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Saturday, September 12, 2015

हॉस्पिटलच्या केमिस्टकडूनच औषधे घेण्याची सक्ती न करण्याचे व तसे परिपत्र / सूचना हॉस्पिटल केमिस्ट दुकानात ठळकपणे लावण्याचे सर्व हॉस्पिटल्सना आदेश द्यावेत !


Dear Sir,
Thanks for your notice to one of the major hospital of pune, who agreed to permit patients to buy drugs from outside chemists.
Sir, almost all hospitals, with chemist shops, do insist/compel patients to buy drugs from their chemist at much higher prices than available with wholesale & other chemists outside.
you are requested to issue orders to all hospitals not to compel patients, except emergencies & time constraint to buy from hosp chemists only.
Also to display such notice prominently in hospital & chemist shop at visible location.

Thanks & Regards,

jugal rathi  vivek velankar


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

पीएमपी बीआरटी मोफत बस प्रवासाचा अधिकृत निर्णय पश्चातबुद्धीने अनधिकृतपणे बेकायदेशीररित्या गुंडाळणे,प्रवाश्यांचा घोर विश्वासघात व पीएमपी साठी आत्मघातकी…. !

 Hon MAYOR, Hon CHAIRPERSON Standing Committee,Hon COMMISSIONER,Hon CMD PMPML & Directors

Dear Sirs,
Please provide the relevant full information of this decision,grossly incorrect and dishonor of promise to commuters.

The President of RTA is requested also to inform citizens whether all procedure of change in bus fare, free & then chargeable is duly complied with & decisions are taken with RTA approval.Sir, its your legal responsibility to ensure the  interest of lakhs of bus commuters & 60 lakhs+ citizens of PMC/PCMC.
Awaiting the prompt response,
Thanks & Regards,
jugal rathi  vivek velankar

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