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Monday, December 30, 2013

Change is inevitable as they say. 13 is almost behind us and  has promised us that 14 will define a change. Each changeover promises same yet very few promises are delivered. Nevertheless journey continues. Now is time to fulfill promise. Lets all be happy, healthy and helpful to others in 14.  Happy New Year from Cityblog to all those who care about Pune.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Half cooked year

13 started with slogans that this year belongs to you (saal tera hain.) Year started with outrage over Nirbhaya. Obama took over his second term. Indian economy sluggish and Govt at helm paralyzed. What has happened over the year? Year of 11 was revolution. Year of 12 was year of failures. I would define this year as semi cooked. We had semi finals of elections won handsomely by opposition and has given rise to another uncooked player called AAP.  Government tried to be decisive but again failed on all fronts the situation being under cooked. BJP has shown hope in declaring PM candidate who definitely will mean business irrespective of empty rhetoric of unacceptability around him making him appear semi cooked again. Year 14 will be landmark as we will see finals and finally someone will complete the process.
On International front, Obama took over his second reign which took severe beating during standoff on healthcare reforms which were found under cooked, Snowden snooping accusations. But then did some diplomacy with Putin and Iran over Syria and Iran nuclear. Thankfully US economy has shown signs of recovery due to inherent basics. China continues to be aggressor across East Asia and had unstable issues with India. Though Chinese growth story is not impacted by global recession as it has Indian story but some sheen veered off. Also basic issues of freedom and separatism impacted it internally. Arab revolution countries continue to be unstable like Egypt, lybia. Syrian crisis now has taken serious turn. European economy has done very little to show signs of recovery though Northern countries remain solid as usual. Pakistan the perpetual migraine had elections and Nawaz Sharif returning but with imminent afgan pullout things stand fragile and its warning for India as well. SAARC neighbours had their set of problems where India has to be very careful especially in Bangladesh, Srilanka and Maldives. The ASEAN movement participation was the only positive for India.
On domestic side, country remains indecisive, paralysed and corrupt. On defences matter we remain weak as our soldiers were killed and mutilated. On foreign policy we remain weak. We had new scams and old scams returning. We have dual power centres: MMS vs Gandhi family. We had corrupt UPA allies having their pound of flesh. We had good for nothing ministers. In any other country, this kind of performance had no chance of returning to power in 14. But in India, things work differently and our voting patterns, politics we cannot say that for sure. BJP won in 4 states (I include Delhi as its largest party). System has shown what good meaning executives can do. People like them. I don’t say BJP is incorrupt but Nation had done well from 99-04 under Vajpayee and UPA1 reaped benefits before destroying economy since 09 under UPA2. AAP is new entrant and its largely driven by individual egos. The success in Delhi can be attributed to situation in Delhi which saw public anger during Anna agitation and Nirbhaya protest (13 saw more cases like Gudiya etc). But their agenda seems more flawed than communists and even UPA in terms of free lunch promises. The idealism can sound good but my advice to AAP is to be more mature and wait till 19)
Indian economy has gone worse and if you add impact of faulty UPA promised of food security, RTE etc, 2014 sounds worse. Only hope is elections and reforms which can be as a part of election agenda. Also RBI under new leader remains firm against politics. Slowdown has impacted various sectors. IT industry has taken up new challenges in cloud, mobile, healthcare.  Many new products are emerging from India. Good reports out of silcon valley also help us indirectly. Education though suffered thanks to political intervention. Aviation industry has some new hope after kingfisher debacle in form of tata ventures. World business has some new paradigms opened by internet 3.0 Analytics, Big data and social media 2.0. Core manufacturing, clean and non conventional energy have taken centre stage
Environment continues to suffer and we have seen more catastrophes in 13 than any other year. In India we had a semi man made disaster in Uttarakhand where thousands of people lost lives. Worldwide Hurricanes and earthquakes pounded people. It’s high time people do something to mitigate and help future generations.
On sports side, to start with cricket we had God retiring. Cricket will never be same. Nostalgia hit us when we actually realized that how we have evolved along with Tendulkar as a country. Of course in 12 we had seen lowest point of home defeat against England. 13 saw revival which again is half cooked. We won at home vs Aussies. New team India won champions trophy and few odi series. But the real test (or final) will start in SA during Dec 13 and later in Eng, Aus, NZ in 14. But new generation has sown some promise. Bowling continues to be a worry. On world scene Aussies are reviving and England seem on decline. SAF continues to rule but unless they have some ICC silverware they will not be treated as champions.  Viswanathan Anand’s reign ended in Chennai. Leander amazed everyone by winning US open doubles at the age of 42. Saina struggled. Hockey team struggled. Politics and drug again hampered other sports. Lance Armstrong was disgraced and corruption in soccer and tennis also saw its ugly head. IPL in India was disgraced by spot fixing as well.  Federer had an ordinary year when Joker , Murray and Nadal shared the spoils. All look forward to big year for Indian cricket with away series, ICCT20 and biggest soccer carnival in Brazil .
On cinema, again new directors and genres tried but stars and half cooked idiotic comedies in 100 crore school ruled. Hollywood also continues to have vampires and werewolves to rule though there is new trend of cinematic dramatization of classics. Marathi drama saw top actors performing but we lost many stalwarts. Art and Music saw some new entrants with promise.
On state front, even in later of 14 we will have finals.  Its really time to change this governance where there is corruption, law and order situation is so grave that activists are murdered in broad daylight even i city like Pune. What can you expect from such team of self serving leaders? Do we have option? New parties again serve interest of their leaders with large egos. Opposition is totally divided. Its high time people unite and provide stong option. Thankfully 13 saw good monsoons as compared to the drought situation in 12. Hope irrigation scams wont impact in 14.
City of Pune saw man made tragedies like Shindewadi. BDP, new DP, BRT, Metro, water situation remain unchanged. City lacks leadership and hope in 14 we have one. Expessway and National highways around pune continue to be death traps. We wish real change in 14

Lets hope 14 brings all those changes and cook the broth fully. Bit it comes with warning that if cooked more it will be burnt. And thats a possibility as well.

Author Gautam Naik runs blog

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ऐतिहासिक मंडईतून पीएमपी ५@५ बस सेवा निर्णय ठरू शकतो पथदर्शी,ऐतिहासिक आणि क्रांतिकारक !

