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Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer of 14

At the start of summer, I had written in this blog that how important this summer is mainly due to the elections. We eagerly await monsoons here in this part of world. Schools are set to begin next week. Transition of seasons makes you feel nostalgic about something as transient as time spent. I just remember New Year ringing in and we are almost half way down the road. First World War started 100 years ago. 20th century which shaped our generation is almost a forgotten just as the great wars, cold war, Berlin wall, opening of Indian economy and finally Y2k. Tinaeman square celebrates silver jubilee this summer. It was 1989 then. It was also 1989 when someone as unknown as Michael chang won French open and this year it’s known face of Nadal at Roland Garos. It was 1989 when i did my first Himalayan trek after 10th exam. It was 1989 when India had the last non coalition government and it is 2014 when we have same again.
25 years is a long time. It is a quarter of the century. It is also a one third of human life on an average.