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Ashish Joshi's Wild Life Photography

"I am an IT professional passionate about wildlife. I spent most of my leisure time travelling various wild life sanctuaries, habitats to photograph life in its most natural habitat

Green Bee

one is one, two is fun, three is a house full

Green bee-

House Sparrow
A house sparrow which was once very common to every house has now become a rareity. 
I was pleased to see this bird feasting on Bajra during my recent visit.

Baya Weaver

A master craftsman...It's very amazing to see how they manage to weave such a wonderful nests.

Rain Quail

Rain Quail...These beautiful birds become active during rainy season. The males are always on the lookout for prospective mates for breeding. They have a very peculiar and loud mating call which does like "Quik Quik", "Quik Quik"...

Cattle Egret (बगळा

This colorful bird is a very common bird named Cattle Egret (बगळा
The male gets this plumage during breeding season to attract potential mates...

Red Rump Swallows

A typical habitat around water bodies, one would get to see Red-rumped swallows busy collecting mud to build their nests...

I See You

I was roaming around outskirts of Pune in a scrubland, when I suddenly saw something peeping out of the stone wall. 
On close check, to my surprise, it was a spotted owlet. 
Seeing me approaching, the owlet went inside. I decided to wait patiently at a safe distance for him to come out. 
After sometime, he peeped out to check if I am still around, giving me an opportunity to create the below image.

Sitana laticeps

In search of soulmate...

Dear Friends,

In the month of March 2019, we (self, Ashwin Datye, Anil Nadgeri, Vinod Bartakke and Reginald Popelier) visited Kibber in Spiti Valley in search of the "The Grey Ghost" of Himalayas - The SNOW LEOPARD.

It was the most memorable trip and a life time experience for all of us. Surviving harsh temperatures of -15 to -20 deg Celsius for 10 days. Combating altitude sickness, trekking in avg 3 to 5 ft snow for hours, toes getting numb and UV sun burns on our face, it was a challenging yet motivational task to complete. 

All our efforts paid off when we had 6 times sightings of Snow Leopard (4 individuals, 1 adult male with Ibex kill and a family of 3 with mother and 2 sub-adult leopards). Ibex, Red fox, Blue Sheep to add to mammal list and Finches, Redstart, Eagles and Vultures to add to bird life.

The below blog attempts to share our experience with you all. Please find time to read (recommended on PC/ Laptop) and let us know your views/ comments.


Indian peafowl (मोर

We have all grown up watching this magnificent bird and listening to its poems.
Undoubtedly, Indian peafowl will be everyone's favourite...

White throated kingfisher

it can often be found well away from water where it feeds on a wide range of prey that includes small reptiles, amphibians, crabs, small rodents and even birds. During the breeding season they call loudly in the mornings from prominent perches including the tops of buildings in urban areas or on wires.

Alexandrian Parakeet

These are one of the largest parakeets and can be easily identified by a red feathers patch. They have been taught to talk and domesticated as pets.

Bar Headed Goose

These winter migrants fly over Himalayas reaching and altitude greater than Mt. Everest to reach India.
With oxygen levels so less at such high altitude, sometimes I wonder how these beautiful specie has adapted self to make this migration possible.

Green Bee Eater

GBE - a commonly seen flycatcher is enjoying morning breakfast.

It keeps me wondering how these birds can manage capturing their prey in flight? 

 Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Asian Paradise flycatcher aka APFC is one of the most beautiful bird amongst flycatchers. It's long tail is very distinctive and helps in flight.

Male are seen in 2 morphs, the p icture below is of rufos morph

Asian Paradise flycatcher aka APFC is one of the most beautiful bird amongst flycatchers. It's long tail is very distinctive and helps in flight.

Male are seen in 2 morphs, the picture below is of white morph and other is Rufus in color.


Small blue kingfisher can be seen in abundance around water bodies. They are well known to dive in water and catch fish

Greater Flamingo
The lonely wanderer. Greater flamingos are one of the most beautiful birds one can see. They migrate in flocks of hundreds and thousands and it's a sight every bird watcher must witness in lifetime.

European Roller

Sighting of European roller around Pune marks the start of upcoming birding season. 
This bird is a winter migrant to India and Africa and breeds in Europe.
Welcoming the only migratory bird from roller family.. 

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