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Monday, November 26, 2012

Tribute to a Mass Leader

Call it megalomania or call it plain coincidences or call it influence of reading Midnights children, seems like my life is intertwined with the happenings in India.  On Dec 6th 1992, when Babri masjid was demolished I was camped at the most non religious place: NCC camp in Kalaikunda in my first year of IIT when NCC was compulsory.  The nation was burning outside but we were far from humanity unscathed from any such unrest.  On 29th Sep 1993 when earth shook at Killari, i had to take refuge of co-hostel mate as my room keys were lost and we were unable to break the lock. When rumour spread that all Ganesha idols were drinking milk, i missed a mid sem paper due to wrong copying of exam calendar. I was on my honeymoon in Himalayas when IC814 was hijacked from Himalayas and Rupen Katyal another honeymooner lost his life. During 2002 Gujarat riots i was in Gujarati dominated city of Leicester in UK. Now UK has started talking to Modi in 2012. When kasab and co shook Mumbai in 08, i had a marriage to attend in Mumbai which i did.  Bit deviating from main topic of my discussion.
When Balasaheb died I was in a city of Hyderabad that too amidst some riots near charminar and passing through Muslim dominated areas of the old city. What a paradox  for someone like me who was fan of this leader.