ऐतिहासिक मंडईतून पीएमपी @ बस सेवा निर्णय ठरू शकतो पथदर्शी,ऐतिहासिक आणि क्रांतिकारक !

मंडई ते कोथरूड डेपो बस सेवेबद्दल अभिनंदन !
मध्य शहरातील बस सेवेचा उपक्रम सुरक्षित यशस्वी करण्यासाठी पीएमपी ,पोलीस मनपा यांचे समन्वय सहकार्य आवश्यक ! पीएमपी @ लागू करा !
अतिक्रमणमुक्त केलेल्या २० हजार चौ. फूट जागेचा वापर करून १० बस थांब्याची रचना करा.
किमी. अंतराचे १० बस मार्ग सुरु करा !
मिनिटाच्या वारंवारीतेने बसेस सोडा !
पूर्ण मार्गासाठी रुपये तिकीट  आकारा !
भारी वाहने आणि सर्व खाजगी वाहनांना मंडई परिसरात मज्जाव करा !
सीएसआर अंतर्गत उद्योग कंपन्यांकडून ८०  मिनी बसेस यासाठी मिळवता येतील.
प्रत्येकी प्रमाणे दहा मार्गावर सोडा !


jugal rathi    vivek velankar


Monday, November 25, 2013

Make PMP BRT Routes, Bus stops safer, Save lives. Initiate Citizen encouragement program

Hon Mayor,Hon CP,Hon Pmpm CMD,

Dear Madam/Sirs,

BRT is proving Death Trap.PMC may need to refund Rs 800 cr, Police has no man power, Citizens should observe traffic discpline etc under these pretexts the safety of Punekars is thouroughly compromised. They have become orphans.

Police,Pmc has been penalising Vehicles on Footpaths/Cycle Tracks Rs 1000/ 1500/ 2500 /5000.

On same lines the violators in BRT Track & Bus Stops be penalised.

The Commuters /Citizens' participation can prove to be quite effective , if the scheme is announced and citizens appealed to send photographs of vehicles violating to declared & dedicated email address at Police & Pmc.

Heavy fines be recovered from violating vehicle owners & Rs 100 be rewarded to citizens sending photos of violators out of fines recovered.

Pmp has successfully implementing Citizen Reward scheme since 2008 for Buses on Zebra, Buses without Destn Boards & Driver talking on mobile while driving.

If Admin neither makes effective safety arrangements nor involves citizens, keep Punekars under life threat for ever; creates suspicion about objectives of such high budget but threat to public projects.
Citizens will certainly teach them lesson , may today or tomorrow.

A note in Marathi is attached.

Awaiting positive response,

jugal s rathi    vivek velankar


Monday, November 18, 2013

Approve National Award Winner "Traff.I.Cop" for Pune, Pending for 4 years........!

Pune Police Traff.I.Cop Rs 53 lakhs approval Awaited for 4 years.

Dear Sirs,

One of the most acclaimed "National Award Winner" Science & Technology based Traffic Control, Discipline & Safety Project " Traff.I.Cop of Pune Police is suspended in Pune for want of State Approval & Funds Rs
53 Lakhs for almost 4 years.

We had written to you earlier in August 2012. We once again request you to approve the this Pune Police Proposal URGENTLY;

This project has wider importance as it has potential of unearthing the extremist/terrorist activities, who invariably use vehicles with fake RTO registration numbers.

As reported;
1.Trafficop gave police access to registration data of about 20 lakh vehicles & 12 lakh driving licences from Pune,and data for 10lakh stolen vehicles across India under the National Crime Records Bureau.
2.The Initiative registered thousands of  offences,suspended 2500 licences,identified over 1000 regular offenders, and traced 200 stolen vehicles in one year.
3.Trafficop also maintained a history of offenders.For the first violation,the penalty was a fine, but by the fourth violation, the licence was confiscated, to be restored after a cumbersome procedure.

Hon Ajit Dada, we once again request you to approve the proposal and let the Traff.i.Cop be operational within a fortnight.

Monday, November 11, 2013

BRT Boon or Bane?

Hon Mayor,

Compliments for taking up the isuue of BRT in all seriousness.

BRT has proved to be a death-trap with app 1000 accidents 50-60 fatalities in BRT Corridors since 2006.

The misplaced objectives,no planning,mismanagement,political mileage & undue suspicious actions/decisions are the reasons for the miserable failure.

The BRT can prove to be BOON to solve draconian traffic conditions in Pune.

Here are few suggestions, we feel important.

A note in Marathi is attached.

Awaiting prompt , positive response for betterment & safety of helpless Puneites,

jugal rathi    vivek velankar


Friday, November 8, 2013

Time To Change

Another Diwali celebrated. And we are all ready for more celebration in this season.  Isn’t life all about celebrations? Though some ‘I am superior than thou’s will find Diwali too generic and short term to celebrate.  They dislike crackers agreed its more problem than we think: noise and air pollution, safety hazards etc. But each Diwali we find that society is changing though some diehards aka foolhardy don’t. But let’s hope they will change some day. Apart from crackers i don’t find these souls have anything to complain. At least mere mortals like me don’t find anything sad in meeting of friends and relatives , exchanging greetings (though hackneyed and customary without real emotions as they complain), buying things, helping needy, lights, decoration, food, killas,  rangolis, deepotasavs ( in IIT kgp we had splendid ilu festival still memories are fresh), cultural programs, outings, vacations . In fact i have enjoyed Diwali since childhood and same this year as well. And please don’t say that i celebrate 365 days so i don’t need these 4 days. You are self contradicting sirs. Enough of footage to these know it all, but just can help pointing contradictions. But then few of them are good friends so did not want to take them on publicly to an extent i wanted, thus using my own blog to express. Those who want to debate on this, please do so here.  I am all game.
It was fun week and now back to work after short time out.  Elections are just round corner in 5 states. As semi-final to 14, they will give enough indicators to trend. I have been vocal against AAP and MNS to fragment opposition votes acting in the hands of ruling party. Both these parties may have strong justification in opposing all others. But now it’s time to make change and not support continuum else suffer weak economy, lack of development, vote bank uneconomic policies, terror, and corruption for next 5 years. At least give yourself an option. I know many will argue that  all the politicians are same but we have strong example from 91-96 under PVN and 99 to 04 under Vajapayee when economy revived . A well meaning govt can make impact for sure. Lets hope Delhiwalas show the incumbents and so called aam aadmi muazzins their place. Rest states are heading in right direction if you want to believe opinion polls. Congress wants to ban those polls. But will anyone take that party seriously whose election policies rely upon one night before actions leading to election victories as we all know in cities and villages. So there is lot of room to dis believe the opinion polls but congress can do wonders 24 hrs prior to elections as they have since independence. But for all those who care about India, Time to change.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Dear Sirs/Madams,


Please correct all deficiencies/lapses in Alandi Rd/Kharadi Rd BRT before commencing Bus Services.

