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Friday, July 20, 2012

Heart Touching Events

Finally seems like we have rains in and around Pune for which we were waiting desperately. On this beautiful Friday evening watching rains over hills behind my office between two meetings over a hot cup of tea... (Resolved to avoid kanda bhaji lets see how evening turns over)

I missed out on commenting on  events which are close to heart and related to heart literally in one of them. Let’s start with that one.

Heart in this event was that of Uddhav Thakarey. Howsoever outsiders love to hate Thakarey clan; they won’t understand how much they mean to Maharashtrians especially those in Mumbai. I am not being biased or crying victim here, Maharashtra is victim of its own success. The democratic and modernist thoughts in Maharashtra are thanks to some visionary leaders like Tilak, Agarkar, Phule, Ambedkar, and yes Savarkar (thats another topic).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cut Tree, Set Free

Now you can cut trees as much as you can and be relaxed as Pune Municipal Corporation will not take any action on you. They will just send you notice or warning for the name sake. this is the condition in city now. There are various people who cut trees and not being punished. This is with reference to the one of builder in the city. He found out innovative way to kill tree also few years ago He had chopped down hundred of trees few year ago and he got warning letter from PMC only. And many more tree killers are set free in the society.

In spite having ban on cutting tree, many trees are being cut by builders in the city. Various tree cutting incidences are also increasing in the city. This ultimately affects us reducing green cover and oxygen. Builder Arvind Jain had chopped 128 trees in 2010 and in recent incident two trees are killed in unique way so that can be removed without hesitation. While talking about it Ravindra Salgaonkar, a BJP member of Model Colony said “He removed the soil near roots so it cannot get water and die and if you see the condition presently it has dried now he can show that dried tree and get permission to cut it down. If such things continued then one day there will not be tree anymore.”

Occupy Men's Toilet

As per the numbers of toilet concern very less toilets are available for ladies which not only cause inconvenience to them but also leading to the major problem. The recent occupy men’s toilet protest may seen city if the condition not handled in time.

According to the World Health Organisation, there should be one public toilet for every 100 people. In the city, there is one public toilet for 9,100 people.

Health activist Chetan Gandhi, who has been raising the issue of separate public toilets for women for the past few years, said the PMC had only reserved 63 blocks for public toilets and that too on a temporary basis.

While talking to Cityblog Vrushali Pathak, a student of BMCC college said “it very difficult situation for ladies in the city, we have to search for the hotel for essential activity and have to spend for food if we have to use toilet in hotels. Also malls are the lifesaver at many times. If there are proper numbers of urinals then the problem will be solved. PMC should act on the time otherwise the campaign like Occupy men’s toilet has to conduct.”

Home Alone

(The story, place and characters are fictitious. Story is to entertainment and learning purpose)

My brother and I were alone in our apartment. My parents had gone for a function and had left me in charge. I was doing my homework while my younger brother was watching television. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! My younger brother rushed to the door thinking that our parents had come home; he unlocked the door and opened it.

Outside, stood a tall man wearing a black raincoat and black rubber boots. He said that he was a salesman and asked politely if our mother or father was at home.


The summer ending with heat waves still couple of weeks to go, till then taking care of skin in not only important but becomes necessary. Damaged by this heat may take longer time to heal so be aware summer is still on. Read on to know the makeup tips, which you need to keep in mind to beat the heat and look fresh and beautiful all summer long. You will find a lot of tips on how to pick summer make up.

India at Olympics

It is always said India is a nation where only cricket is played. But we will say India is a nation where cricket is also played along with many others game. Indian athletes are practicing very hard so that they can make India proud at International level. Lets talk about the 2008 Beijing Olympics where only 56 Indian players were qualified. Now for London Olympics 2012 almost 80 days are remaining and already 70 Indian athletes including Indian Hockey team have qualified for Olympics 2012. Lets check out the players who get qualified for the different tournaments.

As it Is

Exactly a month ago that additional chief secretary of the Urban Development department, TC Benjabin had pointed out the miserable condition of the city’s footpath in a hard hitting letter, also ordered to clear all encroachments on pavements to make then walk able for pedestrians. And the condition is as it was. It is also seems that Pune Municipal Corporation is in habit to keep all the things as it is and the encroachments are one of the thing.


