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Monday, June 10, 2013

First Day First Show

Wait is finally over and here is the grand release.  I am not referring to any film here. I have stopped watching movies on the weekend of their releases.  I need to study reviews, get feedbacks from the brave hearts to decide if I should invest my time, money and efforts to watch any movie. Last few movies which i had to see without my proper due diligence were disasters eg; Jab Tak Hain Jaan, Race2 etc. Here is my salute to the indomitable souls, who have to compulsively hit the first weekend at the cinema halls, especially for the big ticket movies.  Indian film industry should honour these fans if they had any method to track this tribe of people. With internet, network, i am sure there lies a start-up idea. Is anyone listening in the valley?
Coming back to the point, I am referring to many things here;
Firstly Monsoons were released in my town. The pre curtain raisers and paid review shows were amazing. The light and sound show was furious and disastrous to some extent where people tragically lost their lives. Time for us the people to say enough to builders, administrators who are responsible for the hill dredging, tree cutting, bad roads, electricity failures, water logging. Monsoons kept their date with Pune on 7th and have arrived officially as per IMD. These days no one believes IMD forecasts but then one reads the analysis the day after. Hope this year all drought pone areas get the rains, dams are full and economy is better.
Secondly BJP2.0 was released in Indian political space. Gone are the days of old era of Atal, Advani which took BJP from 2 seats in 84 to power in 1998 riding on Hindutva wave. As declared by SC of India, Hindutva has nothing wrong and its aim to correct past wrongs done by oppressors rightfully, constitutionally and non-violently. It is against no community but towards equality which was victim of wrong interpretation of word secularism though created intentionally earlier by British and later by congress, socialists and leftist’s think tanks. Now BJP 2.0 has unleashed Modi and his corruption free, development agenda which has many takers in National scene. But what congress does is to polarize community by beating the riots bandwagon as its counter modi strategy. And media is always bought on congress line since independence. Thus we see large section of media which used to hate Advani and his rath yatra politics, turn into Advani supporters. It’s always good for Democratic Party to have difference and register it. Whether anyone in congress which supports democracy has right to challenge High command? Lot of questions but then trial by media is only for certain brand of thoughts. And those who chose to oppose central Gandhi-Nehruvian ideology were vilified by media. Starting with Bhagat singh, then with Savarkar, Bose and to an extent Patel, everyone suffered same fate. But then hope BJP 2.0 settles down dissent democratically for the sake of change which people of India deserve.  And finally for those who again start good old debate titled “ But what about justice for Gujarat riots?”, Baba Ramdeo has an equally compelling arguement. If Modi is to be accused of 2002 riots, so has to be Nehru for 1947 Partition riots , Rajeev Gandhi for 1984 Delhi riots, Sudhakar Naik for Mumbai 1992 and finally Tarun Gogoi for 2012 Assam riots. Though agreed one wrong thing should not set precedent for another but Indian politicians are to be blamed across the spectrum for riots at various stages in independent India. There is sinister agenda to single out Modi and 2002. As one of my friend said, all riots are equal but Gujarat riots are more equal. One interesting fact though wanted to share is that after Riots have declined since 1998 when BJP took power  as compared to earlier congress history.
Lastly new India team was released at Champions trophy. Plagued by fixing controversy and vested interests, Team India has only way for deliverance is by winning the Cup. Indian Cricket organization was never transparent and fans deserved more always. But now that media is more active and so are various counter interests, things are coming to light and only thing now can be done better is to create transparent organization, legalizing betting and set new criminal laws to help punish culprits. But the fixing is old as game itself. Not just cricket but every other major money spinning sport have witnessed same. But first day first show was impressive especially fielding. I have never seen Indian fielders running out two south africans in past. Batting was good with new approach by dhawan and rohit. Only worry is seam bowling which always was a problem with exceptions of zaheer, Kapil and shreenath. Let’s hope India goes all the way.

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