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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Year of Failures

Citizen Gautam Naik takes a review at year gone past 2012

If 2011 was year of revolutions, 2012 can definitely be branded as the year of failures. Failures on the part of those at helm who could have really made impact if they wanted to and who for some reasons failed in connecting with masses, had wrong priorities and thus resulted in problems for masses. Be it world, India, Maharashtra, Pune or be in Indian cricket team, or be it new social activists

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Whos Next

It was 1987 Sunil Gavaskar hung his boots after an epic but heartbreaking century against Pakistan at Bangalore. That was a long series with dull draws. It was hyped as this 2012 Pak series of T20s and ODIs is. It was Gavaskar vs Imran.  For kids like me born in mid 70s and induced into cricket religion in early 80s marked by 83 WC win, it was end of world. For me Kapil was the main show and Gavaskar the director.  There were Patils, shastris, shrikants, binnys, jimmys , colonels and madans but crux of team were these north and south poles. As in India we value batting more than bowling, Gavaskar retired was like a catastrophe. Who will replace him?  In comes a Mumbai lad who not only made a mark but also excelled the incumbent in all aspects.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dusk to Dusk, Ashes to Ashes, Eden to Eden

This is December again and that too second half. This is time to reflect and sit back, relax and enjoy.  Waiting to see if I wake up next Saturday morning on 22nd and see if world still exist as they predicted 21st Dec 2012 to be last day of world. 12.12.12 passed by eventfully ending series of repetitive dd, mm, yy dates starting with 12 am on 00.00.00 (though that was a second and not date) or Y2k. Many had predicted then that world will end as well. But that scare propelled Indian IT into next league. I remember 01.01.01 when some believed to start new millennium.  God damn these numbers. Why numbers make us feel different is something i cannot explain . Many important dates pass by, year going past while looking forward to future.

Future though seems tough for Indian Cricket Team. Phase of transition is taking toll and lack of bowling options have exposed even at home front. Decade of 00 was great starting with that test at eden gardens in 01 under Ganguly-wright reign. We won tests in England (Headingley) and Aus(Adelaide). We won series in Pak.  Almost won a series in Australia (though in absence of warne and mcgrath) but for some stubborn Steve Waugh batting and silly Parthiv Patel keeping). We were invincible at home. We shared champions trophy once .Only blot was home loss to aussies in 04. In mid naughties when chapell/dravid  took over things were unsettled but still we won test in SAF, series in England, WI and won many ODIs chasing. Lowest point of chapel dravid era was first round exit in WC07. The recovery started under Kumble which then culminated into of heights under dhoni-kirtsen era, which saw us fighting back from tricky situations. Starting with Perth victory after epoch Sydney test, winning at fast Durban pitch, coming back twice from behind in home SAF series.

Monday, December 3, 2012

City Development plan is dictatated by Builders

Experts including Town Planning expert Anita Benninger, former director of town planning department  Ramchandra Gohad,  V D kulkarni, Vijay Kumbhar of surajya , Ranjeet Gadgil and Vivek Velankar of Sajag Nagrik Manch criticed revised draft okan of 2007-2027 development plan for Pune.

The plan has lot of mistakes and no thoughts have been put into city's planning. Citizens should challenge the DP. There are many 'reservations' in land in DP but in reality they are not followed. DP has been dicatated by developers and is not in interest of citizens. In process of preparing DP, peoples partcipation is must. There is no mention of how the funds will be raised for proposed development plans. Some % of state and central government funds should be used for this development.

This Talk was organized by Sajag Nagrik Manch.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tribute to a Mass Leader

Call it megalomania or call it plain coincidences or call it influence of reading Midnights children, seems like my life is intertwined with the happenings in India.  On Dec 6th 1992, when Babri masjid was demolished I was camped at the most non religious place: NCC camp in Kalaikunda in my first year of IIT when NCC was compulsory.  The nation was burning outside but we were far from humanity unscathed from any such unrest.  On 29th Sep 1993 when earth shook at Killari, i had to take refuge of co-hostel mate as my room keys were lost and we were unable to break the lock. When rumour spread that all Ganesha idols were drinking milk, i missed a mid sem paper due to wrong copying of exam calendar. I was on my honeymoon in Himalayas when IC814 was hijacked from Himalayas and Rupen Katyal another honeymooner lost his life. During 2002 Gujarat riots i was in Gujarati dominated city of Leicester in UK. Now UK has started talking to Modi in 2012. When kasab and co shook Mumbai in 08, i had a marriage to attend in Mumbai which i did.  Bit deviating from main topic of my discussion.
When Balasaheb died I was in a city of Hyderabad that too amidst some riots near charminar and passing through Muslim dominated areas of the old city. What a paradox  for someone like me who was fan of this leader.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winds of Change

