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Friday, May 18, 2012


Citizen Gautam Naik shares his thoughts on two stalwarts in Marathi Literature

I grew up watching, listening, viewing PL literature, and drama. PL has demi god status especially in our circles. I appreciate PL for his life and value him as a person more than his work. His work is accused of being based only on middle class experiences. That’s another story that the incidences, minute observations, characters are universal and have great human values. His style, language is wodehousque. Humour is intelligent and subtle. PL's biography is that of man who has lived 100% . Always seeking full value and enrichment (not physical riches though he has great philanthropy track record). he had able support from sunitabai. Be it music, drama, movies, novels, doordarshan/AIR stint, role during emergency, harmonium: a truly versatile genius.

On other hand of spectrum is GA. I got sucked into GA much later (as usually happens with serious authors). The names of his novels are mysterious. The stories are dark. The human values explored by GA and 180 degrees opposite of those depicted by PL. But these human experiences are real for sure. If PL is 100% optimist to human life, GA is 0% towards life. Life seems an eternal journey of suffering, pain, mystery, and quest.

New Lessons in Life

Citizen Gautam Naik had to be hospitalized for orthopaedic reasons. He shares few lessons.

Every moment in life teaches you something. This knowledge is sometimes mistaken wrongly as experience. Experience is something you observe and feel. Lesson is something you use for future reference. Each moment gives you experience as well as teaches you new lesson. I used to strongly recommend hostel experience for each individual. Hostel life makes you independent, gives you new perspective about life, understand diversity of opinions, thought processes, capabilities. All the while your parents and families shield you from these useful experiences and lessons as well when they cocoon you in good intentions of protecting you from big bad world.

A Strong Vocabulary and Professional Development go together

Is your vocabulary as strong as your ambitions or you have obsequiously accepted the turgid eloquence of boasters rather than being a pertinacious learner yourself?

In today’s world, Vocabulary is essential in everything we do. Vocabulary is an important aspect of our personal and professional self. Vocabulary is often taken as an indicator of a person’s capabilities. Take the various competitive exams for instance. Whether it is MBA entrance like CAT, CMAT or GMAT or job oriented exams like IBPS. English is one of the core subjects in all these exams and vocabulary is an essential component of it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Juvenile Crime

Shubham Shirke case highlighted the ill effects of TV serials on children as well as the need of changes in juvenile crime. State could have made amendment in Juvenile Justice Act couple of year ago when ‘Crime in Maharashtra 2009’ report by Police department had reveled increase in the number of juvenile crime, and Pune was leading with as high as 864 largest number of juveniles apprehended for IPC crimes in 2009. Was the government waiting for such cold blooded act to amend in the Juvenile Justice Act?

Shubham was kidnapped on Saturday from Dighi area and was taken to a nearby hill where he was strangled to death. The accused then made a call to his father Mahadev Shirke demanding Rs 50,000 which was later brought down to Rs 15,000, police had said.

Issue on Gas

Though citizens have got some relief from the gas cylinder supply but many people in the city are waiting for their turn to get cylinder. Shortage occurred due to strike called by LPG transporters association last month but it is taking another week to get smooth flow of gas cylinder distribution. But is this a real situation? As there is always LPG cylinder scarcity during festival days.

Many times we say this must be because of the corruption in the gas agency, this is true that black marketing by gas distributers are affecting the gas supply but local representative, you and me are also the reason behind it. The gas supply irregularity is not only affected by strike of gas cylinder transportation association but the general civic body election held before couple of months and marriage season is also playing its role in scarcity of the cylinder. The root of shortage this year started from January when corporation election fever was on. Candidates from many parties had started mess for their Karykartas which on an average used to required one cylinder for 3 to maximum 4 days and these cylinders were coming from our gas distributors (of course bought in black.) And the chain of cylinder lacking begins. To manage the consumer whose cylinder were given illegally or in black distributor started delaying supply.

Stay Healthy in Summer

Summer is a time for enjoyment with vacations and retreats. It is also a time to be cautious to avert many health hazards and seasonal diseases. Change in weather brings about all round changes in the human body especially in the immune system that causes the diseases virulent. Ayurveda the science of longevity, the Indian system of indigenous medicine and living style recommends many precautions and suggests effective remedies for all weather conditions. Summer is in full swing now and it is time to have a look back to this ancient medical wisdom that has been gaining momentum in the west in the recent past due to its organic base of medicines and disciplined life style compared to the reckless routines, crazy eating habits and hazardous chemical intakes as part of our modern life style and use of allopathic medicines. Remember there is a limit up to which you can torture your physiological system.

Nivedita Saboo Showcases Majestic Realms at PFW

Thursday night at the Pune Fashion Week, closed on a glamorous note, with Nivedita Saboo closing the 2nd day at the Fashion Extravaganza, held at the Westin Hotel, Pune.

With an √©lan matching the opulent showcasing of her collection ‘Majestic Realms’, Nivedita Saboo put together a line befitting the gold lined living of the New Heirs and Heiresses of today.

