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Friday, August 10, 2018

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Giridarshan Trek in Bhutan

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Cityblog User Blog: Short Story

Is Everything Fair in Love and War?

On a gloomy day in August I think six to seven years back, we sat in the conference room of my office, to decide future with our company of an Employee whom I would refer to by the name of Napoleon . This name has a background. Background goes back to battle of Waterloo fought by Napoleon and British/Prussian forces under Wellington.

War Story goes like this:
Both Napoleon and Wellington knew that the wild card of the battle is Blucher’s Prussian Army. Napoleon knew that he will have troubles defeating both the British and the Prussians. Wellington knew as well, that if the Prussian Army does not come to rescue them, they will be defeated.
But Napoleon was faced with a dilemma and forced to make a tough decision. Two days before Waterloo, Napoleon won another battle. But his cavalry and infantry were tired, and the night before the battle, there was rain. Napoleon was faced with a decision to wade his army through mud and tire them during the early stage of the battle, or wait another day for the ground to try out. Waiting one more day meant risking Prussian reinforcement for the British Army.
In hindsight, his decision to wait was what cost him the battle, and the War eventually. After Waterloo, Napoleon never managed to regroup, as the defeat signaled the end of his era.

Coming Back to August day in our conference room. Napoleon was employed in our Admin department who was entrusted to create, supervise and submit time sheets to clients. There were many mistakes after first month of training and there were escalation from clients. We made him work under experienced admin guys but showed no sign of improvement after 3 months. We ask him what needs to be done to improve. But he said he does not have idea and would step down on his own if we want. We consent and there was end of association with Napoleon and my company. His wry smile all the while really made me intrigued and be perplexed as how some people can lose control over one’s life and take it so lightly.

Year passed by. I had an opportunity to buy new house. Shifting house is really a challenge. Lots of things to plan: Interiors, electrical wiring, electronic good purchase and setup, mattresses, sofas, TV sat connection, lighting, landscaping, power backup, security, and most important Internet connectivity. Now as they say there are four basic needs. Food , clothes, shelter and wifi. I had coordinated with a broadband company. The sales guy was supposed to meet me on Saturday. My wife and daughter had a day out with my wife’s friend. So was enjoying solitude with music, reading etc. Them the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Napolean. He introduced himself as sales guy from broadband. I filled the forms, gave him the cheque and my house was promised to be wired by Monday.

I offered him tea. He consented. Over the cup of tea, I initialed a conversation just like “Chai pe charcha”.

My first question was : “Are you settled in this job and are you enjoying it?”
 Napoleon: “ No, I hate chasing clients and dance on their whims and fancy. After your company this is my third job in an year”
Me: “ so what do you want to do in future”
Napoleon: “No Idea”

Giridarshan Trek


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Sinhagad in Monsoons by Giridarshan