Just dial

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The Great Fall

Rupee has been deprecating against the dollar for the past 4 months and many analysts are predicting it that it will depreciate further. Rupee depreciation means that India’s currency has lost its value in comparison to US dollar, now the question is what will be the impact of rupee deprecation, well at this point it is difficult to quantify it but given below are some of the possible effects of rupee deprecation –

1. Inflation which has been haunting Indians for past 2 years will rise as India is a net importer, and crude being primary import, the cost of importing crude will rise even if the price of crude falls in international markets. Hence inflation will be the key risk due to deprecation of rupee.

Balanced act-or

Either it may be real life or may be films and serials police uniform and duty role is attached to Sachin Sawant. Sawant works at Anti extortion cell in crime branch in Pune. His various roles are in TV serials and films are of Police as he wants to improve image of the Police force. With this aim of improving police force’s image Sachin Sawant joined police department in 1988 as a Sub Inspector and with his hobby of acting he is adding more to it.

If you remember the police inspector Vyas in Dev Anand’s film Chargesheet, Sawant is the same person shown as honest police officer and he played various roles of Police along with some different roles. In the recent past, Sawant has acted in the Star One series Horror Nights, the weekly soap Chandramukhi on DoorDarshan, and Chandrakanta on Sahara One.

Debate: Should Sachin be in Parliament?

Debraj Dhar

I am happy at this. I am looking at the opportunities this step can provide.

Unless the political system is cleansed by having better people, people with no criminal records, we have no hope of improving. I think people like us should also stand in elections - that is the only way to improve. With enough people like us, I am sure there will be a shift.

You can clean the gutter only by being in the gutter

Tung Tikona

Tung is also known as 'Kathingad'. As the name suggests, the fort is difficult to climb. Tung is in Mawal region which was truly ruled by Marathas. Tung is one of the difficult forts in Maharashtra. The height of the fort is almost 3500 feet and almost 1200 feet area of the fort is steep ascent. One can reach the fort from Kamshet near Lonavala. 'Phagne Dam' on Pawna river near Kamshet is the place when you can start for trekking. Though the trek is tiresome, still you can enjoy the amazing view of the dam and twin Tung and Tikona. Now a days, there is not much to see on the fort, except the temple of 'Devi Tungai', temple of 'Devi Tuljai' , a small lake and a beautiful cave. But one can enjoy the marvelous view of Lohgad - Visapur on the north and Tikona on the east.

Bollywood News

TRP war between Satyamev Jayate and KBC

The recent much debated Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate show hosted by Amir Khan failed to get the rating anywhere near Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega Crorepathi (KBC). Satyamev Jayate showed how a person who was abused as a child recovers through the love and affection of his pet.

Aamir Khan is very fond of films and the movies help him to get past the traumatic experience.

The show Satyamev Jayate recorded a viewer ship of 90 million but that is because of the advertisement, say people who like Amitabh Bachchan's show.

Gym Tips

Summer is very hectic for your exercise most of us have taken break but as the summer over take your first step to gym again. Making mood to rejoin gym is not easy job mind preparation is the most difficult part. Here are some tips to climb back on that treadmill after you’ve fallen off.

1. Don’t Break the Habit – The easiest way to keep things going is simply not to stop. Avoid long breaks in exercising or rebuilding the habit will take some effort. This may be advice a little too late for some people. But if you have an exercise habit going, don’t drop it at the first sign of trouble.

Rachana Lifestyle

Rachana Lifestyle is one of the most reputed builders and developers firm from Pune having construction activities in Residential as well as Commercial sector since the last 24 years. Over the years, we have strived to delight our customers and build everlasting relationships and in the past two decades developed spaces that have not only delighted customers but have made them our patrons forever.

Directors of the company Mr. Vinay Kalbhor and Mr. Nitin Bhanagay, visionaries and childhood friends both being Mechanical Engineers, joined hands with one single goal in mind: to empower the real estate business in Pune with style and elegance. Thus started Rachana Associates now re-branded as Rachana Lifestyle, with their motto “The Spirit of Creation” while keeping the moral and ethics of the group the same, what has changed is the attitude and the spirit and a single vision of giving exclusive lifestyle options to their customers. Mr. Vinay Kalbhor whose expertise in Marketing, Designing, Construction and Administration teamed with Mr. Nitin Bhanagay whose excellent PR skills, Finance, Legal and Business Development acumen are the driving force for the company which is now ISO 9001:2008 certified. Together they direct the affairs of the company with a professional ease, signifying the trust and quality of a polished partnership.