Marathi is attached.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On Relocating Hawkers..

National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
Pune a Clean City - Clean in Every Which Way
Hi there all,
As you may be aware, as per the Supreme Court directive PMC was required to create a Town Vending Committee (TVC) to make decisions on Hawkers policy in Pune city. Accordingly a TVC was formed and a series of decisions were taken on hawker’s related issues by the PMC. Currently, PMC is in a process of taking action on these decisions.
For additional information on this issue, please check the PMC website link:

Following are some of the key decisions made by PMC on this issue:
  • Forty five (45) main roads will be kept as hawker free zones
  • One hundred and fifty three (153) chowks will be kept hawker free
  • Hawkers zones will be created throughout the city

Thursday, July 17, 2014

NSCC discusses the Town Vending Committee at its meeting, Sat 19th July, 3:30pm, Ghole Road Art Gallery

National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
Pune a Clean City - Clean in Every Which Way   

The monthly meeting of National Society for Clean Cities, Pune will take place on Saturday the 19th July 2014 at 3:30 pm at PMC Art Gallery, Ghole Rd., off JM Rd..
Parisar Samitis speak:  The new mohalla committees, Bavdhan Manch and Dhanori Residents Forum, will discuss their issues.  

Town Vending Committee: Shri Madhav Jagtap, Asst. Municipal Commissioner, PMC will speak on the progress made by TVC. ( NSCC members who are part of the committee i.e. Satish Khot, Madhavi Rahirkar, Maithili Manakawad and Vinay Pai will also give their feedback ). 
You are requested to send ( ) your suggestions of specific locations for Hawker zones, otta markets / alternate spaces for re-locating encroachers from specific congested pavements. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Suggestions and Objections for merger of 34 villages in Pune Municipal Corporation.

Hi there all,

Our Suggestions and Objections for merging 34 villages into PMC have to be sent by today ie 1st July 2014 at the latest.. We both have sent emails already and request you all to please send emails to:
"Principal Secy, Min of Urban Development" <>
with Cc: Vikas Deshmukh <>
 Do send emails..  

Thanks and Regards.
Aneeta and Satish

ps: Do cut our message above the dotted
line before sending yr email.. And do mark a copy to us..

Friday, June 27, 2014

Remembering Maestro on 75th birthday, He will live forever

On the occasion of ace musical maestro R. D. Burman’s 75th birth anniversary, we take a look at some interesting facts about the star that you probably never guessed.
1. R. D. Burman made his first onscreen appearance in Mehmood’s ‘Bhoot Bangla’.
2. R. D. Burman pioneered the use of electronic organ in Indian Films with the song ‘O mere Sona re’ (Teesri Manzil).
3. Not many know that the mouth organ played in the song ‘Hai Apna Dil To Awara’ sung by Hemant Kumar in the film ‘Solva Saal’ is played by R.D. Burman himself.
4. In ‘Chura liya’ R. D. Burman used the sound of a spoon hitting a glass.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

NSCC Monthly meeting Saturday 28th June @ 3.30 pm at PMC Art Gallery, Ghole Rd., Off JM Rd./ Apte Rd., Deccan Gymkhana

The monthly meeting of National Society for Clean Cities, Pune will take place on Saturday the 28th June 2014 at 3:30 pm at PMC Art Gallery, Ghole Rd., off JM Rd..
Parisar Samitis speak:  The new mohalla committees, Bavdhan Manch and Dhanori Residents Forum, will discuss their issues.  

Town Vending Committee: Shri Madhav Jagtap, Asst. Municipal Commissioner, PMC will speak on the progress made by TVC. ( NSCC members who are part of the committee i.e. Satish Khot, Madhavi Rahirkar, Maithili Manakawad and Vinay Pai will also give their feedback ). 
You are requested to send ( ) your suggestions of specific locations for Hawker zones, otta markets / alternate spaces for re-locating encroachers from specific congested pavements. 
Any other Business.*(With the permission of the chair).

Members are requested that any other points that they would want to raise may please be brought to the attention of the undersigned by email to:,  24 hours prior to the meeting..

