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Monday, February 18, 2013

Inviting Suggestions from Stakeholders for the CDP (2013 – 2040)

Hi there all,
A City Development Plan has been prepared without proper consultations with us Punekars, with no vision, with no linkages to the Development Plan (which is as per the MRTP Act) prepared by PMC and vetted by our elected representatives,  with no time line by which each project will be completed, with no checking how the money has been spent of the first JnNURM and with no checking if the projects have achieved their objectives, and I could go on and on.. They have even given us only till 20th February to give our Suggestions and Objections.. At our meeting today, it was decided we all write a letter to Pune's Municipal Commissioner and make our objections clear.. A copy of my letter is below..
So please Forward a copy of this letter with deleting the parts Highlighted in Green and in Red.. This letter should be sent to the email ids which are highlighted in Red and of course putting your name and address instead of mine..
You can also download this letter, print it and sign it as well as collect more sgnatures and send to
Officer on Special Duty, JnNURM
2nd Floor, Main Building, Pune Municipal Corporation
Shivajinagar Pune 411005

But do remember to see that it reaches PMC by 20th Feb at the latest..
Thanks and all the best..
Satish Khot