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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dusk to Dusk, Ashes to Ashes, Eden to Eden

This is December again and that too second half. This is time to reflect and sit back, relax and enjoy.  Waiting to see if I wake up next Saturday morning on 22nd and see if world still exist as they predicted 21st Dec 2012 to be last day of world. 12.12.12 passed by eventfully ending series of repetitive dd, mm, yy dates starting with 12 am on 00.00.00 (though that was a second and not date) or Y2k. Many had predicted then that world will end as well. But that scare propelled Indian IT into next league. I remember 01.01.01 when some believed to start new millennium.  God damn these numbers. Why numbers make us feel different is something i cannot explain . Many important dates pass by, year going past while looking forward to future.

Future though seems tough for Indian Cricket Team. Phase of transition is taking toll and lack of bowling options have exposed even at home front. Decade of 00 was great starting with that test at eden gardens in 01 under Ganguly-wright reign. We won tests in England (Headingley) and Aus(Adelaide). We won series in Pak.  Almost won a series in Australia (though in absence of warne and mcgrath) but for some stubborn Steve Waugh batting and silly Parthiv Patel keeping). We were invincible at home. We shared champions trophy once .Only blot was home loss to aussies in 04. In mid naughties when chapell/dravid  took over things were unsettled but still we won test in SAF, series in England, WI and won many ODIs chasing. Lowest point of chapel dravid era was first round exit in WC07. The recovery started under Kumble which then culminated into of heights under dhoni-kirtsen era, which saw us fighting back from tricky situations. Starting with Perth victory after epoch Sydney test, winning at fast Durban pitch, coming back twice from behind in home SAF series.