With warm regards,
for National Society for Clean Cities, Pune

Satish Khot                           Gautam Idnani

President                          Secretary 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer of 14

At the start of summer, I had written in this blog that how important this summer is mainly due to the elections. We eagerly await monsoons here in this part of world. Schools are set to begin next week. Transition of seasons makes you feel nostalgic about something as transient as time spent. I just remember New Year ringing in and we are almost half way down the road. First World War started 100 years ago. 20th century which shaped our generation is almost a forgotten just as the great wars, cold war, Berlin wall, opening of Indian economy and finally Y2k. Tinaeman square celebrates silver jubilee this summer. It was 1989 then. It was also 1989 when someone as unknown as Michael chang won French open and this year it’s known face of Nadal at Roland Garos. It was 1989 when i did my first Himalayan trek after 10th exam. It was 1989 when India had the last non coalition government and it is 2014 when we have same again.
25 years is a long time. It is a quarter of the century. It is also a one third of human life on an average. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

पीएमपी विद्यार्थी मोफत बस पास १६ जुने २०१४ पासूनच उपलब्ध करून द्या !

Dear Madams & Sirs,

पीएमपी विद्यार्थी मोफत बस पास १६ जुने २०१४ पासूनच उपलब्ध करून द्या !
Thanks all at PMC & PCMC for this citizen friendly plan for last 5 years.
As many of the schools are reopening from 16th june 2014, you are requested to coordinate between schools,PMPML,PMC & PCMC and amke the free passes available from the opening day - 16th june 2014.
This will be in honour of Citizens sentiments and full objective utilisation of budget provisions.
The parents find it expensive,inconvenient harassing to make short term transport arrangements for their wards, due to delay of months in getting free bus passes.
Ask only school admissions confirmation to students having pass last year, avoid unnecessary cerificates etc to avoid undue waste of time energy of pmp, parents and schools.
A letter in marathi is attached.
jugal rathi     vivek velankar

Monday, June 9, 2014

राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कृत माहिती तंत्रज्ञान आधारित रस्ते सुरक्षा संबंधित यशस्वी प्रभावी "ट्राफिकॉपं" पुणे ,योजना देशभर लागू करा !

Hon Shri Nitinji Gadkari,
Transport Minister,Govt.of India

Dear Sir,

राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कृत माहिती तंत्रज्ञान आधारित रस्ते सुरक्षा संबंधित यशस्वी प्रभावी "ट्राफिकॉपं" पुणे ,योजना देशभर लागू करा !
Compliments for announcing 9 point Action Plan to deal with Road Safety by your Ministry.
The point 4 deals with IT network based information to Police Control re all types of violations of Traffic Rules & point 6 deals with suspending driving licence 6 months for 3 times offender & permanently if its more than 3 times.
To make all necessary information in this regard available;There is already designed implemented and successfully effectively tested IT based plan " Pune Traff-I-Cop", launched in 2010, functional till early 2011, discontinued due to Non-sanction by Maharashtra State Govt.

Pune Traffic Police and Science & Technology Park Pune had the credit of this unique First in India Traffic Safety Plan.
Thousands of fake vehicle registrations were unearthed and habitual traffic offenders were booked in short span of 18 months of its operation.
Moreover criminals and terrorists use fake number vehicles, can also be detected early by "Trafficop".

Traff-I-Cop was awarded National Appreciation as Technology based Best Traffic Safety Project in 2012.

The Veteran International Scientist Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, having convinced of high powerr and potential of Traff-i-Cop strongly recommended to Hon Chief Minister of Maharashtra to sanction Pune Police proposal re this project.