The Pilot project has encountered several problems making a death trap and BRT Failure.

In absence of above BRT will be destroyed in Pune.

Awaiting prompt & positive response,

Wish You Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year !

jugal s rathi   vivek velankar


Thursday, October 24, 2013


Dear Sirs,

ST is common man's transport, particularly for crores of rural citizens of Maharashtra. As it is unbearable sky rocketing inflation making their lives miserable.

ST has recently hiked bus fare in June 2013.

Always only justifications given for fare hike as hike in diesel rates, increasing spares costs,increasing salaries & allowances ; Never ever the plan s,efforts,actions are mentioned to reduce costs, increase revenues etc.

Has ST made any promises with earlier bus fare hike proposals re better performance ?

What is their status ?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guy Next Door

Citizen Gautam Naik shares his fiction.

My Phone rang on a chilly January morning in office. And what happened next gave me the biggest of surprise in life. I learnt lessons which I cannot forget rest of my life.  The call was about Manish, my new neighbour who lived next door.
I met Manish first time on the same day he occupied house next door. It was a rainy night in June. I was trying to get hold of TV Remote which was in the firm grip my wife. I hate these soap operas. While my wife hates bombastic news anchors shouting at the top of their voices and making life of other panellist miserable. She feels how  that can entertain anyone after a long day in office? But then she doesn’t get my point. Who wants to cry over the fate of a newly married lady in palatial house as shown in these soaps? Anyways it’s an eternal dilemma across the families in India. Now both of us had a competition from my eight years old daughter. She always wanted to see one of those Japanese cartoons. But then time being you could scold her and ask her to do her homework. Once she would be a teenager, and then god only knows what would happen? Suddenly the bell rang.  I was wondering who it could be at that hour of the day. I opened the door.
I saw a tall guy with an athletic build, dressed in three fourth jeans and T shirt.  Did I know him?
He smiled and said “Hi, I am Manish, Manish Brar. I have rented the flat next to yours.”
I said “Hello, nice to meet you” and we shook hands.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Objectivism: Tribute to Ayn Rand

Citizen Gautam Naik pays tributes to Ayn Rand

In Asaami Asaami, PL has made one statement through the protagonist DB Joshi that no one needs to do anything special to keep this world going. (Ref; He wonders how his Benson Johnson company runs without anyone doing any significant work). In fact this fictional statement is exactly opposite to the entire life and philosophy of PL in person.  This statement can be interpreted as totally sarcastic. Sarcasm of PL is inherited from his role model P G Wodehouse who while being totally elitist in his approach as he depicted castle and lords of Victorian England. But then he was the most scathing critic of that class. In same note PL has been branded to be Middle class icon. Though PL is not ultra critical on this wrongfully maligned community but nevertheless has some master strokes of self deprecating humour. Going back to topic of world surviving on hard work of few, no one in literature has described it as strongly as Ayn Rand and her objectivism philosophy. Her thoughts have had a great impact on me personally. I do not totally agree with Ayn Rand on every aspect and I sense a lot of immaturity in her writing (though I don’t claim to be arm chair philosopher or great reviewer and it’s my personal observation as I stand nobody in comparison to stature of Ayn Rand) and black and white portrayal of characters which in real life which you cannot. As I complete 20 years of my first reading of Fountainhead, especially since its Durga Pooja time, some very fond memories rush back.

Friday, October 4, 2013


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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A.Bus bays at PMPML bus stops vital necessity - urgent steps for permanent arrangement needed


Shri Mahesh Pathak,Municipal Commissioner,PMC

Shri R N Joshi, C&MD,PMPML

Cc :Shri Gulabrao Pol,CP Pune, Shri Singhal,Jt CP.,ShriVishwas Pandhare, DCP(Traffic)

Dear Sirs,

Subject :A.Bus bays at PMPML bus stops vital necessity -  urgent steps for permanent arrangement needed
             B.PMPML Must Enforce Strict Discipline. Take help of Alert Citizens.

A).City bus service is of vital importance for the city. A major problem faced by PMPML bus drivers and bus commuters is that buses are unable to approach the bus stop and are forced to halt on the carriageway of road due to road side clutter and vehicle parking right up to the bus stop on both sides. This creates severe problems for all –

1) Buses halting on road block vehicle lane holding up traffic flow and adding to the existing congestion on road

Monday, September 16, 2013

Come September

All those young at heart in 60s would definitely remember the ‘Come September ‘tune which was trademark of all Brass Bands during marriages then. For those young in 90s like us would recall its cheap imitation tune on which Madhuri danced to her glory: ‘Nazaraenin Mili Dil Dhadka’ along with stupid and constipated looking Sanjay Kapoor. The original hollywood film is a classic with some great scenes and music. We are here in September 13.

Participatory budgeting deadline extended - New deadline: 21/09/2013

Hi there all,

We have 10 more days to send in our suggestions for the Citizens Budget.. So do submit your suggestions and also get others to file their suggestions too..

Do spread this news to all friends and family..

Monday, August 19, 2013

Swargate Flyover Project:No provision of Cycle Tracks ?

Dear Sir,

We have studied the project drawings provided by MSRDC as a part of their presentation.

We are concerned to note that there are  no Cycle Tracks at all shown on the drawings.

Kindly note that Satara Rd & Shankarsheth Rd being part of BRT corridor; Cycle tracks are mandatory as per Central Govt/JNNURM norms.

Moreover considering the safety & need of cyclists using the corridor,Cycle tracks are a Must.

Also as a matter of policy specified in the NUTP & PMC's CMP ; promotion of cycling asd a mode of transport  is very vital for solving traffic problem by containing explosive growth  of private vehicles.

The design of the Swargate Flyover project appears to be not in keeping with above requirements for cyclists.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Protest against bill to keep POLITICAL Parties out of RTI Act:10 am MONDAY Aug12

Dear Sajag Member;

Please join PROTEST RALLY against Bill being introduced in Parliament on August 12,2013.

