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Friday, December 24, 2010

Ayodhya: A Monumental opportunity

Last month whole India waited with baited breath for Ayodhya Verdict. Finally it came as a big surprise for many. For once law went beyond the irrelevant minor technicalities and delivered a solution, which seems to be only way out of this mess created by interested parties (say politicians , leaders cross the spectrum starting from Babar himself, followed by British, congress and BJP).

Following the verdict, it was interesting to analyze reactions to the verdict from all parties involved, armchair philosophers and usual suspect crowd. It was disappointing. No politician in country has sense to stand out of crowd and make sense to public. But the public got perfect sense of it and remained calm and peaceful. It was really an ideal situation.

Firstly issue like Ayodhya cannot be solved using normal civil court procedures. It had to be solved with principles of coexistence and tolerance. If No one party can remain victor or loser, then only the solution can evolve. We have heard the logic from wakf board claiming that land belonged to them and events in 1949 and 1992 created dispute. This stand has certain limitations as it’s virtually beyond court to reaffirm what happened in 15th century or for that matter to go and ascertain birth place of almighty. Matter of faith of millions cannot be ignored. The issue has to be solved with a view beyond the myopic and convenient positions taken by so called secular parties and media. It has been historically witnessed that victors always went on stamping the humiliation on losers. Babar was no saint, he was a plain invader. That is a fact. That was to only reason majority community could get attracted to sentiments and they wanted to be part in restoring their pride. That does not though justify the thought process which denies existence and rights of 20% of population. One needs to coexist with 20% population. We also have heard from Hindu mahasabha that there is no room for a mosque. This also is myopic denial of someone’s faith.

Minorities also should feel themselves to be part of mainstream and stop feeling alienated or pampered out of political equations. In fact this factorial politics played by Congress and other opportunists has resulted in the poverty and misery of Minority population. They should see themselves equal and take benefit of modern education, economical opportunities in India (to which whole world is attracted to) and assert their rights rather than always look to an outsider identity and the feeling of being victimized.

Coming back to verdict: So the Court which was the last establishment to solve this, sincerely tried to resolve matters by giving the out of box solution. Leaders and politicians etc had already failed in past conveniently as it was in their interest to let the conflict remain unresolved.

Court has tried sincerely, went with its limitations and delivered a super verdict which paves way for co-existence and conciliation. Each party should now accept others existence as per directive and once for all resolve this tricky issue. And we know that we are not done yet. SC might over turn this and that will be a disaster. We sincerely hope matter does not go the SC which by all means will or already has. We really pray equally to Ram and Rahim to give sense to all parties and let us live peacefully. Its a golden opportunity.

But it was fun watching reactions from so called secular faces criticizing court. Had the decision been something else they would have claimed court to be untouchable and any criticism would have been tantamount to a sacrilege. Even some media stalwarts were busy explaining how decision is wrong etc etc. Media always has taken convenient positions. There is no reason for Muslims to feel disappointed as they should understand that it has given them rights as well. Coexistence and tolerance are key words here. And there is no reason for Hindus to feel jubilated as again here coexistence and tolerance is key. No one has lost and no one has gained. Perfect balance and sanity is restored. We hope SC does not tumble this applecart. We cannot afford to go back to dark winter days of 92/93.....

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