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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Elephants, Long Endangered by Thai Crowds, Reclaim a National Park

For as long as the elephants could remember — and that is a long time — the path to the river snaked down the hillside through jungle so dense a troop of pachyderms could simply vanish.

But about three decades ago, humans decided they, too, wanted to get to the river, to gaze at the waterfalls that cascaded into the Khao Yai National Park in central Thailand. The humans paved over part of the elephants’ trail with cement. They built toilets and snack kiosks.

he elephants, though, still needed to reach the river. They hewed close to the old route, the one imprinted on generations of pachyderm brains, but not so close that the day-trippers, with their picnics of sticky rice and grilled pork, would see them.

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Rainbow in Pune

Remotest Palces on the Earth

Villa Las Estrellas, Antarctica

Many think of Antarctica as barren, empty land, however, there's a small Chilean community that call the icy expanse home. Villa Las Estrellas is as isolated as towns come with just 14 homes, one bank, a post office, a small school, church, gym and a souvenir shop.

Best Bridges in the World

Millau Viaduct, Aveyron, France

Located in southern France, the Millau Viaduct, or Viaduc de Millau, broke plenty of records when it opened in 2004, with the highest pylons in the world and the highest road bridge deck in Europe. Impressively, the mighty structure also weighs five times as much as the Eiffel Tower and is longer than the Champs-Elysées.

PJ of the Day

I was getting a record player down from a shelf and it dropped on my head!

But it didn't affect me

It didn't affect me

It didn't affect me

It didn't affect me...

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Fear Politics

Locust Attack

Friday, June 5, 2020

Defiant Hongkongers Commemorate Tiananmen Square Massacre Despite Ban

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters defied a police ban Thursday night to stage an annual vigil on the anniversary of June 4, 1989 — the date that Chinese tanks rolled into Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to crush a student-led democracy movement.

For the past three decades, semiautonomous Hong Kong has been the only place on Chinese soil allowed to openly hold a mass memorial. But in an unprecedented move that spurred criticism, the government canceled this year’s event, citing the coronavirus outbreak and the need for social distancing.

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Remotest Places in the World

Migingo Island, Lake Victoria, Africa
Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and is home to one of the most isolated communities on Earth, Migingo Island. With a reported population of over 500 people, made up mostly of fisherman crammed into less than 22,000 square feet, the island is far from paradise.

Best Bridges of the World

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam
Bold, eye-catching and certainly memorable, Dragon Bridge in Vietnam’s Da Nang is – as its name suggests – fashioned to look like a fearsome dragon. Arching over the River Hàn, the bridge measures a total length of 1,864 feet (568m) and the striking metallic creature can even breathe fire or water to mark special occasions.

PJ of the Day

Genie: "What’s your first wish?"
Steve: "I wish I was rich."
Genie: "What’s your second wish, Rich?"

Things will get Normal

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SpaceX Crew Launch

Ultimate Corruption

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Top U.N. rights official urges U.S. leadership to condemn racism, take action

The top United Nations human rights official called on U.S. leaders on Wednesday to "condemn racism unequivocally" and take actions that truly tackle inequalities in the country rocked by a week of protests after the death of George Floyd

In a statement, Michelle Bachelet cited "credible reports of unnecessary and disproportionate use of force" by U.S. law enforcement officers, including ammunition, tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper balls. Protesters should express demands peacefully, as violence and looting "won't solve the problem of police brutality and entrenched discrimination," she said.

Any deaths or injuries caused by either side require independent investigation, she said.

Bachelet decried the "unprecedented assault on journalists", citing at least 200 reported incidents during protests. She called on U.S. authorities at all levels to ensure that they can do their work "free from attacks or repression.".

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Unlocking India

Remotest Places on the Earth

La Rinconada, Peru

At a height of over 16,000 feet, La Rinconada in Peru is the highest human habitation in the world. Perched atop Mount Ananea in the Peruvian Andes, the high altitude homes are only accessible by a mountainside road and can take several days to reach.