Monday 12th August 2013 @ 10am to 11am



jugal s rathi   vivek velankar  vishwas sahastrabuddhe
S A J A G    N A G R I K    M A N C H,   P U N E 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Compliments, Pune Traffic Police Decision to Reinstall Barricades at University Bus Stop ! Why simple,effective measures are ignored,discontinued;UNDER PRESSURE Or INEFFICIENCY ?

Shri Gulabrao Pol,CP,Pune, Mahesh Pathak,MC-PMC, R N Joshi,CMD-PMPML,S K Singhal Addl CP, Vishwas Pandhare,DCP Traffic,

Dear Sirs,

Compliments, Pune Traffic Police Decision to Reinstall Barricades at University Bus Stop ! Why simple,effective measures are ignored,discontinued;UNDER PRESSURE Or INEFFICIENCY ?

There have been several Fatal Bus Accidents recently at Bus Stands/Stops at Deccan,PMC,Khadki Bazar,Katraj,Upper Indira nagar,Fatimanagar etc.The bad planning , indiscipline/negligence of bus drivers, encroachment & parking by autos & private vehicles on bus stops etc have been the major cause of unsafe bus stops.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Compliments PMPML BOD for commuter friendly first BOLD step ! Few More will transform PMPML !

The Chairman & members,
Board of Directors,

Compliments PMPML BOD for commuter friendly first BOLD step ! Few More will transform PMPML !

Dear Madam & Sirs,

Lakhs of bus commuters from Pune, PCMC & nearby are grateful to you for the commuter friendly decision in BOD meeting.

Few more such decisions will transform PMPML & great service to 60 lakhs citizens of Pune & PCMC.

A note in Marathi is attached.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NSCC Pune meets on Saturday 20th July 2013 at 3:30 pm at Training Hall, Ghole Road Art Gallery

The monthly meeting of National Society for Clean Cities, Pune will take place on Saturday the 20th of July 2013 at 3:30 pm at Training Hall, 2nd floor, Ghole Road Art Gallery, Ghole Road, Shivajinagar, Pune 411005..
Please note the change of venue due to the Wadke Hall being used for the Draft DP Hearings..
# Making our Footpaths safe:
   1. Designing, Building & Maintaining Footpaths: Mr. Pramod Nirbhavane, Addl. City Engineer, PMC.
   2. Making Footpaths Encroachment Free: Mr. Madhav Jagtap, Asst. Municipal Commissioner, PMC.
   3. How Citizens can Help: Satish Khot
# Any other Business.*(With the permission of the chair).

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tree Plantation Campaign 2013

Hi there all,
NSCC and its mohalla committees have always been in the forefront of greening our Pune. Every year in the month of May, we start our Tree Plantation campaign. However, this year we have not been able to push start this campaign as we were very busy with the Draft DP campaign. I am sure a few mohalla committees may have already started tree plantation..
But for all of us, it’s never too late and so lets get going an start planting trees in our neighbourhood and also in other areas of Pune..
I have talked to the PMC Garden Superintendent, Mr. Ashok Ghorpade and he has assured NSCC and its mohalla committees of his department’s continued support..
Here are a few guidelines for tree plantation:
  • Insist on planting indigenous trees.
  • Always plant tree which are at least 2.50 meters (i.e. about 8 feet) in height. These will have a better chance of survival.
  • PMC Garden Department will supply you these free of cost, if you promise to maintain them.
  • And most importantly do ask the Garden Department to advise you on the right type of tree to plant in your area.  
 The perennial question; where to plant trees? One can plant trees in:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Walk of Life: Experience of Wari

Legs are aching. Body is tired. Destination is few kilometres away. It starts raining. Mind is in trance. Will power carries you till destination.  You sleep in temples, trucks, homes or in the open.  That ends today. Tomorrow is another walk, another journey and another destination.  You have to manage logistics of food for your group, or rely on kind donors. You have to manage ablutions sans privacy. You have to face hardships for 20 odd days. This is picture of Wari which you will think is negative. But hold on for a moment. Let me complete my word picture of Wari. The physical discomfort is what makes Wari a super devotional and highly emotional experience.  It is the supreme devotion to ‘Vitthal: the almighty’ that carries you through. The eternal and divine rhythm of ‘Gynba- Tukaram’ drives out pain from your body, gives extreme bliss all through your walk.  Mind and soul search for self enlightenment. At the end of the walk many people experience this bliss , get new perspective of own life for whole year.  This experience is what will bring you again next year. That’s why it is called Wari.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pmp Bus Purchase 500 on Installments & 600 on hire: Whose interests will be served?

Dear Sirs,

1. Purchase of buses on installments is outright bad idea and will keep the Pmp crippled for its life.

Pmpml is not in a position to meet the operational expenses incl salaries,diesel/cng etc, it will never have funds to bear the interest and installment burden. Desperately it will attempt to pass on burden to Commuters with repeated bus fare
Hikes. Recent Last 3 fare hikes had reduced ridership by more than 2 lakhs. Further fare hikes to pay instalments and interest will prove to be death nail of Pmp.

Alternative options available:

The cost of 500 buses at Rs 25 lakhs each will be Rs 125 crores. This should be paid by Pmc Rs 75 cr & Pcmc Rs 50 crores. Which is app 2% of PMC & PCMC's annual budget; moreover Guardian Minister & Hon Dy CM Ajitdada Pawar had already directed both corporations to make 2% provision for Pmpml.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Himalayan Tragedy

Last weekend we had a reunion of our school.  24 years have passed since we all passed X th. But the fun, banter and bonding we had last week were the same as it were 24 years back.   Those were the days.  Summer of 89, the year we passed out was very special. It was a long vacation without any worries. I remember all the indoor and outdoor games played with friends, swimming, a great Mumbai trip, Wimbledon won by Becker vs Edberg, Ashes (though many compare 2013 ashes places same as 89 when Aussies were weak and Pommies stronger), good academic result and admission to junior college of choice, few Sahyadri night and monsoon treks and to top it all a Himalayan Trek . My romance with Himalayas started then. I have already described in my last post here about my latest visit in May 13, so the Himalayan memories are fresh. And then this tragedy struck last Monday.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Emailing Letter of Objection & Suggestion to the proposed DP for old city limits

Hi there all,
Many of you may not have been able to send a hard copy of your letter of Objections and Suggestions due to one reason or the other.. The Municipal Commissioner has said that he will consider all the emails too.. However, you will not be able get a receipt, but then PMC has to consider your letter and even invite you for the hearing.. (You dont have to go for this hearing..)

