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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winds of Change

Another year has gone past to let us enjoy another Diwali. As Cityblog has mentioned that its more about how you celebrate your life between celebrations is what matters.  Though I appreciate agents of change as it’s a common saying that only constant in this world is change. Some changes are good. In context of Diwali, awareness about damaging consequences, wastefulness and exploitative production of crackers is one welcome change. In our childhood say in 80s no one used to care and we used to spend money and create hazards uncontrolled.  Apart from this change there are few other changes i am positive about since 80s is step towards gaining rightful place in world. India is no more a pushover. It’s an economy to reckon with, brand that world is aware of.  People in India have found benefits of education (at least small % of its populace) and have opportunities to make some future beyond its status at the time of birth.  Development has percolated to hinterlands though not the required extent. Awareness of environment at least in common people is much more than in 80s. I remember travelling in PMT bus in 80s from Deccan to Vanaj and seeing ARAI hill as we see it today as a barren treeless mountain.  Today we have ARAI hill as lungs of city. So can be said about Cummins side of Warje hills, Pashan hill, Taljai hill. Agreed that greedy elements have had their say but visible differences are hard to ignore.  Kids today are much aware of their future and exposed to the latest trends in world. It can be a boon or can as well be a bane.

Dont Just Celebrate Diwali

Have we caught your attention by subject line amidst all the greetings.
Its Diwali again. It comes every year. But as they say like every year is different, Every celebration is different. And life is a celebration.
So lets celebrate life with lights this week to remove the darkest corners that exist within and outside us. Let us be illuminated by knowledge, sense, reason and compassion.
Lets give something nice to others in whatever way and kind.Its Diwali again and it will come next year again. Point is how you celebrate between the celebrations.....
Have a great happy Diwali and next year.
Cityblog Team