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Friday, January 25, 2013

Anniversary of Sad day in Pune, new lessons

It was 25th Jan 2012, what would have made one Mr Santosh Mane , Occupation: Bus Driver with MSRTC, so agitated that he decided to drive a bus along morning streets of Pune and kill innocent lives, injure many , damaging many vehicles. The incidence shocked Pune and everyone felt for near ones of victims. Year has gone by and have we learnt lessons to avoid such incidences. Some things were done but situation is still not as it should be around bus terminuses.

Lets not forget also following events which we need to learn lesson from in the near past
  • GB and JM Road blast which should result in more vigil against terror . Govt seems busy only making politics while coloring the terror.
  • Last year we had water situation. Nothing has done to plan for avoiding such incidences
  • Road accidents in Pune continue everywhere. 2012 we had more accidents than 2011 which has lowest as curve which was going down has again risen. MGNL is digging up roads everywhere , is PMC monitoring situation. Now that Metro construction will start we need better traffic and road management.
  • Expressway continues to kill. One can witness 2 wheelers driving in wrong direction, pedestrains crossing the expressway at ease.
  • With power crisis looming due to water scarcity in state have we prepared plan B or are we heading towards days in 04-05 of loadshedding.
  • Gang wars in pune have killed many in recent past. Does police instill fear amongst goons?
  • Passport woes continue for Pune even after shifting
  • Aadhar card scheme has not been streamlined.
  • Property tax increase of 6% is suggested, will that help towards a better city or will corruption offset this raise?
  • Do we have enough gardens, playgrounds, hospitals, community halls and similar amenieties as needed by society or are we just approving housing and commercial real estate hubs.
  • Do we have effecient public transport? or we will end up adding more private 2 and 4 wheelers. Do we have control over errant rickshaw drivers who refuse to ply as per their will.
  • Have we controlled crime against women? Is Pune anymore safe for women. Nayana Pujari accused still is at large? Darshana Tongre case still unresolved?
  • Have we controlled crime against old people? Alurkar murder is still mystery
  • Chain snatching, mugging incidences are on rise.
  • Garbage and waste management still remain big problem.
  • Rivers are polluted and we do not have any answer.
  • Trees are being cut on hills sorrounding and there is no protection.
List is long but do our rulers and we cistizens have resolve to hep us solve these making Pune a better place to live. On eve of republic day and on first anniversary of sad incidence lets pledge to contribute.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Not Required Indians

Light upon some prejudices against patriotic social media champions in India and outside  and answer and definition of those who ridicule patriotic sentiments on social media
Mr Ramchandra Guha, a social historian has historical branded certain people as Internet Hindus. The derogatory sense of the definition is what irks me. It’s common for three types of people to deride such Internet Hindus. First let’s start with the definition of ‘Internet Hindus’ who are sympathisers of RSS/BJP clan, who cry pseudo secularism to be only problem for this once great country which they (those who ridicule internet hindus) believe did not exist (Indian culture dates back only till Mughal times as per these three types), and final definition of Internet Hindu is one who posts militantly on social media/web fourms against these three types. First of these three types who deride Internet Hindus are the doyens of secular media with JNU mould, second the ruling elites who get into power by milking cash votes or vote for cash in connivance with unscrupulous business class or for newly created class of Non resident Indian who leave no stone unturned to bash India for anything that happens here and compare that with their country of residence (of course there are well meaning and patriotic Non resident Indians always supporting Indian cause). Now if I were Ramchandra Guha of my school of thoughts, I would define these people as Not Required Indians. Though I respect Guha not as a social expert he is claimed to be but for his cricket writing. I would also like to add fourth group which subscribe to groups named as ‘I am ashamed to be Indian’ and who criticize country, people and culture being culprit for all evils of India.