I am enclosing a draft letter of Objection & Suggestion to PMC. All you have to do is to forward this letter to :
"City Engineer" <>, "Town Planning Officer PMC" <>, (Pl cut and paste the email ids onto the "To" window of your letter..)
Do remember to put yr name and address etc. on your letter
And do send a copy of your letter to: "Green Pune Movement" <>, so that we will know how many emails have been sent.. Thanks..
Please forward this letter to your friends and family.. We want thousands of emails to go..

Monday, June 24, 2013

Delivering Letters of Objections and Suggestions..

Hi there all, 

I am confident that you all have collected large no of Letters of Objection and Suggestions as well as even larger no. of signatures/ signature forms.. But delivering them all is quite a problem as and his sister will be there at PMC on the last 2 days ie on 25 and 26 June.. So here's a suggestion on what to do..

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pune on way to becoming an Urban Disaster

Hi there all,
Why did you and I come to Pune and why do we continue to live in Pune? It is because the Quality of Life, Pune offered us was far, far better that any other city in India could offer us..
But all that is fast coming to an end. The  Draft Development Plan prepared by the Pune Municipal Corporation is a builders’ dream plan and a nightmare for the citizens..
Do you know what the Draft Development Plan will do in the next 20 years? :
  • Any vacant plot in the city can be grabbed by the PMC ie even if it’s inside your society. So the green areas in your housing society are no longer safe. There will be some construction there shortly..
  • Green areas will disappear. New roads will appear through Green Zones to facilitate large deluxe housing complexes. Hill Tops and Hill Slopes, Green Zones to be made into SEZs, IT Parks and Amusement Parks. This will mean a loss of green cover impacting Climate Change..

Monday, June 10, 2013

First Day First Show

Wait is finally over and here is the grand release.  I am not referring to any film here. I have stopped watching movies on the weekend of their releases.  I need to study reviews, get feedbacks from the brave hearts to decide if I should invest my time, money and efforts to watch any movie. Last few movies which i had to see without my proper due diligence were disasters eg; Jab Tak Hain Jaan, Race2 etc. Here is my salute to the indomitable souls, who have to compulsively hit the first weekend at the cinema halls, especially for the big ticket movies.  Indian film industry should honour these fans if they had any method to track this tribe of people. With internet, network, i am sure there lies a start-up idea. Is anyone listening in the valley?
Coming back to the point, I am referring to many things here;
Firstly Monsoons were released in my town. The pre curtain raisers and paid review shows were amazing. The light and sound show was furious and disastrous to some extent where people tragically lost their lives. Time for us the people to say enough to builders, administrators who are responsible for the hill dredging, tree cutting, bad roads, electricity failures, water logging. Monsoons kept their date with Pune on 7th and have arrived officially as per IMD. These days no one believes IMD forecasts but then one reads the analysis the day after. Hope this year all drought pone areas get the rains, dams are full and economy is better.
Secondly BJP2.0 was released in Indian political space. Gone are the days of old era of Atal, Advani which took BJP from 2 seats in 84 to power in 1998 riding on Hindutva wave. As declared by SC of India, Hindutva has nothing wrong and its aim to correct past wrongs done by oppressors rightfully, constitutionally and non-violently. It is against no community but towards equality which was victim of wrong interpretation of word secularism though created intentionally earlier by British and later by congress, socialists and leftist’s think tanks. Now BJP 2.0 has unleashed Modi and his corruption free, development agenda which has many takers in National scene. But what congress does is to polarize community by beating the riots bandwagon as its counter modi strategy. And media is always bought on congress line since independence. Thus we see large section of media which used to hate Advani and his rath yatra politics, turn into Advani supporters. It’s always good for Democratic Party to have difference and register it. Whether anyone in congress which supports democracy has right to challenge High command? Lot of questions but then trial by media is only for certain brand of thoughts. And those who chose to oppose central Gandhi-Nehruvian ideology were vilified by media. Starting with Bhagat singh, then with Savarkar, Bose and to an extent Patel, everyone suffered same fate. But then hope BJP 2.0 settles down dissent democratically for the sake of change which people of India deserve.  And finally for those who again start good old debate titled “ But what about justice for Gujarat riots?”, Baba Ramdeo has an equally compelling arguement. If Modi is to be accused of 2002 riots, so has to be Nehru for 1947 Partition riots , Rajeev Gandhi for 1984 Delhi riots, Sudhakar Naik for Mumbai 1992 and finally Tarun Gogoi for 2012 Assam riots. Though agreed one wrong thing should not set precedent for another but Indian politicians are to be blamed across the spectrum for riots at various stages in independent India. There is sinister agenda to single out Modi and 2002. As one of my friend said, all riots are equal but Gujarat riots are more equal. One interesting fact though wanted to share is that after Riots have declined since 1998 when BJP took power  as compared to earlier congress history.
Lastly new India team was released at Champions trophy. Plagued by fixing controversy and vested interests, Team India has only way for deliverance is by winning the Cup. Indian Cricket organization was never transparent and fans deserved more always. But now that media is more active and so are various counter interests, things are coming to light and only thing now can be done better is to create transparent organization, legalizing betting and set new criminal laws to help punish culprits. But the fixing is old as game itself. Not just cricket but every other major money spinning sport have witnessed same. But first day first show was impressive especially fielding. I have never seen Indian fielders running out two south africans in past. Batting was good with new approach by dhawan and rohit. Only worry is seam bowling which always was a problem with exceptions of zaheer, Kapil and shreenath. Let’s hope India goes all the way.

Did you like my first day first show review....

