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Friday, July 6, 2012

Songs of Life : Tribute to RD

Last week we celebrated RDs birth anniversary. Due to some issues, had to remain at home that day. Luckily one FM channel was playing RD songs throughout the day. Lots have been said about genius of RD Burban and there are folklores amongst music lovers about his personality. But i have a different angle to pay tribute to RD. His songs make you reflect upon various situations about life and thus they appeal. Though some might technically and correctly credit major part of that to lyricists but i feel the haunting music makes that reflection. Here is my case.

Most of us have some complaints about life thus the most favourite song of mine is applicable universally: ‘Tuzse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi Hairan Hoon Main’. Note the difference between Naaraz (being pissed off) and being Hairan (bemused). It’s subtle and also note on stress in the music of “Main”.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Gurupournima

Role of Guru is to show light. Role of Guru is to help disciples know their hidden strengths and help them conquer their weaknesses. Role of Guru is to correct a disciple who is misled. Role of Guru is to stand behind his ward amidst hardships and happiness. Role of Guru is to impart knowledge. Role of Guru is to be a friend and guide. How important is for all of us to have someone who can play all above roles. Most of us will atleast have one such teacher (or anyone else) who must have played these roles.  Today is time to remeber all those and imagine what we would have been without them. Indian culture calls this day as Gurupournima...

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