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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Come, Let's Clean Pune!

National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
Pune a Clean City - Clean in Every Which Way 

Hi there all,

Freedom from Garbage is every citizen's dream and every City's need! How long are we going to see our roads and pavements used more for dumping of waste rather than for the purpose for which they were made? Many of us feel ashamed when we see visibly filthy streets and more so when we see how clean other cities and other countries are.

National Society for Clean Cities, Pune, (NSCC) has been relentlessly working along with the PMC to put in systems for better management of waste. Segregation at source is a must and composting the wet waste at source is advocated. If the DRY recyclable waste is also kept aside, it will reduce the load on the PMC. But above all it will fetch you a good price. 'Cash for Trash' is the new Mantra!

On 1st of May 2015 between 5.00 and 6.30pm, our ex President, Mrs. Pratibha Patil along with Municipal Commissioner, Pune, Mr. Kunal Kumar, IAS and Police Commissioner, Pune Mr. Kaushal Kumar Pathak, IPS will grace an event organized  at Laxmi Road, where the benefits and need of Segregation  and 'Cash for Trash' will be explained by NSCC members.

We request all citizens and NGOs to attend and give us your full support to make our Pune  a truly Clean and Green City of which we can be proud!

For further information please contact Shyamala Desai (9823459881; ).

Come, Let’s Clean Pune!

For National Society for Clean Cities, Pune

Satish Khot            Shyamala Desai

Satish Khot, 
President, National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
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