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PL Memories

कृपया पुर्ण लेख वाचावा हि विनंती खुप छान आहे. नक्किच आवडेल ..
पु. लं. च्या अखेरच्या प्रवासाबद्दलचा एक लेख दै. लोकसत्तेत श्री. कुमार जावडेकरांनी लिहिला होता. पु. लं. च्या शैलीची पदोपदी आठवण करून देणारा हा लेख --

'हॉस्पिटल' हा शब्द ऐकला की माझ्या काळजाचा (की हृदयाचा?) ठोका चुकतो. त्यामुळे डॉक्टरांनाही मी आजारी असल्याचं घोषित करणंसोपं जातं... साध्या डासाच्या रक्तानंदेखील मला गरगरतं. पूर्वी एस. टी. च्या मोटारीखाली आलेली म्हैस बघण्यासाठी पुढे सरसावलेला मी रक्ताचा ओघळ पाहून मागे परतलो होतो... हॉस्पिटलमधे जायचे प्रसंगही तसे माझ्यावर कमीच आले. नाही म्हणायला आमच्याकडे 'दुष्यंत' नावाचा कुत्रा जेव्हा होता, तेव्हा त्यानं केलेल्या स्वागतात सापडलेल्या पाहुण्यांना भेटायला मी हॉस्पिटलमधे गेलो होतो!
यावेळी मात्र मामला वेगळा होता. माझी प्रकृती थोडी नरम वाटल्यामुळे (किंवा कुठलीही गोष्ट मी नरमपणे घेत नसल्यामुळे) मंडळींनी मला हॉस्पिटलमधे नेण्याचा 'घाट' घातला. हॉस्पिटलमधे जायचा पूर्वानुभव फारसा नसल्यामुळे मी काय काय गोष्टी बरोबर नेता येतील, याचा विचार करू लागलो... पण मी नेसत्या वस्त्रांनिशीच जायचं आहे आणि कपड्यांची पिशवी मागाहून येईल असा खुलासा मला करण्यात आला. बाहेर पडताना मात्र मला उगाचच एच. मंगेशरावांनी बटाट्याच्या चाळीचं शिष्टमंडळ पाठवताना लावलेली 'ओ दूर जानेवाले' ची रेकॉर्ड आठवली.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Time

As I see the calendar, we are in the last week of May, suffering from intense heat and looking forward to the respite in form of rains. Kids will enter very last leg of their much celebrated summer vacations. Summer camps are coming to an end. All the releases meant for kids have been watched: be it Doraemon or Chota Bheem or Chintoo. Mumbai Indians have won IPL. Summer kid’s theatre, fairs, exhibitions, circuses have been visited. In our times lecture series like Vasant Vyakhyanmala or talk sessions like Majestic Gappa were also the valid forms of entertainment for even the youngsters. For today’s kids anything to do with gadgets is the ‘in thing’. Now the kids are looking forward to new books (don’t they smell great???), uniforms and new teachers. They also have started missing their school friends.
Some may have had their annual vacations done and over with. Some unlucky souls may not have had a chance to take any holiday thanks to their duties or for some other reasons. For me, it was Himalayas again as a summer vacation spot. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dream Family

Summer vacations test on your patience with Kids.  Kids these days are bored after doing an activity for less than 15-20 minutes on an average. Gone are the days when you gave them a PC and they ended up spending whole day playing games. Now they have played all the games and are bored of silly online games. Forget about reading books as its not fashionable and playing outdoors for lack of open spaces and heat. So on one such summer nights, I had to resort to storytelling for my daughter and her small friend. All the popular stories, either of the royal family descendants like Bhakt Prahlad or Dhruv, or of common men like that honest woodcutter who lost his axe in the well, have a similar thread. After doing hard worship and meditation, god appears and grants the protagonist his wishes. After narrating such stories to the kids, I had a great idea. I have planned to go to Himalaya and am planning to do heavy worship and meditation there. I will face all hardships and ensure that god turns up and grants me my wishes. And I am ready with my wish list along with priorities. These days you have to be prepared. What if god turns up and then I waste my time thinking what to ask for. Also you never know if god will grant one wish or three. So I have prepared ten just in case. I also am prepared with reasoning just in case like your client or boss he asks me to explain why I had asked that type of wish or asks for further detailed reasoning.
The main philosophy of my wish list is the universal fact that you can choose your friends but cannot choose your family. God decides the family in which you are born. Thus I will ask god one basic wish to chose my family and family members.
Thus my first wish is to have a mother in Law like a

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Citizen blog

Citizen blogger Gautam Naik shares his trilogy on Maharaj

Do read...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Take simple effective measures for Pedestrians Safety

Shri Mahesh Pathak,IAS

Take simple effective measures for Pedestrians Safety:A real tribute to Activist Gita Vir on First Death Anniversary !

Dear Sir,

As all her colleagues and civic activists in Pune pay homage to Late Gita Vir on her first death anniversary we request you minimum to Take simple effective measures for Pedestrians Safety;since she died hitting the footpath blocks left negligently by contractors.

1.Let there be no obstruction/encroachment caused by PMC or any of its agencies/contractors on footpath.
i) Road construction/repair material left on footpath for weeks/months.
ii) Water/drainage pipes on footpath (Prabhat Road, vanaz company etc)
iii)Post laying/repair of utilities the debries,crete,khadi dumped-left on footpath( senapati bapat rd etc)
iv) Decorative street light poles erected by PMC on footpath ( Ghole rd/Sahakarnagar-Bibvewadi ward office entrance etc)
v) Garbage Containers placed on footpath (Near Om Super Mkt,sahakarnagar etc)
vi)Arogya Kothi/ Labour huts on footpath

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Less than 70 Hours to save Pune from becoming a Concrete Jungle



The new Draft Development Plan – Recipe for disaster – Will turn Pune into a Concrete Jungle!!
Hi there all,
The Pune Municipal Corporation has prepared a new Draft Development Plan which is a builders’ dream plan and a nightmare for the citizens..
The "Star" Attractions of the new Draft Development Plan:
  • Any vacant plot in the city can be grabbed by the PMC ie even if it’s in your society.
  • 4 FSI zone along the entire Metro corridor for half a kilometer on both sides – even if the Metro is never built! So Pune will have huge buildings on both sides of the proposed Metro.
  • 3 FSI for Cluster development in the city – entire blocks bulldozed for erecting new buildings.
  • 4 FSI for 4-star and 5-star hotels and private hospitals. More Buildings.
  • Open/Recreational Spaces reduced. Where will your children go to play?
  • River and Lakes to be paved over for more roads and housing complexes.
  • Hill Tops and Hill Slopes, Green Zones to be made into SEZs, IT Parks and Amusement Parks. This will mean a loss of green cover impacting Climate Change.  
  • No provision for Low Income Housing – so slums will come up everywhere at random.
  • The new Draft Development Plan is full of arbitrary and ad hoc proposals without any supporting studies or surveys.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stay Interim Hike in Daily Bus pass by 40%; 5 Directors opposing, Motives of Admin suspicious ! Commuters should Protest Strongly !

