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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Trump’s focus on protecting oil in Syria highlights an evolving U.S. mission

President Trump on Thursday vowed that the United States would prevent the Islamic State from regaining control of oil fields in eastern Syria, emphasizing his interest in the energy assets there despite his steps to curtail the U.S. military mission in the country.


Nursery Toppers

Showing wife to Ravan

Festival Show

Earth From Space

This image of Europe and the Middle East at night is a composite assembled from data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite in April and October 2012. The new data was mapped over existing Blue Marble imagery of Earth to provide a realistic view of the planet.

Little Talent

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Bha Di Pa Comedy

Friday, October 25, 2019

Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Accused of Lying, Withstands a Washington ‘Beating’

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook chief executive, traveled to Washington to defend a cryptocurrency project that has become the latest target of lawmakers frustrated with the social media giant.
He ended up answering a smorgasbord of questions on other issues on Wednesday, as members of the House Financial Services Committee took him to task for everything from political advertising and disinformation campaigns to work force diversity and child pornography.

Hindu Olympic Marathonar


Be Prepared Guys for Cold Season

3rd Spoken Language

Earth From Space

This image, acquired by NASA’s Landsat 7 satellite on Sept. 22, 2002, shows lakes, sloughs and ponds scattered throughout the Yukon Delta in southwest Alaska, U.S.

PJ of the Day

What do you call an elephant that doesn't matter? 
An irrelephant!


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Fight Climate Change

Thursday, October 24, 2019

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39 people found dead in truck container in southeast England

British police have launched a murder investigation after the bodies of 39 people were found in a truck container outside London.
Officials across Europe are now attempting to piece together how and why these people were found dead in the tractor-trailer, which was found at an industrial park in Essex early Wednesday.
The driver, a 25-year-old man from Northern Ireland, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Carrry a Bag

Prescribed for All

Earth from Space

A color satellite image of Dubai, UAE, taken on Dec. 25, 2013, by Landsat 8.

Water trail A different experience on 26 Oct.

If we visit a beautiful location where there is greenary all over with yellow, blue and magenta flowers, and clear water smoothly flowing through a stream, we will walk through this musicle stream for two to three hours where we will get chance to get drenched under small waterfalls, jump and play in deep water in between
In short enjoy the extended monsoon
We will start from Law college road and travel to the place of this beautiful water streem after having breakfast, complete the water trail and have lunch, we will be back to Pune till 7 PM
You should bring extra dress, lunch, waterbottle, and wear trekng or walking shoes, avoid shorts, do not bring disposables,
Trek fee Rs. 850/-
Booking till 24 Oct
Call 9850520058

PJ of the Day

Did you hear about the Italian Chef that died?
He pasta way.


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Bangladesh Economy

Why Planes dont Fly over Tibet Generally

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Canada election: Trudeau to lead minority government

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has survived scandal and missteps to win a plurality of seats in Parliament in Canada’s federal election, news media here projected, but he failed to retain his majority, leaving his government dependent on the support of smaller parties to advance his agenda.
Trudeau’s Liberal Party has won more seats than Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and CTV News projected shortly after polls closed Monday night, but fell short of the 170 needed for a majority in the 338-seat House of Commons. As of late Monday night, preliminary results from Elections Canada indicated that the Liberals were leading or had won 155 seats — down from the 184 they won in 2015. The Conservative Party was in second with 122 seats, but led in the popular vote.
“From coast to coast to coast, tonight, Canadians rejected division and negativity,” a hoarse-voiced Trudeau told a roaring crowd of supporters in Montreal after 1 a.m. EST Tuesday. “They rejected cuts and austerity and they voted in favor of a progressive agenda and strong action on climate change.” 


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Chitale Products on your doorsteps

Best Views of the World


Named the "largest curtain of falling water in the world" by UNESCO, Victoria Falls also feature numerous basalt gorges, or narrow valleys that have been formed from the falling water over time. This incredible natural wonder in Africa is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Giridarahan's Panhalgad to Vishalgad trek on 1 to 3 Nov

A trek which has a great historical background and which passes through some beautiful locations, a trek which tests your strength and stamina and gives you a lifetime experience, the famous trek from Panhalgad to Pawankhind and visit to Vishalgad
We will start at 10.30 pm from Pune on 31st Oct by private bus and travel to Panhalgad fort till early morning and take some rest
After having breakfast we will visit important places on Panhalgad, after having lunch we will start our trek and after crossing Masai plateau we will stay at Khotwadi.
On 2 Nov we will start early and walk till 2 pm, then we will have lunch break and have pack lunch, we will reach Pandhre pani village till evening and stay
On 3 Nov we will visit Pawan khind and vishalgad by bus and come back to Pune till 9 pm
You should bring bedding, extra dress, a plate, a bowl, a glass, a torch and 2 water bottles with you
Avoid wearing shorts, wear treking or walking shoes and a sun cap
Trek fee Rs. 3000/-
Booking till 27 Oct
Call 9850520058

Pj of the Day

Why did the invisible man turn down the job offer? 
He couldn't see himself doing it.

Man Vs Wild

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Potala palace Tibet


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

U.S. has begun reducing troops in Afghanistan, commander says

The United States has reduced its troop strength in Afghanistan over the past year, the commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan announced Monday, despite the abrupt end last month of peace talks with the Taliban that centered on drawing down American troops.
“Unbeknownst to the public as part of our optimization . . . we reduced our authorized strength by 2,000 here,” Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller said at a news conference in Kabul, alongside Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper, who is visiting Afghanistan for the first time since he took office.

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Would you beilieve that this tree had no leaves when this snap was taken

Dandiya aftereffects


Best Views of the world

PORTUGAL: Laurisilva of Madeira

This breathtaking forest on Portugal's island of Madeira looks like something from a fairy tale.

PJ of the Day

Why are cats bad storytellers?
Because they only have one tale.

Problems in Pak

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Refreezing the Arctic

Vertical Forests

Sunday, October 20, 2019

U.K. Lawmakers Disrupt Boris Johnson’s Brexit Plan

Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a stinging defeat on Saturday as Parliament rebuffed his campaign to take Britain out of the European Union by the end of the month and forced him to seek an extension that he had vowed never to pursue.
The turbulent events left Mr. Johnson’s agreement in limbo and threw British politics once again into chaos, with any number of outcomes possible: a no-deal exit from the European Union, a second referendum on whether to leave at all, or a general election that could shift the balance in Parliament. The only sure result was continuing frustration and confusion among the British public.

Fall Color in US

Goodbye Kaali Peeli Taxi


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Best views of the world

US: Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright in Pennsylvania

UNESCO added American architect Frank Lloyd Wright's 20th-century buildings to the World Heritage list in July 2019. One of Wright's many visually incredible works of design is the Fallingwater house in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

PJ of the Day

Why are colds such bad robbers?
Because they’re so easy to catch.


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Piano Player

Pt Bhimsen Joshi