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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Kenya becomes third country to adopt world's first malaria vaccine

Kenya on Friday became the third country to start routinely inoculating infants against malaria, using the world's first vaccine to combat a disease that kills 800 children globally every day.

The vaccine -- RTS,S -- targets the deadliest and most common form of malaria parasite in Africa, where children under five account for two-thirds of all global deaths from the mosquito-born illness.

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GERMANY: Neuschwanstein Castle

This breathtaking palace is one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and it is also said to have inspired Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle, according to Travel + Leisure.


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How does a moulded fruit-flavoured dessert answer the phone?

Filmfare Winner Films from 1950s till 2018

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Milky Way

Great Workers

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House

The U.S. government concluded within the last two years that Israel was most likely behind the placement of cell-phone surveillance devices that were found near the White House and other sensitive locations around Washington, D.C., according to three former senior U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter.

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Saragarhi Day

An unparalleled feat of valor where 21 Lions took on 10,000 Afghan warriors and stood till last man- last round.

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FRANCE: Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel is a Gothic-style abbey situated on a rocky islet between Normandy and Brittany, France.

Giridarshan's Lingya ghat trek on 15 Sep

We will start at 6 am from law college road by private bus and travel to Dhamanhol after having breakfast, 
We will start our trek till 10 am, will visit lingya ghat and Nisanichi wat, enjoy the waterfall and will come back to Dhamanhol, we will have lunch in between, we will be back to Pune till 9 pm
You should bring lunch, waterbottle, extra dress with you, wear trekking or walking shoes, avoid shorts, do not bring disposables with you
Trek grade medium
Trek fee Rs 850/-
Booking till 13 Sep
Call 9850520058 or 8007290002

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What did the ground say to the earthquake? 
You crack me up!

What Happened to Me?

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Cityblog Science Club: Riya's Blog: The Potential of CRISPR

Riya's Blog

Author/Editor Science club runs blog

The Potential of CRISPR

Genome editing is a method utilized by the biologists to modify the genetics in order to change the traits of that particular organism. The biologists can also apply the technique of genome editing to delete certain genes which can cause diseases in an organism. This deleted gene can be replaced with another gene. In order to achieve this, the recently developed technology which is known as CRISPR is widely employed. CRISPR has the potential to cure diseases including cancer, cystic fibrosis, blood disorders, blindness, AIDS, Muscular Dystrophy and Huntington’s Disease. While editing the genome through CRISPR, an enzyme called Cas9 is used as a “tool” that cuts the DNA at a specific location for adding or deleting the fragments. Currently, the Cas9 enzyme is widely accepted, the Cas13 enzyme is also exhibiting that some potential benefits. Although CRISPR has promising results of curing certain disease, there are ethical questions which need to be considered. This blog summarizes various researches conducted that address the potential of CRISPR. This blog also includes the various ethical debates around the utilization of CRISPR. 
The History of CRISPR:

10 Scientifically impossible places

Motorized Bicycle

9/11: Remembering Those Lost 18 Years Ago

Once more, families gathered at ground zero, where nearly 3,000 people died on that bright September morning. Once more, there was an outpouring of grief. Once more, there was the sound of a bell tolling in mourning. And there was the rhythm of names being recited.

Eighteen years have passed since terrorists commandeered airplanes and the twin towers of the World Trade Center were brought down.

Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions:Baked Greens n Egg Casserole

Amita Nene's Yummy Expressions

Baked Greens n Egg Casserole.....My power packed meal 
Time simply flew! My little babies completed a decade in this world last month. From being mommy’s cute little darlings, they have transformed into a handful pair of tweens filled to the brim with enthusiasm, action, emotions and restlessness. Kids grew up fast and the scope of creations in the kitchen evolved and widened to suit palates and nutritional needs.
Pre-teens or Preadolescence is a period of lot of internal conflict for children, I have come to realise. The want to go the extra mile to prove they are no longer little kids at the same time they are struggling to cope with the transition and fit into the image of a cool pre-teen. They are getting used to moving out of their precious Wonderlands to being more mature, sensible, practical and realistic. This is the time of realisations and temporary disillusionments… that their Idols are not actually super humans but mere mortals as anyone else; that Santa doesn’t actually visit you from the North Pole, but lives right here in this yours and is called Mom or Dad!
Though the “real show” begins only about three years from now, the pre-teens is already offering the perfect trailer to shape me up for coping in the throes of the most astonishing array of drama, emotions, hormones, mood swings, attitude, “enhanced” vocabulary, et al!! I sometimes alternate between being amazed and scandalized when I happen to overhear conversations of my 10-years olds.

Parle Tilak Mandir

पीएमओ मधून सीएमओला फोन गेला. मोदी मुंबई भेटीत एका गणपती चे दर्शन घेऊ इच्छितात असा मेसेज गेला. लालबागच्या राजा सारख्या मोठया सार्वजनिक गणेशोत्सव नको कोणतातरी परंपरा असलेल्या मंडळाला भेट देतील असा स्पेसिफिक मेसेज होता.

देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांनी पार्ल्याचे आमदार पराग अळवणी यांना फोन केला.त्यांनी पार्ल्याच्या टिळक मंदिर गणेशोत्सवाचे हे १००वे वर्ष आहे,मंडळाला मोठी सांस्कृतिक परंपरा आहे,अनेक जगप्रसिद्ध व्यक्ती येऊन गेल्या आहेत,शिवाय एअरपोर्टला जवळ आहे या चारही गोष्टी विचारात घेऊन हे ठिकाण सुचवले

काल रात्रीवाजता पीएमओने कन्फर्म केले.

टिळक मंदिर गणेशोत्सवाला भेट दिलेले हे पहिले पंतप्रधान आहेत.

Traffic During Anant Chaturdashi

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What kind of bed does a mermaid sleep in?
 A water bed!

Ganpati Bappa Morya

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France, Germany & UK joins India on safeguarding Freedom of Navigation in South China Sea

Article 370

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

More than 30 dead in stampede at Iraqi Shiite shrine

More than 30 pilgrims died and dozens were injured Tuesday in a stampede at a major shrine in the Iraqi city of Karbala on the Shiite holy day of Ashura.

It is Iraq's deadliest stampede in recent history during Ashura, whose commemorative marches had previously been targeted by Sunni extremist groups.
On Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of Shiite pilgrims from around the world swarmed Karbala to commemorate the death of the Prophet Mohammed's grandson, Hussein.

Ashish Joshi's Wild Life Photography: Baya Weaver


Happy Palindrome Week

Best Views of the World

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What car does Jesus drive? 
A Christler.

Dr Kalam about Failure and Management

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