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Friday, December 24, 2010

Timeshare Holidays or Con Shops???

You are busy at your work, you get a call from smart, polite and aggressive telemarketer lady saying that your name has been selected for a free gift. Most of us by now know that nothing comes free, but its human psychology to get attracted to known perils by mention of the words ‘free’,’ gift’ etc that is exploited. You have to go along with wife else you are not allowed. Idea is to catch you and get your money commitment then and there as these people know that if you take time to think, you will not fall for their gimmicks. All this is known, but still you go there and worst buy what they force you to. Welcome to club of deceit, false promises, and waste of your hard earned money: Timeshare holidays

Con is fully on. These people invite more gullible people to sell concept without bothering about promises made to existing customers. Existing customers don’t get bookings when they need. That’s their problem and concept of vacation when you want does not exist. That is because of greed to add new onetime paying customers without expanding capacity to satisfy existing customers. This results this entire segment to be a con shop

Ayodhya: A Monumental opportunity

Last month whole India waited with baited breath for Ayodhya Verdict. Finally it came as a big surprise for many. For once law went beyond the irrelevant minor technicalities and delivered a solution, which seems to be only way out of this mess created by interested parties (say politicians , leaders cross the spectrum starting from Babar himself, followed by British, congress and BJP).

Following the verdict, it was interesting to analyze reactions to the verdict from all parties involved, armchair philosophers and usual suspect crowd. It was disappointing. No politician in country has sense to stand out of crowd and make sense to public. But the public got perfect sense of it and remained calm and peaceful. It was really an ideal situation.

Rendezvous with DSK

In this series we meet scions, trend-makers, role models of Pune . Who best to start with? DSK obliged us with blessings exclusively for Cityblog….

I enter the office full with crowd of numerable customers, depositors who had come to collect their Diwali gifts. That shows the commitment of DSK group to go extra mile for customers. I was there to interview man who started it all Deepak Sakharam Kulkarni popularly known as DSK. I was let in sharp at the appointed time in his grand office with a generous hospitality and we started.


Ever wondered if there was a place or a person where you could get answers to your questions about Parenting “how do I get my children to study”; “how do I make my child listen to me”; “How much discipline is important”; “Is passion more important than career”; …

Introducing The Parwarish Institute of Parenting which is committed to the creation, presentation and implementation of parenting education through interactive workshops and other programs. We intend to make parenting a more comfortable and joyful experience with parents more effectively raising healthy, happy and productive children. Parwarish Institute of Parenting has been setup to bring education and training to one of the most important and the most “experimented” aspect of our life.

Nobel Prize winners 2010



Andre Geim

Konstantin Novoselov

Topic: Graphene: Carbon's New Face.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded jointly to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene"

Imagine a sheet of material that's just one atom thick, yet super-strong, highly conductive, practically transparent and able to reveal new secrets of fundamental physics. That's graphene, isolated by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, 2010 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Not so frequented tourist spots

As Diwali vacations close in, you must be planning some vacations. Tired of usual and crowded destinations? Cityblog informs you about some scenic yet unfrequented tourist destination not so far off.


This picturesque hill station is perched on a plateau in the Dang forest area of the Sahyadri Range. At an altitude of about 1000 m. It has a cool bracing climate, the highest temperature even in the summer do not exceed 28 °C. Saputara means the 'Abode of Serpents' and a snake image on the banks of the river Sarpagana is worshiped by the Adivasis on festivals like Holi.

Keeping yourself creatively busy this vacations

School vacation is the time when children can freely unleash their creative urges.

Hobby classes apart’ they would love more to color their hands with paint at home. So why not use this time and desire to paint in a useful and fun way. Select such activities which involve not only creativity and paints but which decorate your house too children feel proud when their art works are displayed for people to see. And if their work is part of their own home d├ęcor it gives them a sense of achievement and responsibility.

Now and Then: Diwali Down the memory lane

Diwali brings about a special ambience, happiness, peace, camaraderie within each of us. We are sure that readers of Cityblog are excited about upcoming Diwali festival. In special theme of Now and Then where we look upon what are the key points we remember Diwali throughout our memories since childhood.

It happens only in India

Bollywood Diwali

Bollywood producers are doing all they can to woo filmgoers ahead of Diwali, hoping to rev up a lacklustre box-office in time for the industry's most important moviegoing season.

Publicity budgets have soared as the Hindu festival of lights draws near, with film producers hoping to tap the increased spending power of Indian audiences.

When it is a festive release, you will go that extra mile, you will increase your budgets and you will tie up with a lot more brands," said filmmaker Vipul Shah, whose film "Action Replayy" is set for a Diwali release.

Diwali Worldover

We highlight Diwali celebrations all over the world highlighting importance of India and Indians in world scene

Diwali 10 at madam tussauds

World famous Madame Tussauds kicked off the UK’s season of Diwali celebrations this year by hosting its very first weekend of celebrations which included music, dance and culture the mark the Festival of Lights.

Visitors to the iconic attraction were treated to the classical traditions of India with musicians entertaining crowds on the sitar, flute and the traditional Indian drums, the tabla.