Friday, May 30, 2014

गल्ल्याबोळ कॉंक्रीटकरणाचा महापालिकेचा सोस नागरिकाच्या हिताचा की त्रासदायक;खुले चर्चासत्र,रविवार १ जून,सायं ५ वाजता

Sajag Nagrik Manch's Monthly Meeting:

गल्ल्याबोळ कॉंक्रीटकरणाचा महापालिकेचा सोस नागरिकाच्या हिताचा की त्रासदायक;खुले चर्चासत्र,रविवार जून,सायं वाजता 
Sunday 1st June, @ 5 pm at IMDR Auditorium, BMCC Rd, Pune 411 004.
Shri Omprakash Bakoria,Addl Commissioner PMC & Shri Vivek Kharwadkar, Addl CE, PMC shall partiipate.

Meeting is open to all.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fiberal: Lesson from Modi bashing

This article is dedicated to the average self-styled ' Indian Liberal Intellectual', who is, unfortunately, neither liberal, nor intellectual, nor Indian!
This election campaign would not have been successful without your especially virulent outpourings!
How to project yourself as a 'liberal intellectual' in ten easy steps!
1) Every time you come across a post that has the words 'Hindu' or ‘Hindutva' in it, describe the post as 'vile and disgusting’, regardless of the actual context. Express your hatred for Hinduism constantly and diligently, in ways that can be subtle or obvious depending upon the context. However, do not forget to mention in the same breath that you 'respect' Hindus.
2) Always mention 'Gujarat 2002' in any discussion. Even if the topic of discussion is about the reproductive habits of the primates of upper Congo! Remember the golden rule. All communal riots are equal, but Gujarat riots are more equal than others!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Story of Pune

|| कहाणी पुण्याची ||
रेल्वे स्टेशन ची entry पुणे ,
तर उतरल्या बरोबर समोर दिसणारी country पुणे.....
नवसाचे दगडूशेठ गणपती बाप्पा पुणे,
तर रात्रभर चौकात रंगणाऱ्या गप्पा पुणे.....
धोतरवाल्या काकांच्या नाकावरचा राग पुणे,
तर महिलांचे आवडते एकमेव ठिकाण तुळशी- बाग पुणे.....
सिंहगडवरचे कांदा-भजी पुणे,
तर evening walk ला सोबत दिसणारे आजोबा-आजी पुणे.....
mom ऐवजी still preferred आई पुणे ,
जिथे कधी कोणालाही कसलीही नसते घाई पुणे.....
बालगंधर्व मधले नाटक रंजक पुणे ,
तर तरुणाईसाठी असलेला पुरोषोत्तम करंडक पुणे.....
लक्ष्मीरोड वरचे सोने-चांदी पुणे ,
तर ज्ञानेश्वर माउलींची आळंदी पुणे.....
शिक्षणाचे माहेरघर पुणे,
तर समोरच्याने कितीही डोके आपटले तरीही "माझच खर " पुणे.....
FC & JM रोड वर भरले जाणारे तरुणाईचे अड्डे पुणे,
तर पाउला-पाउलानवर जाणवणारे रस्त्यातील खड्डे पुणे.....
पेठांमधील घर आणि वाडे जुने पुणे,
तर घरमालकांची ठरलेली नावे जोशी, कुलकर्णी अथवा आपटे पुणे.....
संध्यकाळी Z-bridge वरच्या जोडप्यांच्या हातातील-हाथ पुणे,
तर सदाशिव पेठेतील जेवण वरण-भात पुणे.....
शिक्षकांचा आवडता शब्द माठ्या पुणे,
तर नको तिथे लावल्या जाणाऱ्या पाट्या पुणे.....
शिस्त नसल्यामुळे होणारे traffic-jam पुणे ,
तर वर्षभर पाणी पुरेल इतका साठा असलेले खडकवासला dam पुणे..
kinetic honda असलेली, समजली जाणारी मुले dude पुणे ..
तर सर्वात जास्त हिरवळ असणारे kothrud पुणे..
गृहिणींची दुपारची झोपायची वेळ पुणे,
तर रिकामटेकद्यांचे रम्मीचे खेळ पुणे..
प्रत्येक comment वर मिळणारी टाळी पुणे ,
तर जगप्रसिद्ध अशी कानातील बिग-बाळी पुणे..
century ला जिथे आज हि बोलले जाते शतक
किंव्हा शंभर पुणे,
तर सर्वांचा patient dialog "१ नंबर" पुणे..
still follows विचार by अत्रे न कर्वे ते पुणे,
अन सर्वांची लाडकी अशी "मुक्त बर्वे" पुणे..
ते म्हणतात न जिथे कोणत्याही गोष्टीचे नाही उणे,
ते आमचे आगळे-वेगळे पुणे...
कारण पुणे तिथे काय उणे || कहाणी पुण्याची ||

