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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time to Rise

Each time a visit to so called first world country evokes same feeling of comparing systems, conditions, and almost everything under the sun. There is feeling of helplessness, frustration you get as you are in awe of life, systems, discipline, public awareness, initiative, functioning government and local bodies, efficient public transport, integrity, professional ethics. These are the attributes which make difference between where we are and where we want to be. Lots have been written, discussed by those qualified to speak on these issues and as well as in the kitty parties denouncing everything that is ‘desi’. I have heard it all and read it all. But this time there is hope and real chance for India to take leap. Now we at least have functioning government. Western Economies are facing sever challenges to sustain welfare policies which differentiate. They don’t have numbers that India or china has.  Skill development is hampered. In the interconnected environs they are visibly threatened by emerging economies.  So its the real time to rise and take a leap. As a child i had a dream to make India on par with foreign countries (though only exposure to that were Hollywood films and TV). As i traveled the world was closer but still we lagged. But now is the real chance. Thus I felt like writing and discussing on such well documented and discussed (to death) topic comparing west to India.
Having said that there is a functioning government, there are still road blocks. Petty politics still can emerge as we saw in Maharashtra. Vested interests can still survive like old foxes that eat flesh of pound every time. We still have miles to go. But then there is hope. Being strong Modi supporter, i still am hopeful as i haven’t seen Modi letting his guard down even with absolute majority.  But then anti-nationals can always rise thanks to strange politics.
But the real change will happen only when we change ourselves as citizens. Yes we need performing government but what we need to do is to inculcate the basic discipline, patriotism, ethic, professionalism, skill development. Only then we can dream about stepping into the realm of first world. How often we break traffic rules, pay bribes to get our work done. Or how clean we keep our surroundings?  Do we really do our job with professional ethics and substance?
And finally we need to manipulate world economical situation to our advantage. In the modern history of world, the countries which did that have qualified be it industrial revolution, colonialism, slavery, great wars, technology, services, manufacturing and so on. For that we need to have diplomatic and economic vision. Next 5 to 10 years or so are going to be defining years in the history of independent India. Is current govt under Modi adept enough? Only the time will tell. But i am hopeful. Let us rise and waste this opportunity.
On personal front been travelling to some great cities and parts of world. I express sincere apologies for being irregular on this page.  I cannot wait for December festivities as usual and the change of calendar as we head towards another year end. Wasn't it just few months back we welcomed 14. Time flies, but this time it’s definitely time to rise.
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