Another year has gone past to let us enjoy another Diwali. As Cityblog has mentioned that its more about how you celebrate your life between celebrations is what matters.  Though I appreciate agents of change as it’s a common saying that only constant in this world is change. Some changes are good. In context of Diwali, awareness about damaging consequences, wastefulness and exploitative production of crackers is one welcome change. In our childhood say in 80s no one used to care and we used to spend money and create hazards uncontrolled.  Apart from this change there are few other changes i am positive about since 80s is step towards gaining rightful place in world. India is no more a pushover. It’s an economy to reckon with, brand that world is aware of.  People in India have found benefits of education (at least small % of its populace) and have opportunities to make some future beyond its status at the time of birth.  Development has percolated to hinterlands though not the required extent. Awareness of environment at least in common people is much more than in 80s. I remember travelling in PMT bus in 80s from Deccan to Vanaj and seeing ARAI hill as we see it today as a barren treeless mountain.  Today we have ARAI hill as lungs of city. So can be said about Cummins side of Warje hills, Pashan hill, Taljai hill. Agreed that greedy elements have had their say but visible differences are hard to ignore.  Kids today are much aware of their future and exposed to the latest trends in world. It can be a boon or can as well be a bane.

Dont Just Celebrate Diwali

Have we caught your attention by subject line amidst all the greetings.
Its Diwali again. It comes every year. But as they say like every year is different, Every celebration is different. And life is a celebration.
So lets celebrate life with lights this week to remove the darkest corners that exist within and outside us. Let us be illuminated by knowledge, sense, reason and compassion.
Lets give something nice to others in whatever way and kind.Its Diwali again and it will come next year again. Point is how you celebrate between the celebrations.....
Have a great happy Diwali and next year.
Cityblog Team

Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Pune kars need 24/7 water supply: NCP MLA

During meeting attended by journalists of cityblog and other newspapers, MLA of NCP Mr Bapu Pathare mocked at Punekars. This meeting was oranized by Sajag Nargik Manch (SNM) at IMDR on BMCC Road on sunday 4th Nov. The topic of meeting was Dams are full 95% the why Pune still has to face water cuts?....
Though NCP had promised 24/7 water supply for pune in its 2012 PMC elections, its own MLAs and leaders who strongly back sugar lobby to get their due of water. 'Else Pune people should stop having tea if there is no sugarcane'  said the MLA. "Many people whom I represent in my contituency , have requested only 2 hrs of water supply in a day "said Mr Pathare. ". Do you want to strat washing centers? questioned NCP MLA. Is it a precursor of things pune have to face thanks to these politicans who serve their own interest. Ironically Punekars have voted same party to power. No one from congress attended the meeting which shows the disconnect the ruling party in state and center has for Pune. Opposition attended in full strength with Madhuri Misal , MLA BJP, Mrunal Gore and Ashok Harnwal , SS leaders in state and PMC respectively, Vasant More, Leader of PMC opposition from MNS, Jugal Rathi and Vivek Velankar from SNM.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Apple Vs Samsung

A very interesting read: source

This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company in this way.
The funny part is that the signed document does not specify a single payment method, so Samsung is entitled to send the creators of the iPhone their billion dollars in the way they deem best.
This dirty but genius geek troll play is a new headache to Apple executives as they will need to put in long hours counting all that money, to check if it is all there and to try to deposit it crossing fingers to hope a bank will accept all the coins.
Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, told the media that his company is not going to be intimidated by a group of “geeks with style” and that if they want to play dirty, they also know how to do it.
You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law. A total of 20 billion coins, delivery hope to finish this week. There is only one way to sum this story up CLASSIC!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Advice to a senior

October which is coming to an end has set in the last quarter of 2012. It seems just yesterday that I greeted all for new year with a warning that this might be last year end party we might enjoy as world comes to an end as per theories going around. So we might have last two months till 21-12-2112 to enjoy. Are the Tsunamis, Biggest thunderstorm hitting US coasts precursor to that one wonders? I don’t think so; it will be slow if at all world ends and not a apocalypse. We have damaged environment irreversibly and maybe our future generations will suffer. Not wanted to be devil’s advocate but sometimes you just wonder

Meanwhile much damage has been done by my senior at Kharagpur Arvind Kejriwal to create thunderstorm. Law minister of land had to threaten him publically, such is his impact. Though i appreciate him for be the first man to take on first family publically, but somehow i feel that he is playing into congress hands by dividing opposition.

Anti Dengue appeal in Model Colony

Shri Mahesh Pathak,

Dear sir,
One youth Prem Thapa ( Sudhir Regency,next to Jain Boarding,near Om Super Market, Model Coly, Pune 411016) was diagnosed Dengu Fever on 10th Oct. Which I reported on 11th Oct to Ghole Rd AC/WO, reminded on 13 th Oct again on 15th Oct. Two employees came & did fogging near the room of Prem Thapa.

The open plot adjacent has become dumping ground & mosquito breeding spot.Requested to DC, who promised to do the needful.
Since then made 3 phone calls and 5 messages to him for action re Open Plot.

Sir, messages were also sent to you on 18th,19th,22nd,25th October informing No action being taken even after reminder to SI,AC,DC. Sorry no response received even from your office.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Burning issue: Merging of adjoining new villages in PMC: Expert blog

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell...Edward Abbey.