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pmp heavy Wastage SS Bust stops

Dear Dhananjay,
Forwarding your mail to pune media.
Hope it shall get covered.Pmp Pravasi Manch is with you & Pmp commuters.
jugal rathi,

2014-04-19 14:58 GMT+05:30 Dhananjay Latkar <>:
Happen to see your news on subject in Ma. Ta.
Cost appeared in artical appears to be wrong for Stainles Steel.
These stops are being erected on Prabhat road where one or two busses in a day seen.
There is no foundation for structure and what's meaning curing concrete for 8-10 days need to tought to PMC.(project Management Consultants)

You are requested to to arrange visit of PMPL official at Datta Wadi - Narwir Tanaji Malusare road junction at between 9.30 to 11AM. see bus stop location on up pune city. This bustop was shifted from Savai Hotel front to now location. (It is need less to say that Sawai has managed it to for his customor at cost of PMPL pasenger customers) Lot mainy students wail unessessorily at bus stop because as is very difficult to PMPL bus driver to take bus on stop at corner of junction)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Let's Clean Pune

Hi there all,
It's very very important that Pune becomes a Clean City and we start by ensuring that the issue of Solid Waste is handled properly.. 

Tomorrow we meet the 3 seniormost officers of PMC (The Municipal Commissioner, Addl. Municipal Commissioner and the Jt. Municipal Commissioner)  and discuss and resolve a wide range of issues bedevilling Pune's SWM.. 

Also all the Ward Officers will be present so you can raise SWM problems in your area 
get PMC to take effective action.

So do come and get like minded friends along.. Let's clean our Pune..

See you at Wadke Hall - at 3:30pm, Sat 19th April, at Wadke Hall.


National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
Pune a Clean City - Clean in Every Which Way   

Solid Waste Management is a pressing problem that is bothering Pune..Hence at the monthly meeting of National Society for Clean Cities, Pune on Saturday the 19th April 2014 at 3:30pm at Wadke Hall, 3rdFloor, PMC (Corporation) building, Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411005, we will be discussing just this issue – Solid Waste Management of Pune.
And who will be with us at the meeting? None other than:
Mr. Vikas Deshmukh, IAS, Municipal Commissioner.
Mr. Rajendra Jagtap, Addl Municipal Commissioner.
Mr. Suresh Jagtap, Jt. Municipal Commissioner.
Further all the Ward Officers (Asst. Municipal Commissioners) will be present.
So our Agenda will be:
The Problem of Solid Waste Management in Pune
The Solutions envisaged by PMC
Solutions to be suggested by Citizens
Any other Business* (With the permission of the Chair.)
Also please bring in writing problems faced by your neighbourhood which if time permits we can ask PMC officials or hand over to them for redressal.
Members are requested that any other points that they would want to raise may please be brought to the attention of the undersigned by email to: , 24 hours prior to the meeting..
Do note that our website has started and we are sure you and your parisar samitis does not want to be left behind. Please give Sheila Christian, 988110027, ( a write up on your parisar samitis as well as reports on the work done by your committee during 2013 – 2014. Keep them brief and do send photographs as well..
This is the start of the new financial year 2014 – 2015. Do pay your subscription of Rs. 500/- for the new year to our Jt. Secretary (Finance)Madhavi Rahirkar (9890487884)..
With warm regards,
for National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
Satish Khot          Gautam Idnani                   
President               Secretary                                                                                      

Satish Khot,
President, National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
#364, Clover Water Gardens, Kalyani Nagar, PUNE 411 006.
Tel: 9371221142; email: