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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

सकारात्मक पीएमपी सुधार संकेत :अभिनंदन ! प्रवासी केंद्रित नियोजन व अनुषंगिक कालबद्ध कृती आराखडा कठोरपणे राबवा !

Dr Shrikar Pardeshi,CMD,PMPML,Pune

सकारात्मक पीएमपी सुधार संकेत :अभिनंदन ! प्रवासी केंद्रित नियोजन अनुषंगिक कालबद्ध कृती आराखडा कठोरपणे राबवा !
Dear Sir,
The letter in marathi attached.
Awaiting positive prompt action for PMP Turn Around.
jugal rathi       PMPvivek velankar


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Year of Hope

This forum has termed the year 2013 as half cooked. But as we end the year 2014 and as i cerebrated at self chosen intriguing place with family, the broth was fully cooked resulting in various changes that have created hope all around while there are still challenges of unknown and evil lurking around. But surely this year 2014 can be termed as a year of hope.
Most important of those changes was the installation of Narendra Modi at control of executive matters of India with absolute majority and old corrupt, inactive regime was removed. Without any bias one can say that the first six months of the new regime were heavier on decibels and less on contents.  But intent seems to be there and that has created hopes. Of course six months versus 10 years of misrule cannot be compared but still there is hope all around. I agree that in the  global context it’s just one of the developments but what matters  most for maybe one fourth of world's population, it is significant one despite  all the other sensational news breaks in the so called first world countries.  And yes its china is where the action (and reaction) still is and US being US its always deserve respect. Europe has its own welfare, immigration and productivity challenges.  Africa is unstable with regimes, wars and viruses. South America still flatters to deceive and then you have area from Israel in west and India in the east which for all the reasons still remains challenge to the rest. We had seen many international crises in Ukraine Vs Russia, ISIS Vs humanity, China Vs others, India Vs Pak. Terror, unstable regimes, natural disasters have added to the misery. Climate changes have impacted life in form of droughts, floods. But despite there is hope as we see incidences and movements led by people like Malalas, Satyarthis, Amtes and many unsung people working for others.
A lucky general who rides on the fall of oil prices globally has helped Indian economy more than policy reforms which India Inc waited for in the post election era. Removal of subsidies, clearer policies for investors still elude us. Drastic reforms have been delayed but then intent is the word be it presentation on governance or cleanliness or be it make in India plan. 2015 will be landmark to see if electoral gains are capitalized or squandered upon. Opposition with as fringe element like TMC at helm (my favourite quiz master heading same ironically), is nonexistent. People of one state after another wanted strong leader and decisive governance.
On world stage ISIS and missing planes grabbed limelight, with US recovering under Obama and facing internal bickering be it healthcare, immigration or war on terror. Europe being as un-innovating, theoretical and welfare driven ageing economy as it can be has failed modern world. China continues to remain dominant but yet vulnerable,. Japan is taking on its rivals despite economic and geo-political challenges.  On this forum I said India has key role and it’s time to rise as i said on this forum, which has been endorsed by planned Obama visit on RD parade in 2015.
India is cauldron but politically it is much matured than what estimated by some established views. Old divisive politics does not matter. Now despite the established view creating much ado about nothing out of so called fringe elements focussing on conversions or an idiotic film or whatever 9 pm TV warrants for its trps, people don’t fall for such gimmicks anymore. We the people want change in day to day lives and we have hope. And most of states including Maharashtra endorsed similar trend where old divisive politics based on caste and religion have been ignored.
Maharashtra is also facing hope on its new CM. Families and casteists who have plundered Maharashtra since ages were shown the door. But then lack of absolute majority, caste driven politics are still challenges here. We had disasters like Malin and draught remains a big challenge along with farmer suicides. Most comforting fact is decline of so called barons and theirs clooneys, across right, left and centre.  Real hope for people of Maharashtra
In Pune we now have 2 MPs, 8 MLAs (100%) of same party which rules state and Delhi. But still we need a strong leader to solve civic issues be it BDP, metro, water, electricity, PMPL, roads, housing, crime control  and so on. Rains created panic but finally they made up the average numbers. Let’s hope we have intent in 2015 to resolve Pune Problems.
In world of business, recovery of US and oil price war eased the matters but still there is a threat of derailment of the recovery and there is terrorism. Technology has seen lot of investment in new game changing start-ups. FB and whatapp merging has unleashed upon us an evil of voyeurism, and ego which we have to guard our next gen.  But then we also have CSR growing and solutions for real problems of the world. Mobility also saw acceptance of standardization but interesting to see how Microsoft goes from where they were.  Apple seems to have lost its way a bit in the race with Google, Samsung. Cloud also got a move to serious business users finding their way. India was able to attract good confidence from FIIs resulting in good market returns. Also New government policies helped.  It will be really interesting to see if Make in India can be a reality not just a day dream.  India Inc and people have suffered a lot. Now there is hope.
On cricket, sudden retirement of the most successful captains has created turmoil at the yearend but once you remove conspiracy theories of match fixing and court matters, same incumbent made it very clear which form of cricket he prefers. I also have a question for Indian fans. Do we really care test cricket?  And yes whatever the purist in India, England and Australia say, the limited over is future and there is no harm in saying so especially if cricket needs to move from 8 teams to attest 30 40 good teams globally. Test cricket needs innovation to be spectator friendly. Though personally i love same in its current form it defies conventional wisdom. Thus we had a flop show in tests especially abroad. Younger generation don’t have hunger to toil for 5 days for same returns that they get playing for say 4-5 overs.  On world stage many promising cricketers have emerged raising hope for 15 when we have another big world cup event to look forward to. Time flies, it was just yesterday that we danced after that Dhoni’s six.
Marathi films had a great year with lots of takers to pay and watch at the theatre. The content ruled with some honest and some stereotype efforts.  Hindi films were disasters at least from my point of view. Apart from Queen the content was missing. They just used formulas. Though they might have raked 100 crore mullahs (I have real doubts on the collections numbers) but still we hope better movies in 2015.
On drama and music we had lot of hope as we saw many talented new comers.  
On personal note this year i lost personally many members in first family, which has been sad but then one has no control over such tragedies. Let’s hope our family has strength to absorb loss in 2015. On other side, it’s been a real happening year. I have fought with many people on social media forums this being election year but let me assure you that it was nothing personal and if have offended anyone hope to rebuild bridges in 2015. I did second leg of Wari as documented on this forum, worked on few personal goals successfully; I retired from round table but continued the work on education. I also had great time at some great locations, read few good books, and had gala time with old and new friends. Three were some changes personally and professionally and also my daughter turned into a teenager this year. Thus am gearing up for challenges in 2015.

Thanks 2014 for reviving hope and let 2015 realize them into reality.
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