Well this quote from the great author perfectly fits for our subject i.e. merging of adjoining new villages in Municipal Corporation. We should remember the basic objective of expanding the city limits or else it will be just on paper & not towards what we want to achieve out of it. What we should be looking for is a monolithic growth covering all features of development of this very city but in actual look what we are doing? More than ten years have been passed by de-merging 8 villages & merging 15 villages in PMC & we are yet unable to approve final Development plan of the city & major issues like TDR these area which are very important for acquiring the lands for various reservations haven’t yet decided up on. Why TDR even we have not taken any firm stand of burning issue of Hill Top Hill Slope under which more than 10% of the newly acquired villages area is coming!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winners of Retail Concepts Pandit Jawadekar Group Trophy for Cityblog Open Tennis at Deccan Gymkhana

Winners of Retail Concepts Pandit Jawadekar trophy for Cityblog Open Tennis Tournament at Deccan Gymkhana

U14 Boys: Yash Yadav,
U14 and U16 doubles: Aditya Gohkle & Taha Kapadia,
U16 Boys; Aditya Gokhale.
U14 &U16 girls: Sama Satvik
U14 and 16 Girls Doubles; Sama Satvika & Shivani Ingle

Monday, October 1, 2012

5th Cityblog Open Tournament Launched from 1st Oct at Deccan Gymkhana

Retail concepts Pandit Jawadekar group trophy and tournament inaugurated today at Deccan Gymkhana for 5th Cityblog Open Tennis for first AITA Champioship series Junior Tennis Tournament

More than 250 under 16 and 14 boys and girls from all over india play for next 5 days at DG. All are welcome. Cityblog , Retail Concepts and Pandit Jawadekar group

This is 5th Cityblog Open in alst two years. Cityblog is committed to bring forth new talent in Pune

This is first time in Pune that such tournament is launhced for championship series.

Photo1: Press conferenece where Directors of Cityblog present torunament to press along with DG officials and Retail concepts directors.

Photo 2; Tennis Tournament inaug by Retail concept, Cityblog, Om dalvi trust, DG dignitaries.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maximum City Miniscule View

Citizen Gautam Naik reviews book Maximum city by Suketu Mehta
After a long wait (mainly due to warnings from those who had read and knew me well), i had a chance to lay hands upon a much critically acclaimed book called Maximum City by Suketu Mehta. In many media quarters and references, Mumbai has been named as Maximum city. The awards etc have also been given for this writing and this book is supposed to be critically acclaimed (as every book is nowadays).

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ganesha The God

Citizen Gautam Naik's wishlist to Ganesha The God

Rains have gone by. Thought technically monsoon hasn’t retreated. Rainy season was intriguing. June July dry, wet august and steady start to sep. Dams have been filled 100% (on records still 90% as 10% was given to agriculture and downstream towns by guardian minister). The worries of dry year ahead were dispelled thanks to the almighty. The leaders and admin should thank their lucky stars for mismanagement last year when we had excessive rains as were planning paralysis especially for contingencies. We won’t learn from past. Let the lord of wisdom prevail and let there be proper approach to problems faced by our city. It is now time to welcome arrival of the Lord. Whole atmosphere has changed for something auspicious, festive and enjoyable. Though terror looms large (especially after J M Rd events on 1st Aug) but I think sense has prevailed and police seem to be on toes involving mandals and communities. Let the lord show way there to the digressed souls who don’t have any mercy to kill in name of lord. How does name or way of worship of the same lord matter. Why kill? Why insult someone’s beliefs in name of free speech. And why kill to protest same. How irrelevant. Let’s all bury our differences and live happily ever after. Just like terrorism and bad governance another obstacle we wish to almighty is to stop corruption which has resulted in loss of public money, faith in systems and has created role models for young to make big using hook or crook. And finally let there be innovation, let knowledge drive the quest to excellence and let’s break stereotypes, lets conquer our self beliefs, vices, shortcomings to really make our own selves, family, society and country a very better place than what it is now. Ganesha always comes with goodies and hope he helps us achieve my never ending wish list. Wish you a very happy Ganesh festival.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Appeal from PMPML Pravasi Sangh

Please sign the petition and forward the link to all your contacts to oppose proposed PMPML fare hike.Thanks

Compliments PMPML-Ganeshotsav Special Bus Services;Allow Commuters & passholders with "No Extra Fare".Introduce Festival Special Passes !

Dear Sirs,

Thanks for appreciating concern for Commuters needs.

However its halfhearted,complicated & "Lost Opportunity" to rebuild commuter trust.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kya Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hain?