Best Bridges in the World

Bastei Bridge, Saxony, Germany
The photogenic Bastei Bridge lies around an hour from the buzzy city of Dresden, in Germany’s Saxon Switzerland National Park. A breathtaking sandstone structure with panoramic views over the Elbe River, the current bridge was built in 1851 and beats a path through Bastei's rocky landscape.

PJ of the Day

Lawyer: "Doctor, as a result of your examinations, would you say the woman was pregnant?"
Doctor: "Yes, she was pregnant, but not as a result of my examination."
(Taken from an actual trial)

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Covid-19 expert Karl Friston: 'Germany may have more immunological “dark matter”'

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Brazil sets another record for daily coronavirus deaths

Brazil registered another new record number of new coronavirus deaths over the last 24 hours, the health ministry said on Tuesday evening, as the pandemic in Latin America's largest country shows no signs of slowing down.

The country registered 28,936 additional cases of the novel coronavirus, the ministry said, and 1,262 deaths.

There are now 555,383 total confirmed coronavirus cases in Brazil and 31,199 coronavirus deaths.

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US in Summer

Remotest Places on this Earth

Utqiagvik, Alaska, USA

The northernmost community in the United States, Utqiagvik feels completely cut off from the world. With no roads connecting it to other settlements, the dirt roads that do exist lead just a few miles outside the main town.

Beautiful Bridges in the World

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy
The 16th-century Rialto Bridge – or Ponte di Rialto – crosses over the narrowest point of Venice's Grand Canal, and is held up as a great feat of Renaissance-era architecture. An elegant arch complete with stone reliefs, Rialto replaced a wooden structure that had existed here since the 12th century and today it's the oldest bridge to span the famous canal.

PJ of the Day

Me: When is your birthday?

She: March 1st

Me: *walking around the room*  When is your birthday


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Laxmikant and Vijay Kadam

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Rotten racism’: newspapers around the world react to George Floyd protests

The police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the nationwide protests it triggered, and Donald Trump’s reaction have prompted comment and editorials around the globe.

In the Sydney Morning Herald, columnist Tom Swizer sees an all too familiar pattern.

“The mayhem follows a depressing pattern in American history. The record of state failures to protect blacks and others against police brutality is all too full. Ditto the looting and arson, killings and general eruption of racial violence in many American cities when injustices occur.”

An editorial Le Monde paints a similar picture of structural racism and police brutality by police and others against black Americans.

2020 :After 5 months

Socially Distanced Market in Meghalaya

Remotest Places on Earth

Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena
The world's most remote populated island, Tristan da Cunha sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 1,750 miles from Cape Town, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, the only settlement on the island, is home to less than 300 permanent residents.

Beautiful Bridges in the World

Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France

Pont Alexandre III is probably Paris' most ornate and elaborately designed bridge, resplendent with nymphs, winged horses, cherubs and more. Dating to the late 19th century, it soars across the Seine, connecting the Champs-Élysées area with Les Invalides and the Eiffel Tower, and is named for Russian Tsar Alexandre III.

PJ of the Day

Conductor on a train: “But sir, you cannot travel with this! This is a child’s ticket! You’re at least 19 years old!”
Me: "That's how long your delay was."


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Online Film Festival

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Vietnam: How this country of 95 million kept its coronavirus death toll at zero

When the world looked to Asia for successful examples in handling the novel coronavirus outbreak, much attention and plaudits were paid to South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

But there's one overlooked success story -- Vietnam. The country of 97 million people has not reported a single coronavirus-related death and on Saturday had just 328 confirmed cases, despite its long border with China and the millions of Chinese visitors it receives each year.

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Home Remedies to imporve eyesight

Ward wise Covid Summary PMC

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Are you an avid reader? No I've never read avid.

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The Dr who "debunked" HydroxyChloroquine got a $2500,000 grant from the maker of Remdisivir