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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Heat is On..Waiting for Rains...

There is heat all around. Summer vacations have come to an end and all kids will soon start new academic year. Summer vacations have been spent. IPL is over. Travel plans executed and photo albums uploaded. Mind still refuses to come out of those nice spent holidays. Mango season is over. Summer camps, swimming classes, hobby classes all coming to an end. Aroma of new books, uniforms, bags takes you back to your school days which were simply priceless. One thing is missing: rains. Monsoon progress is studied by govts, economists, stock markets, water suppliers, tanker lobbies, railways, and we all the aam people of this special country. Hope all is well on that front which will we know soon.

But all is not well elsewhere and there is heat everywhere. Common man is facing heat of inflation. Food costs have gone up. Petrol though has cooled down a bit but govt still refuses to pass on that relief. Having studied balance sheets of all oil companies one wonders whether loss accounts claimed by govt are for real. Having supported privatization and opposing subsidies, it makes any cry for government control over oil prices something of double standards. But after having studied the taxation of petrol, it highlights pure mismanagement. There are anomalies like selling diesel to Mercedes over at same price as to a goods carrier. LPG distribution is marred with rackets. But who cares. On one side we had bumper crops and other side we have inflated food prices. Middlemen benefit, farmers commit suicides. Politicians thrive.

Heat is also on toll as MNS promises their style of protests. Toll is simply big organized loot. We need to study BOT model. Build fine, operate fine, and recover money only till a point where all the cost is covered. Toll cannot be forever when we have BOT mode. Certain maintenance costs are applicable but cost recovery and maintenance should be rationalized. It’s heard that this racket goes all up till Delhi with very big names involved in political spectrum. But who cares

Heat is on finance ministry when S&P has warned that India might be the first BRIC country to fall off ratings. I assume major economic fundamentals still are ok but the problem is policy paralysis by the government. No economic decisions are taken out of political compulsions. Corruption is undermining policy making. No political will. Multiple power centres are affecting executive. Non constitutional institutions like party high commands prevailing over most powerful PMO. Heat is on Rupee which has taken serious beating.

Heat is on fight against corruption. The anna movement which gained popularity in 2011 has been maligned systematically by govt and opposition. Political class has shred crocodile tears for losing sovereignty of parliament to civil society while ignoring own abuses to same cause. Fight against corruption has lost venom. All corrupt people like kalmadis, rajas , tainted maharashtra ex cms, army officers , bureaucrats are out and acting publically as if nothing has happened. Public has lost its last hope.

Heat is on talwars in unending whodidit aarushi-heraj saga and their trail by media.

Heat is on Doctors who have decided to shoot messenger like aamir khan. Yes aamir might be taking crores for episode and he might have abandoned his first wife but thats his professional and private life. And are all points taken up are not real? Carry on doctors...

Heat is on presidential polls as if president office matters. Even PM post can be a rubber stamp appointment so leave aside president post. By all means we can have some convenient posting. Current incumbent is clear example of what’s wrong with system. President house image has taken sever beating. Dirty politics is on. Sometimes i wonder if US style presidential system can work better than our parliamentary system to help us eradicate evils of election process, have people clear say on policy matter. That can give executive clear mandate to take decisions. Of course some safety interlocks like election commission like Lokpal or some watchdog to monitor executive. Anyways such reforms can be thought only in dreams. Even constitutional lokpal introduced in 60s cannot hold its charge.

Heat is on in Eurozone to take some calls on reviving failing economies. Though experts prefer speculating on Euro soccer matches over stocks.

Heat is on London as it waits for Olympics. Heat will be on Indian players to compete there. But with people still at helm at IOA, no hopes can be nurtured.

We all now wait for rains. Rains to cool us down. To make farmers happy. To reduce water cuts. Rains in the form of govt policies to stop slide in economy. Rains to stop fall of rupee. Rains to attract foreign policy. Rains to revive fight against corruption. Rains to ease out inflation. Rains to give politicians sense to prevail in ruling matters and appointments. Rains to reduce prices of oil and rationalize tolls. Rains to solve our problems. But we have seen rains in past creating havoc as well clogging our progress and disrupting our lives. So wishing for a balanced rain needed for a bumper harvest. Am i not asking for too much?

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