This is the time to block sms, fb posts, twitter accts, blogs, thanks to insanity prevailing among certain few outcasts in society. I still believe in general goodness of human being and affinity to remain in peace and harmony barring external attacks and self defence. But religion like cricket is mass opium. And it’s time for those who generally have track record across most of human history to remain in conflict, to self reflect and found voice beneath. Its more of politics than religion. Religion just becomes tool to drive ones point in region where resources were scarce and my beloved country had those in ample. That’s why my country is apostle of friendship and peace throughout history suffers from foreign invaders who tried to plunder it. And now insiders have joined in capitalizing on basic anomalies within like doublespeak, divide and rule etc ..... Anyways digressing a lot when it comes to friendship and peace

Last month also had chance to interact with someone which has been eye opener on friendship front. A very close friend of mine (pls note a friend so I become an actor of this post involving friendship though strictly under oath as someone who could express) who in past had claimed to have treasured people/relations more than materialistic approach. He has been in past very militant about same and this fact remained as fountainhead of something which he used to boast and cherish. But life as usual plays cynic and leveller. In fact it’s the same people/relations above material debate which had put the protagonist of post in the hardest corner of his life, ended one of the best chapters of his life recently. Please note this is not a forum to point fingers or glorify/defame anybody. But it is an open forum to voice certain eternal and omnipresent truths of life. Taking a certain individual namely ‘A’ from equation, I think another say ‘B’ can appreciate the feelings. That’s the genesis of this post. Here is what he told me at a great location amidst rains over cup of steamed tea and onion pakodas.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Appeal from PMPML Pravasi manch



One wonders with advanced technological controls in place how in the world any one can draw power exceeding quota.Its obvious there is lack of Governance and abuse by people in power; so that no system can work.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why we need Team Anna

Today’s most maligned word is Team Anna. And it’s not public opinion but systematic maligning done very cunningly by govt and opposition using popular media. Right from start of fast in july, main papers and channels started describing how the movement is flop and how the Team Anna is so irrelevant. It was the same media which glorified Anna after world cup 2011. Public which is gullible as usual started supporting Anna as the movement caught imagination and public felt something new about being patriotic. Even then there were armchair critics and elitist which labelled this patriotism to be fashionable and targeted the middle class who have no political messiah. Same middle class was again ridiculed by now Finance minister PC when he said that Middle class can afford 20 Rs mineral water and ice cream, and oppose 1 Rs rise in rice price. But that time media was behind Anna movement. Was it for TRP reasons or was Anna movement an investment in 2011 which they encashed from government for getting paid to crush the movement. All channels except to some extent Times Now are pro establishment. The stalwarts like Barkha dutt, rajdeep, vir sanghvi have fallen and exposed in Radia tapes. The main papers except Hindustan Times and to some extent DNA are pro establishment. The entire media has been managed.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


As reported following arrangements are made,some are regular,some are for Olympics:
1.Appeal to citizens Avoid Peak-time travel , if possible.

2.Off peak travel tickets are cheaper.

3.Saturday & Sunday are considered as off peak time,since its Office holidays.

4.The efforts were on for several months to ensure that No inconvenience is caused to Olympic Tourists & Londoners. Mock drills conducted so that stampede can be avoided.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Heart Touching Events

Finally seems like we have rains in and around Pune for which we were waiting desperately. On this beautiful Friday evening watching rains over hills behind my office between two meetings over a hot cup of tea... (Resolved to avoid kanda bhaji lets see how evening turns over)

I missed out on commenting on  events which are close to heart and related to heart literally in one of them. Let’s start with that one.

Heart in this event was that of Uddhav Thakarey. Howsoever outsiders love to hate Thakarey clan; they won’t understand how much they mean to Maharashtrians especially those in Mumbai. I am not being biased or crying victim here, Maharashtra is victim of its own success. The democratic and modernist thoughts in Maharashtra are thanks to some visionary leaders like Tilak, Agarkar, Phule, Ambedkar, and yes Savarkar (thats another topic).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cut Tree, Set Free

Now you can cut trees as much as you can and be relaxed as Pune Municipal Corporation will not take any action on you. They will just send you notice or warning for the name sake. this is the condition in city now. There are various people who cut trees and not being punished. This is with reference to the one of builder in the city. He found out innovative way to kill tree also few years ago He had chopped down hundred of trees few year ago and he got warning letter from PMC only. And many more tree killers are set free in the society.

In spite having ban on cutting tree, many trees are being cut by builders in the city. Various tree cutting incidences are also increasing in the city. This ultimately affects us reducing green cover and oxygen. Builder Arvind Jain had chopped 128 trees in 2010 and in recent incident two trees are killed in unique way so that can be removed without hesitation. While talking about it Ravindra Salgaonkar, a BJP member of Model Colony said “He removed the soil near roots so it cannot get water and die and if you see the condition presently it has dried now he can show that dried tree and get permission to cut it down. If such things continued then one day there will not be tree anymore.”

Occupy Men's Toilet

As per the numbers of toilet concern very less toilets are available for ladies which not only cause inconvenience to them but also leading to the major problem. The recent occupy men’s toilet protest may seen city if the condition not handled in time.

According to the World Health Organisation, there should be one public toilet for every 100 people. In the city, there is one public toilet for 9,100 people.

