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Friday, July 6, 2012

Songs of Life : Tribute to RD

Last week we celebrated RDs birth anniversary. Due to some issues, had to remain at home that day. Luckily one FM channel was playing RD songs throughout the day. Lots have been said about genius of RD Burban and there are folklores amongst music lovers about his personality. But i have a different angle to pay tribute to RD. His songs make you reflect upon various situations about life and thus they appeal. Though some might technically and correctly credit major part of that to lyricists but i feel the haunting music makes that reflection. Here is my case.

Most of us have some complaints about life thus the most favourite song of mine is applicable universally: ‘Tuzse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi Hairan Hoon Main’. Note the difference between Naaraz (being pissed off) and being Hairan (bemused). It’s subtle and also note on stress in the music of “Main”.

That ‘main’ is what magic of panchamda does to lyrics. Also note the differentiating nuances of Naaraz and Hairan which go parallel. ‘ Main’ ie I is universal. This me is driver of my life, ambition, my problems, my destiny. So i have all rights either to be naraaz but i am not pessimist so i am hairan (live human will). Isnt it amazing. Most of us strive hard and get perplexed by life. Some situations add to misery so that you feel “muskurayen to muskurane ke karz utarane honge” ie even if you find small pleasures you have to pay big price for that figuratively. Simply amazing.

Life moves on being naraz leads to resilience of human mind and it reaches stage where you are content with what you have. 'Katra katra milti hain'. Life is like that so i am enjoying my pain and let me stay where i am. The repetitive echo of asha sound creates magic as if this is and afterthought...

As they say the darkest part of night is before the dawn. Something bad happens to our lives we feel dejected and song to capture this is helplessness of ‘Chingari koi bhadke’

Then there is redemption and a dawn where human mind which is a universal seeker of knowledge, happiness and destiny regroups and starts the journey. The wanderlust, indomitable spirit of never ending journey is reflected in tune of ‘Musafir Hoon Yaaron’

Then comes the moksha , destiny and happiness. Not necessarily at the end of journey but journey becomes destiny and there is eternal calm, euphoria. The spirit of having conquered everything slightly bordering on egotist feelings are reflected in ‘Aaj Kal paaon zameen par nahin padte

But the life levels and creates final perspective i.e. mystery and intrigue that is “zindagi ka safar koi samza nahin

That completes the spiritual cycle of life as canvassed musically by RD. RDs music have given love , romance a great meaning and style across all films but his music touches all physical stages of human journey.

Childhood is benign, innocent, vivacious and bubbly. The imagination of child can turn a stick into horse and they can take you to a horse ride journey. How many of us have played like those kids in ‘Lakdi ki kathi’?

Child grows in to youth and he collects friends of his choice. As they say one cannot choose relatives but can choose friends which turn into lifelong bonds. Very aptly said in “Diye jalte hain, phol khiltehain , badi mushkil duniyan me dost milte hain’ . Do you remember your childhood, college, work friends while listening to this song?

Then she comes into your life. There is heartburn. You idolize here to be a fairy from heaven. You are scared whether she will reciprocate. All that you can request is ‘Huzur is kadar bhi na iterate chaliyen’. You keep on waiting and waiting for her to show up in her life.

You can wait so what do you do is propose. And the way is ‘O mere dil ke chain, chain aye mere dil ko duaan kijiye’

For few lucky people, it works but as they say there one for everyone in universe (unless female infanticide in India changes that ratio) Two minds meet , and their wish list is to meet. In that stage, all the roads have a specific destination. How beautiful is song ‘Is mode se jaaten hain’

Then there are small tiffs, mischief and then repentance. How many guys would like their girl to sing ‘Oh mera sona re’ , and girls would like to hear ‘meri soni, meri tammanna’

Some unlucky souls are betrayed not just in typical hindi film /serial manner. But expectations are let down, reality sets in and one has a complaint against life (not against someone)’Kya Huan tera wada’

Some people take up vices to forget these small dejections. This sprit is captured beautifully in ‘Nadiya se darya’. Not to glorify the same as pointed by Aamir recently but then Human mind is weak and it is sucked into vices. Idea is to be strong and live life healthily living with all its deficiencies, problems. This spirit is captured in “Tere Bina Jindai se koi’

The family and career goes on . Some have success some not so. Nevertheless constant threat of living upto public image is universal for both. This kills our originality, creativity and thus we have to follow advise of’ Kuch to log kahenge’

Beautiful emotions of parenting are reflected in “ Bada Natkhat hain yeh

Life goes on to a stage when live more in past than in present. But you cannot do anything to correct and change past deeds and destiny which is sadly expressed in ‘ Zindagi ke safar mein gujar jaaten hain jo mukaam”

Finally one realizes that only solace is either spirituality or hedonism. Both are diametrically opposite but both give same effect as sung in ‘Hare Krishna Hare Ram’ and ‘Aayo Kahan se Ghanshyam

That completes both spiritual and actual lifecycles as composed by RD a great composer . Somehow i cannot imagine that the mediocre decade of 80s, was so cruel to RD. Especially barring few producers like vidhoo vinod chopra, no one gave work to RD while Bappida was ruling roost ( though i like few compositions of bappida as well). Somehow 80s was strange. 70s was brilliant, Amitabh was on decline. Economy was strange under Rajeev Gandhi. Politics was dirty with likes of VP singh, Devilal. Cricket saw some success in 83 and 85. But we were waiting for khans to explode in 90s along with economic liberalization and Sachin... Ironically Sachin was named after father of RD.

Somehow one has to admit that RD was ahead of times as now we acknowledge that.....

Author Gautam Naik runs blog

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