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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Time

As I see the calendar, we are in the last week of May, suffering from intense heat and looking forward to the respite in form of rains. Kids will enter very last leg of their much celebrated summer vacations. Summer camps are coming to an end. All the releases meant for kids have been watched: be it Doraemon or Chota Bheem or Chintoo. Mumbai Indians have won IPL. Summer kid’s theatre, fairs, exhibitions, circuses have been visited. In our times lecture series like Vasant Vyakhyanmala or talk sessions like Majestic Gappa were also the valid forms of entertainment for even the youngsters. For today’s kids anything to do with gadgets is the ‘in thing’. Now the kids are looking forward to new books (don’t they smell great???), uniforms and new teachers. They also have started missing their school friends.
Some may have had their annual vacations done and over with. Some unlucky souls may not have had a chance to take any holiday thanks to their duties or for some other reasons. For me, it was Himalayas again as a summer vacation spot.