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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tung Tikona

Tung is also known as 'Kathingad'. As the name suggests, the fort is difficult to climb. Tung is in Mawal region which was truly ruled by Marathas. Tung is one of the difficult forts in Maharashtra. The height of the fort is almost 3500 feet and almost 1200 feet area of the fort is steep ascent. One can reach the fort from Kamshet near Lonavala. 'Phagne Dam' on Pawna river near Kamshet is the place when you can start for trekking. Though the trek is tiresome, still you can enjoy the amazing view of the dam and twin Tung and Tikona. Now a days, there is not much to see on the fort, except the temple of 'Devi Tungai', temple of 'Devi Tuljai' , a small lake and a beautiful cave. But one can enjoy the marvelous view of Lohgad - Visapur on the north and Tikona on the east.

Tikona is another hill fort in Maval region near Kamshet. The fort is of pyramid shape and hence popularly known as 'Tikona' or Triangle. It is also called as 'Vitangagad'. The fort is almost 3500 feet high but not as difficult to climb like his partner 'Tung'. One can reach 6 Kms to 'Tikona Peth' village from Kale colony - near Kamshet. 'Tikona Peth' is the village nearest to fort Tikona. Though Tikona is not very difficult, but its 'Bale killa' is a difficult job. The trekking is tiresome. There are few monuments on the fort to see like the big doors, the temple of 'Trimbakeshwar Mahadev', a water tank and few caves of Satvahan era. The view of Pawna dam and other forts like Tung, Lohagad and Visapur is beautiful.

How to reach – there are two paths to ascend this small fort from two villages at nearest base from tikona peth and Javan. From Tikona peth Take a left 9to Pavana Nagar) from a police post after kamshet Tunnel to your left towards Pune on Mumbai Pune expressway , go 7.7 km ahead take left, then 5.3 km take left and reach the base village called Tikona Peth. The climb has two routes to reach top one from the jungle and second from the clief aside which is risky in monsoon, take the jungle toute to climb and other to descent.

The final stretch called Shivaji trail has recently been restored and hand reailings have been added on the steep sections. The steps are spilt into two sections. There is a viewpoint at the end of first stretch. If tou wander to the sides, you can see small caves which are again good photo spots woth tung fort in the background.

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