Dear Madam,Sirs,

Stay Interim Hike in Daily Bus pass by 40%; 5 Directors opposing, Motives of Admin suspicious ! Commuters should Protest Strongly !

Its strange that a single sensible win-win decision of Daily Bus Pass at Rs 50/- has been changed by hike by 40 % to Rs 70/-

This was also not  properly  publicised/ informed to commuters.
Inspite of promises was not available with conductors. Inspite the daily pass sale must have increased.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Make Cycle Tracks Visible & Usable : Think , Plan and Implement Cycle Inclusive Development !

Adv Abhay Chhajedji,City Congress President,Pune

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the invite to give inputs for promoting use of bicycles in Pune,as reported in media.

We earnestly request:

1.Make the Cycle tracks distinctly visible to cyclists,vehicle users,adjacent property users/occupants and safely & conveniently usable.

2.At Most of the major junctions, Cycle tracks are chopped off to make way for vehicles,e.g., Swargate chowk & many places on Cycle Tracks on BRT Pilot route - Hadapsar-Swargate-Katraj and many more locations.

3.Connectivity be ensured and maintained.

4.All one way roads eg.,J M Rd , F C Rd etc. must provide distinct Cycle Lane on one side .

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

End Season (discounted) analysis

At the start of season we knew assignments would be easy as we had home conditions compared to 11 and 11-12 where we had 8 tests in eng and Aus. We suffered 0-8 loss. Thanks to almighty when we had transition phase then.  We had young players who were raw and untested and fitness levels where anti athletics like me could have beaten established players.
Indian international cricket calendar has come to an end for 12-13 season. It started with India vs NZ in India followed by ICCt20 in srilanka, India vs England 4 tests in India  followed by T20s and ODIs, antinational pakis playing ODIs and t20s which i boycotted as to protest (as if it mattered) and finally Ind  vs. Aus  4 test series.  So what are the signs based on this season

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Day in Office

It’s a stormy rainy night as I return from Office. I give lift to a stranger. We had a small talk and came to know that we knew each other in past.

After a small pause, he put on his spects. Turned towards me and said in a very deep voice

“Let me tell you why I am here. I am here for message, Today is your last day in office, I mean last day in life as well. 

Am I going to die today? Who is this man?

Citizen Gautam Naik shares a fictional story….  


Monday, March 18, 2013

Safety audit at PMPML stands

Dear Madam / Sirs,

Frequent Fatal Accidents at Bus Stands, Bus Stops: Conduct Safety Audit by Experts, Implement Recommendations !

There have been frequent fatal accidents at Pmpml/ST bus stands/Terminus, bus stops. Few recent ones;

1. A 25 yrs young lady was crushed under Pmp bus at Deccan Bus Stand.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Appeal from Aam Aadmi Party

Cityblog is forum for all including political parties. We dont subscribe or endorse any political party nor we support  any. All parties are welcome to send their appeals, press notes etc to cityblog. We stand for freedom of speech and individual right to have opinion. By publoshing any political appeal does not mean we agree upon views of that party. Arvind Kejariwal writes....

My fellow Indian,
Under Anna’s leadership, India came on streets against corruption. The people demanded a strong anti-corruption law. The government did not agree. None of the parties agreed. Obviously, they couldn’t have agreed because if they passed a strong Jan Lokpal Bill, most of the politicians would be in jail and their properties would be confiscated.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Inviting Suggestions from Stakeholders for the CDP (2013 – 2040)

Hi there all,
A City Development Plan has been prepared without proper consultations with us Punekars, with no vision, with no linkages to the Development Plan (which is as per the MRTP Act) prepared by PMC and vetted by our elected representatives,  with no time line by which each project will be completed, with no checking how the money has been spent of the first JnNURM and with no checking if the projects have achieved their objectives, and I could go on and on.. They have even given us only till 20th February to give our Suggestions and Objections.. At our meeting today, it was decided we all write a letter to Pune's Municipal Commissioner and make our objections clear.. A copy of my letter is below..
So please Forward a copy of this letter with deleting the parts Highlighted in Green and in Red.. This letter should be sent to the email ids which are highlighted in Red and of course putting your name and address instead of mine..
You can also download this letter, print it and sign it as well as collect more sgnatures and send to
Officer on Special Duty, JnNURM
2nd Floor, Main Building, Pune Municipal Corporation
Shivajinagar Pune 411005

But do remember to see that it reaches PMC by 20th Feb at the latest..
Thanks and all the best..
Satish Khot  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Revival is order of day; be it economy, be it politics, be it cricket, be it society. As we enter second half of the second month of year 2013, which had a bad start in addition to legacy of 2012 which was year of failures.  Somehow many will agree that speed of time flow is incredibly fast in 2013 though it may sound as cliché or for that matter anomalous as wheel of time moves it same speed since the big bang.  But having seen almost 45 days of New Year, seems like 2013 has different properties. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2% of PMC/PCMC Budget for PMPML" Compliments for Decision: Now scrap VAT on purchase of diesel !

Hon Shri Ajitdada Pawar,
Dy CM, Maharashtra State
Dear Sir,
Wexe were consistently following OMC/PCMC to make budget provision for PMPML of Rs 150 cr & Rs 100 cr respectively.
Thanks for responding positively.
The funds should be made available to PMPML for strengthening Bus Services. This should not be in the form of Loan of any sort.
The diesel hike Rs 12 has given severe blow to PMPML. We request State Govt should also come forward in support of only public transport for 55lakhs citizens of Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad.
We strongly demand that The State Govt should waive VAT on purchase of diesel by PMPML.
Awaiting positive response,

jugal s rathi    vivek velankar


Monday, February 4, 2013

Save Our Hills


We Punekars have managed to Save Our Hills. A long drawn out battle to preserve the Bio Diversity Park has been won..

This is a result of the proactive stance we Punekars took and the efforts we made to make our voice heard. We all convinced the powers that be that the green cover that our hills provide is crucial for the survival of our Pune as we know it now..

The green hills will ensure that Pune's environment will not degrade and degenerate as other cities' have done..