Health activist Chetan Gandhi, who has been raising the issue of separate public toilets for women for the past few years, said the PMC had only reserved 63 blocks for public toilets and that too on a temporary basis.

While talking to Cityblog Vrushali Pathak, a student of BMCC college said “it very difficult situation for ladies in the city, we have to search for the hotel for essential activity and have to spend for food if we have to use toilet in hotels. Also malls are the lifesaver at many times. If there are proper numbers of urinals then the problem will be solved. PMC should act on the time otherwise the campaign like Occupy men’s toilet has to conduct.”

Home Alone

(The story, place and characters are fictitious. Story is to entertainment and learning purpose)

My brother and I were alone in our apartment. My parents had gone for a function and had left me in charge. I was doing my homework while my younger brother was watching television. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! My younger brother rushed to the door thinking that our parents had come home; he unlocked the door and opened it.

Outside, stood a tall man wearing a black raincoat and black rubber boots. He said that he was a salesman and asked politely if our mother or father was at home.


The summer ending with heat waves still couple of weeks to go, till then taking care of skin in not only important but becomes necessary. Damaged by this heat may take longer time to heal so be aware summer is still on. Read on to know the makeup tips, which you need to keep in mind to beat the heat and look fresh and beautiful all summer long. You will find a lot of tips on how to pick summer make up.

India at Olympics

It is always said India is a nation where only cricket is played. But we will say India is a nation where cricket is also played along with many others game. Indian athletes are practicing very hard so that they can make India proud at International level. Lets talk about the 2008 Beijing Olympics where only 56 Indian players were qualified. Now for London Olympics 2012 almost 80 days are remaining and already 70 Indian athletes including Indian Hockey team have qualified for Olympics 2012. Lets check out the players who get qualified for the different tournaments.

As it Is

Exactly a month ago that additional chief secretary of the Urban Development department, TC Benjabin had pointed out the miserable condition of the city’s footpath in a hard hitting letter, also ordered to clear all encroachments on pavements to make then walk able for pedestrians. And the condition is as it was. It is also seems that Pune Municipal Corporation is in habit to keep all the things as it is and the encroachments are one of the thing.


Just dial

The Official Justdial Application for your Android smart phone is simple, interactive and intuitive so you can search for businesses, products or services in your area with ease. Now use India's No.1 Local search engine right from your Android device.

Find out which movies or events are happening around you, the best restaurants and lounges in your city, the latest art shows, or find ATMs, Hotels, Doctors and much more from our list of popular search categories. The official Just dial android app gives you all flexibility to sort the results based on your preference.

The Great Fall

Rupee has been deprecating against the dollar for the past 4 months and many analysts are predicting it that it will depreciate further. Rupee depreciation means that India’s currency has lost its value in comparison to US dollar, now the question is what will be the impact of rupee deprecation, well at this point it is difficult to quantify it but given below are some of the possible effects of rupee deprecation –

1. Inflation which has been haunting Indians for past 2 years will rise as India is a net importer, and crude being primary import, the cost of importing crude will rise even if the price of crude falls in international markets. Hence inflation will be the key risk due to deprecation of rupee.

Balanced act-or

Either it may be real life or may be films and serials police uniform and duty role is attached to Sachin Sawant. Sawant works at Anti extortion cell in crime branch in Pune. His various roles are in TV serials and films are of Police as he wants to improve image of the Police force. With this aim of improving police force’s image Sachin Sawant joined police department in 1988 as a Sub Inspector and with his hobby of acting he is adding more to it.

If you remember the police inspector Vyas in Dev Anand’s film Chargesheet, Sawant is the same person shown as honest police officer and he played various roles of Police along with some different roles. In the recent past, Sawant has acted in the Star One series Horror Nights, the weekly soap Chandramukhi on DoorDarshan, and Chandrakanta on Sahara One.

Debate: Should Sachin be in Parliament?

Debraj Dhar

I am happy at this. I am looking at the opportunities this step can provide.

Unless the political system is cleansed by having better people, people with no criminal records, we have no hope of improving. I think people like us should also stand in elections - that is the only way to improve. With enough people like us, I am sure there will be a shift.

You can clean the gutter only by being in the gutter

Tung Tikona

Tung is also known as 'Kathingad'. As the name suggests, the fort is difficult to climb. Tung is in Mawal region which was truly ruled by Marathas. Tung is one of the difficult forts in Maharashtra. The height of the fort is almost 3500 feet and almost 1200 feet area of the fort is steep ascent. One can reach the fort from Kamshet near Lonavala. 'Phagne Dam' on Pawna river near Kamshet is the place when you can start for trekking. Though the trek is tiresome, still you can enjoy the amazing view of the dam and twin Tung and Tikona. Now a days, there is not much to see on the fort, except the temple of 'Devi Tungai', temple of 'Devi Tuljai' , a small lake and a beautiful cave. But one can enjoy the marvelous view of Lohgad - Visapur on the north and Tikona on the east.

