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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years New challenges New Beginning

Cityblog wishes its readers a very happy new year 2012. If 2011 was year of revolution this is year of election and we Punekars should exercise our ballots surely and wisely to overcome challenges faced by our great City. 
Cityblog promises to be part of betterment of Pune and its people. We will soon come out in renewed version meeting your expectations.

Lets start this year on positive note with a philospohical rejuvenation.

This is the time to change calendars, planners, diaries. This is the time to make resolutions and break it. This is the time to get into the most non-happening part of year from Jan-Apr till summer vacations for kids. For all those studying this is the exam time; a crunch time. Winter turns into spring and then into hot summer. Only festivity on horizon is Holi. All parties stacked up in last quarter of the year are over and back to work now.

This is the time one can make it count. Human mind has a great weakness to find excuses and get adapted to situation. I think that’s the main problem all us face. We are so comfortable in the day to day existence, routine, job that we lose focus on doing something new, solving problems that we really have to. Instead we focus upon day to day actions, fighting today’s fire and do that repeatedly. These mundane problems occupy 80% of our time. And we find excuses to do avoid doing something new. Lack of ability to take calculated risks and sheer laziness are two elephants in the room.

Here is an idea to approach this.