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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Less than 70 Hours to save Pune from becoming a Concrete Jungle



The new Draft Development Plan – Recipe for disaster – Will turn Pune into a Concrete Jungle!!
Hi there all,
The Pune Municipal Corporation has prepared a new Draft Development Plan which is a builders’ dream plan and a nightmare for the citizens..
The "Star" Attractions of the new Draft Development Plan:
  • Any vacant plot in the city can be grabbed by the PMC ie even if it’s in your society.
  • 4 FSI zone along the entire Metro corridor for half a kilometer on both sides – even if the Metro is never built! So Pune will have huge buildings on both sides of the proposed Metro.
  • 3 FSI for Cluster development in the city – entire blocks bulldozed for erecting new buildings.
  • 4 FSI for 4-star and 5-star hotels and private hospitals. More Buildings.
  • Open/Recreational Spaces reduced. Where will your children go to play?
  • River and Lakes to be paved over for more roads and housing complexes.
  • Hill Tops and Hill Slopes, Green Zones to be made into SEZs, IT Parks and Amusement Parks. This will mean a loss of green cover impacting Climate Change.  
  • No provision for Low Income Housing – so slums will come up everywhere at random.
  • The new Draft Development Plan is full of arbitrary and ad hoc proposals without any supporting studies or surveys.
Today we have problems of water supply, garbage management is a mess, traffic is already a nightmare now.  What will happen with all these developments planned by the PMC? The idea itself is frightening..
Pune will not remain as we know  it, it is on its way to become a concrete jungle and our - and more importantly our children’s  Quality of Life will deteriorate.
We have to act NOW. The law allows us to lodge our strong objections to these destructive proposals. Let’s all do it now by signing this letter TODAY… and save our city. The Last date for submitting letters – April 26th  2013.
Download and Print the attached letter. Sign it, giving your name, address and phone no., and send it by Registered Post Ack/due, Speed Post, or hand deliver it to the address given on the letter. We are not on just a signature campaign but we want to flood PMC with individual letters. So go ahead and collect letters signed by your friends and family. We can also have them delivered to PMC for you. Please contact and hand over your letters to the following:
Madhavi Rahirkar (Deccan Gymkhana, Kothrud): 9890487884; Gautam Idnani (Boat Club Rd): 9822323917; Deepak Sethi (Mohammedwadi, NIBM Rd): 9822477438; Sushil Kumar (NIBM Rd, Kondhwa): 9823291019; Anupama Oak (FC Road):  8805443016; Arvind Bijwe (Panchvati): 9370015930; Vaishali (Aundh): 9823235331; Vinay Pai (Model Colony): 9890310623; Prakash Ladkat (Bhavani Peth): 9890914015, Arvind Kaushal (Kharadi, Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar): 9890036470;  by 25th April so that they can submit on the last day.. You can also contact us too..
We all need to fight to protect and improve the Quality of our Lives.. Lets send in thousands of letters of Suggestions and Objections to PMC..
All the best.
For National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
Satish Khot         Aneeta Benninger
9371221142         9850717857

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