Bollywood News

TRP war between Satyamev Jayate and KBC

The recent much debated Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate show hosted by Amir Khan failed to get the rating anywhere near Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega Crorepathi (KBC). Satyamev Jayate showed how a person who was abused as a child recovers through the love and affection of his pet.

Aamir Khan is very fond of films and the movies help him to get past the traumatic experience.

The show Satyamev Jayate recorded a viewer ship of 90 million but that is because of the advertisement, say people who like Amitabh Bachchan's show.

Gym Tips

Summer is very hectic for your exercise most of us have taken break but as the summer over take your first step to gym again. Making mood to rejoin gym is not easy job mind preparation is the most difficult part. Here are some tips to climb back on that treadmill after you’ve fallen off.

1. Don’t Break the Habit – The easiest way to keep things going is simply not to stop. Avoid long breaks in exercising or rebuilding the habit will take some effort. This may be advice a little too late for some people. But if you have an exercise habit going, don’t drop it at the first sign of trouble.

Rachana Lifestyle

Rachana Lifestyle is one of the most reputed builders and developers firm from Pune having construction activities in Residential as well as Commercial sector since the last 24 years. Over the years, we have strived to delight our customers and build everlasting relationships and in the past two decades developed spaces that have not only delighted customers but have made them our patrons forever.

Directors of the company Mr. Vinay Kalbhor and Mr. Nitin Bhanagay, visionaries and childhood friends both being Mechanical Engineers, joined hands with one single goal in mind: to empower the real estate business in Pune with style and elegance. Thus started Rachana Associates now re-branded as Rachana Lifestyle, with their motto “The Spirit of Creation” while keeping the moral and ethics of the group the same, what has changed is the attitude and the spirit and a single vision of giving exclusive lifestyle options to their customers. Mr. Vinay Kalbhor whose expertise in Marketing, Designing, Construction and Administration teamed with Mr. Nitin Bhanagay whose excellent PR skills, Finance, Legal and Business Development acumen are the driving force for the company which is now ISO 9001:2008 certified. Together they direct the affairs of the company with a professional ease, signifying the trust and quality of a polished partnership.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Songs of Life : Tribute to RD

Last week we celebrated RDs birth anniversary. Due to some issues, had to remain at home that day. Luckily one FM channel was playing RD songs throughout the day. Lots have been said about genius of RD Burban and there are folklores amongst music lovers about his personality. But i have a different angle to pay tribute to RD. His songs make you reflect upon various situations about life and thus they appeal. Though some might technically and correctly credit major part of that to lyricists but i feel the haunting music makes that reflection. Here is my case.

Most of us have some complaints about life thus the most favourite song of mine is applicable universally: ‘Tuzse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi Hairan Hoon Main’. Note the difference between Naaraz (being pissed off) and being Hairan (bemused). It’s subtle and also note on stress in the music of “Main”.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Gurupournima

Role of Guru is to show light. Role of Guru is to help disciples know their hidden strengths and help them conquer their weaknesses. Role of Guru is to correct a disciple who is misled. Role of Guru is to stand behind his ward amidst hardships and happiness. Role of Guru is to impart knowledge. Role of Guru is to be a friend and guide. How important is for all of us to have someone who can play all above roles. Most of us will atleast have one such teacher (or anyone else) who must have played these roles.  Today is time to remeber all those and imagine what we would have been without them. Indian culture calls this day as Gurupournima...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Recessions in India

I have been in my profession for last 16 yrs since 1996 when i started out as fresher out of my esteemed campus. This as i count is the fourth cycle of recession since then. Incidentally, this time span can be drawn parallel to opening of Indian economy after 1991. Each recession had varied factors leading to varied, varied experiences and varied response by various entities involved.

Let us start by definition and cause of recession.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Old Toys Donation Appeal

If you wish to donate any old toys to destitute and needy children, pls drop them on this sunday (24th) or coming one(1st) (not on any other days) at Mehrofi Modibaug Petrol Pump on University Road (only pump on opp side of pune central side of rd). Help us create some smiles.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Heat is On..Waiting for Rains...

There is heat all around. Summer vacations have come to an end and all kids will soon start new academic year. Summer vacations have been spent. IPL is over. Travel plans executed and photo albums uploaded. Mind still refuses to come out of those nice spent holidays. Mango season is over. Summer camps, swimming classes, hobby classes all coming to an end. Aroma of new books, uniforms, bags takes you back to your school days which were simply priceless. One thing is missing: rains. Monsoon progress is studied by govts, economists, stock markets, water suppliers, tanker lobbies, railways, and we all the aam people of this special country. Hope all is well on that front which will we know soon.

