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Friday, February 19, 2016

पीएमपी साठी वाढीव तरतूदी बद्दल आभार व अभिनंदन ! सातत्याने बस प्रवासी वाढ व सेवा सुधार या अटीवरच पीएमपीस मदत करावी !

Hon ComMisioner,Hon Mayor PMC/PCMC,Hon CMD & Directors PMPML,
Dear Sirs & Madam,

पीएमपी साठी वाढीव तरतूदी बद्दल आभार अभिनंदन ! सातत्याने बस प्रवासी वाढ सेवा सुधार या अटीवरच पीएमपीस मदत करावी !
Thanks for increased budget provision for PMPML.
PMC/PCMC have contributed thousands of crores in last few years inc 132 cr in 2014-15 as reimbursement of operational  losses,Also again now 90 cr paid.
However nothing at all is passed on to bus commuters. Total funds received are shared by contractors,officers & employees.
The support can only be for consistently increasing ridership & timebound bettermentin bus services.
On the contrary , on both counts, it has been deteriorating. A comparative chart is given in the representation letter attached, which shows with 76% fleet utilisation of 1586 buses in 2010 PMPML carried 11.59 lakhs commuters daily where as in 2015 with 2094 buses & 63 % fleet utilisation ridership reduced 10.85 lakhs daily; dropped by average 0.74 lakhs in absolute &
if scaled to increased bus fleet size BUS RIDERSHIP DROPPED ALARMINGLY BY 4.45 lakhs daily.
Further there is no improvement in bus service quality , but also has deteriorated on various areas.
To retain the grade of SMART CITY SELECTION, there is no better measure than cosistent increase in daily bus ridership,in line with  CPM or even better.
Hence we earnestly demand & request to सातत्याने बस प्रवासी वाढ सेवा सुधार या अटीवरच पीएमपीस मदत करावी !
Hon CMD,PMPML requested to ensure these objectives thru firm discipline & may be bitter decisions.
Thanks & Regards,
jugal rathi  vivek velankar  sanjay shitole satish chitale

P M P  P R A V A S I  M A N C H

NSCC meets at Wadke Hall at 3:30pm on Saturday 20th February 2016

National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
Pune a Clean City - Clean in Every Which Way 
Hi there all,
National Society for Clean Cities, Pune will hold its monthly meeting on Saturday
20th February 2016 at 3:30 pm at Wadke Hall, 3rd floor, PMC (Corporation) building, Shivajinagar, PUNE 411005.
(Please note that the meeting will start at 3:
0 pm.)
  • Mr. Ashok Ghorpade, Garden Superintendent - PMC, to speak and respond to queries on:

1.    Tree Plantation & how PMC can help citizens.
2.    Identifying areas reserved for for Gardens.
3.    Beautification of road islands and dividers - How can citizens adopt them.
4.    Urban forestry on river banks, no development zones, etc. and involvement of citizens.
5.    Pet parks in PMC gardens.

  • Speak Out: Members to speak on various issues viz.:
  1. Rejecting Draft Development Plan for old Pune city limits.*
  2. Garbage Burning
  1. I
llegal Construction – Commercial/ Residential/ Religious structures.
  1. Water and Tanker issues.
  2. Odd/Even Parking.

  1. Airport Parking problems.
  • Any other Business with the permission of the Chair.
Do bring all signature forms duly signed by many people, rejecting the Draft DP and hand them over to Ms. Anupama Oak at the meeting.

Do come and bring like minded friends along.
With warm regards,
for National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
D V R Rao

Acting President

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