But let us not rest on winning just this one battle.. There are many more miles to go:

  • Save our River .
  • Effective Public Transportation.
  • Equitable and Potable Water Supply.
  • Safe Roads for Pedestrians, Cycles and Vehicles.
  • A Clean City in all ways.
  • A Transparent & Accountable Governance.
  • And many more..

So let us vow to work together to Improve the Quality of Our Lives..

And our credo is




Aneeta Benninger       Satish Khot


Thursday, January 31, 2013

No efforts/action by PMPML management to deal with Diesel hike !

Dear Sirs,


Its surprising and sad to note inaction and indifferent response of PMPML to recent Diesel Hike.

Its more obvious when compared with systematic appropriate efforts/representations by ST.


The news in a leading Daily only mentions additional burden PMPML has to bear.

And same ritualised 'hike in cost of spares,tyres etc. This is being mentioned and considered as main head of expenses for fare hike in 2008,2010,2012. PMPML has never disclosed any information how the additional funds with fare hike have been utilised on the estimated expenses in fare hike proposal.There is no transparency & Accountability.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Anniversary of Sad day in Pune, new lessons

It was 25th Jan 2012, what would have made one Mr Santosh Mane , Occupation: Bus Driver with MSRTC, so agitated that he decided to drive a bus along morning streets of Pune and kill innocent lives, injure many , damaging many vehicles. The incidence shocked Pune and everyone felt for near ones of victims. Year has gone by and have we learnt lessons to avoid such incidences. Some things were done but situation is still not as it should be around bus terminuses.

Lets not forget also following events which we need to learn lesson from in the near past
  • GB and JM Road blast which should result in more vigil against terror . Govt seems busy only making politics while coloring the terror.
  • Last year we had water situation. Nothing has done to plan for avoiding such incidences
  • Road accidents in Pune continue everywhere. 2012 we had more accidents than 2011 which has lowest as curve which was going down has again risen. MGNL is digging up roads everywhere , is PMC monitoring situation. Now that Metro construction will start we need better traffic and road management.
  • Expressway continues to kill. One can witness 2 wheelers driving in wrong direction, pedestrains crossing the expressway at ease.
  • With power crisis looming due to water scarcity in state have we prepared plan B or are we heading towards days in 04-05 of loadshedding.
  • Gang wars in pune have killed many in recent past. Does police instill fear amongst goons?
  • Passport woes continue for Pune even after shifting
  • Aadhar card scheme has not been streamlined.
  • Property tax increase of 6% is suggested, will that help towards a better city or will corruption offset this raise?
  • Do we have enough gardens, playgrounds, hospitals, community halls and similar amenieties as needed by society or are we just approving housing and commercial real estate hubs.
  • Do we have effecient public transport? or we will end up adding more private 2 and 4 wheelers. Do we have control over errant rickshaw drivers who refuse to ply as per their will.
  • Have we controlled crime against women? Is Pune anymore safe for women. Nayana Pujari accused still is at large? Darshana Tongre case still unresolved?
  • Have we controlled crime against old people? Alurkar murder is still mystery
  • Chain snatching, mugging incidences are on rise.
  • Garbage and waste management still remain big problem.
  • Rivers are polluted and we do not have any answer.
  • Trees are being cut on hills sorrounding and there is no protection.
List is long but do our rulers and we cistizens have resolve to hep us solve these making Pune a better place to live. On eve of republic day and on first anniversary of sad incidence lets pledge to contribute.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Not Required Indians

Light upon some prejudices against patriotic social media champions in India and outside  and answer and definition of those who ridicule patriotic sentiments on social media
Mr Ramchandra Guha, a social historian has historical branded certain people as Internet Hindus. The derogatory sense of the definition is what irks me. It’s common for three types of people to deride such Internet Hindus. First let’s start with the definition of ‘Internet Hindus’ who are sympathisers of RSS/BJP clan, who cry pseudo secularism to be only problem for this once great country which they (those who ridicule internet hindus) believe did not exist (Indian culture dates back only till Mughal times as per these three types), and final definition of Internet Hindu is one who posts militantly on social media/web fourms against these three types. First of these three types who deride Internet Hindus are the doyens of secular media with JNU mould, second the ruling elites who get into power by milking cash votes or vote for cash in connivance with unscrupulous business class or for newly created class of Non resident Indian who leave no stone unturned to bash India for anything that happens here and compare that with their country of residence (of course there are well meaning and patriotic Non resident Indians always supporting Indian cause). Now if I were Ramchandra Guha of my school of thoughts, I would define these people as Not Required Indians. Though I respect Guha not as a social expert he is claimed to be but for his cricket writing. I would also like to add fourth group which subscribe to groups named as ‘I am ashamed to be Indian’ and who criticize country, people and culture being culprit for all evils of India. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An answer to allegations by the biased Media

In response to article in sakal dated 13th Jan 2013, Dr Shreerang Arvind Godbole has written this article to clarify on what was actually said by RSS chief and how media distorts its version based on agenda. Cityblog publishes the same as a forum for all to express their view. We invite more such dialogue on active issues in city and country. While Cityblog condemns the misogynist mindsets but also feels media should be unbiased. We also understand sensitive nature of Delhi case and feel all culprits be punished in fast and appropriate manner. Also we need to modify legal system and mainly our thought processes which treats woman as commodity.  Here is what Dr  Shreerang Arvind Godbole writes :

 Criticism of Sarsanghchalak unwarranted and unjustified

Hemant Desai does not apparently feel the need to verify his sources else he would not made wild allegations against Sarsanghchalak Mohanji Bhagwat in his ‘Sakal’ article (13 Jan 2013).  He has neatly placed the Sarsanghchalak in the company of Akbaruddin Owaisi, Gopal Kanda and Anis ur-Rehman.  Considering the length and breadth of his piece and the venom therein, it is clear that the Sarsanghchalak is his special target. 


Monday, January 14, 2013

Appeal from National Society for Clean Cities

We wish you all a Very Happy New Year and a Very Clean & Green Pune!!

Hi there all,

A year back all Mohalla Committees had organised meetings with candidates standing for elections as PMC Corporators. You had interviewed them, listened to their plans and most importantly, presented them with a Charter of Demands for your Ward, which all the candidates signed. We Punekars are doing what other cities are still thinking of doing..

On March 12, 2013 it will be exactly One year since your Corporators got elected. Now is the time to assess both, her and him, on what they have done in their First year in office and particularly on action taken on the issues raised by you in the signed Charter of Demands..