But all is not well elsewhere and there is heat everywhere. Common man is facing heat of inflation. Food costs have gone up. Petrol though has cooled down a bit but govt still refuses to pass on that relief. Having studied balance sheets of all oil companies one wonders whether loss accounts claimed by govt are for real. Having supported privatization and opposing subsidies, it makes any cry for government control over oil prices something of double standards. But after having studied the taxation of petrol, it highlights pure mismanagement. There are anomalies like selling diesel to Mercedes over at same price as to a goods carrier. LPG distribution is marred with rackets. But who cares. On one side we had bumper crops and other side we have inflated food prices. Middlemen benefit, farmers commit suicides. Politicians thrive.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monsoon Effects or Rain Drain

Summer reminds us about the water scarcity but in next season that is monsoon we forget about it. The problem remains up to the water scarcity till it hits people and after getting adequate water we forgets about it and remembers it in next summer. To tackle this condition Rain water Harvesting is the simple way. Also monsoon highlights subjects like encroachments on nullah which also calms down after the monsoon. Improper rain water management drains the rain water and lack of political will drains public money. This is the way monsoon affects

Serial Boxer Rakesh Yadav

He started competing in Boxing in 1986 after couple downs his success graph is climbing high and high. In 1989 he won first boxing game and he never looked back. As ups and down comes in life he managed and went on playing. Rakesh Yadav is the elder brother in family and because of the father’s death he has to manage home as well. But in spite letting divert his attention he concentrated on game and one day the game gave him the job.

As national level player he had various jobs option but he chose police department in 1995 because of love on city and his family. In Police Traffic Department he started his journey as constable and now he is a police Havaldar. He brought up in Pimpri Chinchwad where there were no healthy environment for the good person but without diverting attention he joined boxing club formed by Gautam Chabukswar, he started practice with other friends and day by day interest developed. After two times defeat he practiced more and won first competition in 1989, in 1991 he played at national level and went up to the quarter final but in spite having break in carriers he participated in 1992 and went up to the final and won silver medal.

Speed Breakers or spine breakers

Recent three deaths have highlighted the bad condition of the speed breakers in the city. Absence of marking on speed breakers and sign boards prior to the speed breakers are the major problems. Also civic body and traffic department is not firm on steps of having footpaths on roads. These things not only have claimed lives but most of the citizens are suffering from serious spine and back injuries.

Eyecare for Summer

While taking care of the skin we usually forget about the eye care in summer or the eye gets less attention. Only wearing a goggle is not enough for your eyes there are other things need to be taken care. During summer UV rays are not only harmful for our skin but these invisible, high-energy rays of light that absorbed by your eyes, can cause or enhance several eye ailments. This happens because the UV light can cause a reaction in our eye tissue. And once it occurs, it cannot be reversed.

Health care for women between 30-50

These are the more important age for women. This is the age to build your body to stay fit for growing age. You not only have to invest for you health but you should proper management will help in future.
Taking care in 30s

The 30 is a milestone decade for many women, who hit their stride during their 30s career, family, children, even sex. It’s also an era when metabolism starts to decline. Having turned 30 myself earlier this year, I admit that it’s time to rethink some things.


Jimmy was a very fat boy. He always used to be sad because of his obesity. So, he decided to consult a doctor. He said to the doctor, "How can I reduce my weight? Everybody teases me at the school."

The doctor advised him to exercise daily. After few days, he again went to the doctor and complained that despite of exercising; he couldn't reduce his weight rather, putting on weight.

The doctor asked him what exercise he was doing. Jimmy replied, "I go for horse riding every day. The result is that I gained weight while the horse lostweight."

Treevolution Day and DSK Gappa

Treevolution Day Celebrated

With the theme: ‘Lighting Hope, Growing Green’ , Tree Public, in association with the Indo German Chamber of Commerce and I Built, celebrated Treevolution Day 2012 at the 600 seat Symbiosis Vishwa Bhavan, on Saturday, 28th April, with focused panel discussions by eminent experts and 2 scintillating environment theater performances. Treevolution Day is the beginning of an annual environmental celebration, organized by the Tree Public Foundation – commonly known as Tree Public, a completely not for profit and apolitical organization.

New stadium in Pune

Citizen Gautam Naik had a chance to visit Subrato Roy Sahara Stadium at Gahunje. He shares the experience

I had to chance to visit new stadium in Pune. It’s a lovely stadium. It has good ambience and facilities. It is bit away from city but at a manageable distance. Public transport is pathetic anyways in Pune so private vehicle is only possible mode (though PMPML initiated special buses).


Nestled among the Sahyadri Hills, Bhandardara has all the makings of a beautiful holiday resort. Sky-high mountains, roaring waterfalls and lush greenery throughout the year, attract tourists from all over.

To reach Bhandardara, detrain at Igatpuri. If you are traveling by road from Mumbai, you need to turn right just a few kilometers after Igatpuri and enter Ghoti. This small town leads to a long narrow road, which cuts across the lofty mountains and ascends to the marvelous retreat. Although it is just about an hour’s journey, the sights are spectacular. Fluorescent green paddy fields contrast with bright blue skies above and the murky brown streams that crisscross the whole land. When it rains, and clouds descend from the sky to blanket the earth, the sight is truly breathtaking!