A cascade of colors boasting of immense joy and powerful confidence nurtured by marvelous designs, met the splendid walk of the Runway, as Designer Nivedita Saboo paid an ode to the dynamism of the Royal Lineage.

Threading together a collection that evolved from a chic and western sensibility to a more exuberant traditional technique statement, the show brought together a contemporarily classic play of style with 48 stunning ensembles for men and women. The nuances of the collection displayed the story of the modern day Royalty as it showcased to the audience a fine celebration of luxury.

Food, Fun, Games at DAV

The invincible combination of games, fun and food made D.A.V Public School, Aundh’s food fest an ultimate hit among the students and parents of the school. The early and interact rotary clubs of the school had organized a fund raiser for all food lovers across the city. Under the guidance of Pankaj Malhotra, the director of Youth services Rotary club, central Pune and leadership of Radhika, a teacher of the School, a fest was hosted having over 17 food stalls and 12 game stalls.

100 years of Indian Movies

To mark the centenary year of Indian movies, a 5-day cultural festival is being organized at Pune's Vasantrao Bagul Garden, Sahakarnagar. This event is organized by Pune Navratra Mahotsav Trust President and PMC corporator Aba Bagul which will be inaugurated on Sunday 29, April at 5:30 pm at the hands of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithvirajji Chavan. The inauguration day will witness a galaxy of celebrities from the Indian film industry.


Vishu a festival celebrated in the state of Kerala in India. It marks the beginning of the Malyalam New Year in accordance with the Malyalam calendar. The New Year begins in the month of ‘medam’ in that calendar and is also known as ‘pudiyavarsham’ to the malyalees.

The most important elements in Vishu are: ‘Vishukanni, Vishukaineetam and Vishusadya.’ Vishukanni means the first thing seen on the day of Vishu. The Vishukkani consists of a ritual arrangement of auspicious articles viz. an idol of Lord Krishna, gold ornaments, raw rice, fresh lemon, golden cucumber, betel leaves, metal mirror, yellow flowers konna (Cassia fistula), and a holy text and coins, in a bell metal vessel called uruli in the puja room of the house. A lighted bell metal lamp called nilavilakku is also placed alongside. This is arranged the previous night by the oldest lady in the household. On Vishu the people in the house are taken to see the Vishukanni by the elders with their eyes closed because seeing the Vishukanni first on that day is the custom and it marks the beginning of a new start! Seeing this arrangement is considered auspicious at the dawn of Vishu and it also means that the rest of the year would be lucky to them.

Mahesh Nimbalkar

Mahesh Nimbalkar, a police naik is king of networking. He is working in detection branch in Deccan Police station. He was recently felicitated by Miran Borwankar for solving 41 cases in last one and half month. The networking skills were appreciated in police meeting and award function.

He has done 12th in Art faculty from Modern college in city but strong networking skills is the additional qualification which stand apart from study. After getting inspiration from father he joined police department. He joined police department 21 years ago as a constable. Apart from networking skills he is cricket and Kabbadi player. He used to be a Kabbadi player in schools and college days and now is playing cricket. He is an all rounder player. He plays in Pune Police Cricket team and had won various awards. Till date he has won various champion ships in cricket, Police commissioner cup, Bhide Chashak and various leagues are few of them. Playing and fitness is the main focus area of the Nimbalkar.

Chill at Hills: Matheran

Matheran is an eco-sensitive region, declared by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. It is one of the few places in the world where vehicles are not allowed, which makes the place different from others. Lushing greeneries, serene environments and unpolluted ambience, Matheran is a fantastic tourist destination at a height of about 2516 feet above sea level in Maharashtra state of India. Matheran, the jungle on the top, was developed by British after it was located in 1850 by the British Officer Hugh Mallet, who was the Collector of Thane.

Bluetooth and Wifi

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (the brand name for products using IEEE 802.11 standards) have some similar applications: setting up networks, printing, or transferring files. Wi-Fi is intended as a replacement for cabling for general local area network access in work areas. This category of applications is sometimes called wireless local area networks (WLAN). Bluetooth was intended for portable equipment and its applications. The category of applications is outlined as the wireless personal area network (WPAN). Bluetooth is a replacement for cabling in a variety of personally carried applications in any setting and can also support fixed location applications such as smart energy functionality in the home (thermostats, etc.).

Salman, Bebo, John , Madhuru

Salman’s gift to Bebo

Salman Khan, Bollywood macho man, is quite famous in the industry for presenting his friends lavish gifts. And this time around, another friend is going to be presented with such a super lavish gift. Well, she is none other than Kareena Kapoor who will be presented with a luxurious vehicle by Salman.

This is what happened that Salman Khan got much happier when Kareena at last said ‘yes’ to him and Arbaaz Khan for the item song in Dabangg 2 for which both the brothers have been struggling hard to get her in. She reportedly has been putting bigger demands along with mammoth price for the song. Thus the things were not being adjusted among the trio. Now the reports have it that Kareena Kapoor has agreed to do the item song and that too without any price.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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