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Sunday, June 17, 2018


I have few questions for old punekars

What is status of old movie theaters in and around Pune like Alka,Arun, Jaihind, Hindvijay, Apsara, Vijay, Deccan, apollo and so on. Few still exist. But we Punekars  have memories. Isnt it?

Have you rented bikes esp small ones for learning cycle on roads in summer?

Did you learn swimming at swimming pools like Mandal, SP, Tilak, shahu, Gopal ?

A trip to Sarasbaug Peshwepark followed by bhel was your idea of ultimate happiness?

Did you think that  camp, Deccan were other worlds, kothrud, pashan, hadapsar were villages on outskirts?

Did you attend Vasant Vyakhanmala, majestic gappa?

Were your picnics conducted at Univ campus, empress garden, shinde chatri, aga khan palace?

Did you select ganesha idol for your house and spend whole night to decorate the seat.

Do you still have artis etc by heart?

Were you awake whole night to take a glimpse of dagdusheth rath ?

Did you roam around streets of peth areas watching Ganpati decoration?

Were Udpi hotels only source of eating out experience?

Did you feel proud of travelling by Deccan queen?

Did you count no of tunnels in Ghat?

Did you travel by ST to places beyond katraj Ghat or by those roads in north east of Pune?

Did you attend political rallies prior to elections on streets and grounds?

Did you see children theatre in summer at bharat or tilak or balgandharv?

Did you join a library in summer to read books in a group along with you friends.

Did you stand in  queue for only PMT bus to sinhagad paytha ?

Did you venture out of house during curfew imposed by super popular TV serials?

Were you fan of then established brands like Chitale, sujata mastani, bedekar misal, etc?

Did you wonder why rangpanchami was always close to final exams?

Did you venture to appa balwant chowk as the schools were about to reopen after summer vacations?

Did you shop at laxmi road before Diwali?

Were you the first one to light cracker on Narak chaturthI?

Did you go to sarasbaug on narak chaturdashi mornimg?

Did you prepare clay fort and decorated it with idols?

Did you enjoy eating faral or helping ladies in the family prepare it?

Was watching TV idea to spend new years eve?

There are many and may memories about life in Old Pune. You may add to this list…..

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