Mini India

A small society it may seem, but embraces a whole India in it. RAAGDARI- as the name suggests a combination of different ragas namely, Basant Bahar, Megh Malhar,Madhuwanti and Baageshri , similarly it resides a lot of people following different religions, speaking different languages and belonging to diverse sections of the society. The best example of its unity and oneness can be seen in the way they celebrate all festivals from khoja-giri poornima,holi,ganesh chaturthi to Christmas and new year. The cultural celebrations at Raagdari are always looked upon with envy by members of other colonies. The fun-filled and masti atmosphere with giving preference to religious ways of celebration gives it a modern and an ethnic approach.


Agni-V is an intercontinental ballistic missile developed by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India. It is part of the Agni series of missiles, one of the missile systems under the original Integrated Guided Missile Development Program. According to DRDO chief, the exact range of Agni V is "classified” but afterwards he described Agni V as a missile with a range of 5,500-5,800 km.

It is all about movie, film and cinema..!!

A new venture with an excellent idea and a group of passionate faculties, that’s what gives ‘Living Bridge’ a good leap in the race. With the perfect combination of innovation, sincerity and hard work it bounds to go a long way. It is a place where talent meets opportunity to imbibe and pursue one’s dreams of making career in film making.

Living Bridge is an education hub started by Aziz Rajabali and Ruta Talwalkar under the active guidance of Prof. Prashant Desai, a Film Television Institute of India (FTII) graduate of the 1982 batch. Since then, he has worked in the industry in various fields such as Cinematography, Screenplay writing as well as Production and Direction. He was faculty at the pioneer Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai and SNDT Mumbai, for their Post Graduation Courses in Mass Communication since its inception in 1996. Till recently, he was working at MIT institute of design. He has rich experience of producing and directing many corporate films.

Hritik, Aish and Ranbir

Hrithik Altimate style icon.

Hrithik Roshan, bollywood star has been voted as the ultimate style icon in an online survey conducted by Yahoo! India. On the list of ultimate style icons cricketer MS Dhoni features at number two and superstar Shah Rukh Khan is third. Hrithik got 18 percent votes, while Dhoni bagged 16 and SRK 15 percent votes, said a Yahoo! India statement, while Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan were declared the most stylish celebrity couple.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Columbia Asia Hospital to be launched in Pune

Columbia Asia is an international company engaged in the delivery of modern healthcare services across Asia. The company currently has operations in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Columbia Asia combines technology, innovative healthcare management and global healthcare expertise with the human touch. The Columbia Asia “model hospitals” are the result of a 13-year development effort that combines ‘best care’ with ‘best technology’ practices, all under one roof. These models are rapidly being replicated throughout Asia. In India, the group currently operates six multi-specialty hospitals, one referral hospital and one clinic and has presence in Bangalore, Mysore, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Patiala. The group will shortly extend its footprint into Pune and Ahmedabad.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Citizen Gautam Naik shares his thoughts on two stalwarts in Marathi Literature

I grew up watching, listening, viewing PL literature, and drama. PL has demi god status especially in our circles. I appreciate PL for his life and value him as a person more than his work. His work is accused of being based only on middle class experiences. That’s another story that the incidences, minute observations, characters are universal and have great human values. His style, language is wodehousque. Humour is intelligent and subtle. PL's biography is that of man who has lived 100% . Always seeking full value and enrichment (not physical riches though he has great philanthropy track record). he had able support from sunitabai. Be it music, drama, movies, novels, doordarshan/AIR stint, role during emergency, harmonium: a truly versatile genius.

On other hand of spectrum is GA. I got sucked into GA much later (as usually happens with serious authors). The names of his novels are mysterious. The stories are dark. The human values explored by GA and 180 degrees opposite of those depicted by PL. But these human experiences are real for sure. If PL is 100% optimist to human life, GA is 0% towards life. Life seems an eternal journey of suffering, pain, mystery, and quest.

New Lessons in Life

Citizen Gautam Naik had to be hospitalized for orthopaedic reasons. He shares few lessons.

Every moment in life teaches you something. This knowledge is sometimes mistaken wrongly as experience. Experience is something you observe and feel. Lesson is something you use for future reference. Each moment gives you experience as well as teaches you new lesson. I used to strongly recommend hostel experience for each individual. Hostel life makes you independent, gives you new perspective about life, understand diversity of opinions, thought processes, capabilities. All the while your parents and families shield you from these useful experiences and lessons as well when they cocoon you in good intentions of protecting you from big bad world.

A Strong Vocabulary and Professional Development go together

Is your vocabulary as strong as your ambitions or you have obsequiously accepted the turgid eloquence of boasters rather than being a pertinacious learner yourself?

In today’s world, Vocabulary is essential in everything we do. Vocabulary is an important aspect of our personal and professional self. Vocabulary is often taken as an indicator of a person’s capabilities. Take the various competitive exams for instance. Whether it is MBA entrance like CAT, CMAT or GMAT or job oriented exams like IBPS. English is one of the core subjects in all these exams and vocabulary is an essential component of it.